Bercow blocks May from bringing unchanged Brexit deal back to Parliament

Commons Speaker John Bercow has dramatically shot down Theresa May’s hopes of simply boring parliament into submission via ‘Meaningful Votes’ 3 and 4 on her abysmal Brexit deal.

Bercow has ruled that May cannot bring the motion back to Parliament – unless it changes ‘substantially’.

May’s desperate manoeuvres – said to include further ‘bungs’ to the DUP – may all prove for nothing, unless she can bring some significant change to the content of the deal and motion compared to the one that lost last week by 149 votes.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The chances of a new general election just went through the roof.

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  1. Watch out for further Tory attempts to unseat John Bercow – he always tries to act fairly and honestly and the Tories don’t like it so expect some “news” to break soon in an attempt to discredit him and demonstrate that he unfit for office.

    1. There is absolutely nothing absurd about having a sense of duty to parliament and the country. The only one left looking absurd is Theresa May.

  2. My all time favourite Bercow shot was when David Cameron was waffling on at great length once, he was stopped by Bercow. When Cameron said “But I’m not finished!” the speaker replied “Let me assure the right honourable gentleman that HE IS”

  3. Is Bercow not a Tory MP? I am told that his wife votes Labour, but the leopard will not change his spots.
    Now we have a really interesting choice as WTO deal removed from table, now along with May’s ‘Bad Deal’, which leaves only Remain! Shock, gasp & horror……….no-one saw this coming?

    1. Yes John Bercow is a Tory but he is elected by all MPs and his role is to preside over the business of the House of Commons with impartiality. He does this admirable and has faced hostility from his party colleagues currently and in the past for doing so. He is a rare find – a Tory with principles.

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