If Hammond’s promise to end austerity after Brexit seems familiar, here’s why

Chancellor promises to end austerity post-Brexit. Ending it is a promise Tory chancellors make frequently – and never fulfil

In his ‘Spring Statement’ today, Tory Chancellor ‘Spreadsheet’ Phil Hammond promised to ‘end austerity’ if Parliament reaches agreement on Theresa May’s dismal Brexit deal.

The promise may have seemed familiar – because it is. The Tories have pledged an end to austerity every year or so back to at least 2015:

It is, of course, pure spin – the most transparent of ‘jam tomorrow’ rolled out by the Tories whenever they think it suits their political purposes. And yet cuts to vital benefits and to local funding continue regardless.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Inadvertently, Hammond has provided a perfect illustration of why Brexit is far from the UK’s most pressing issue. In the EU or out, we are governed – barely – by a party that routinely lies to the people and says whatever it thinks will achieve whatever blinkered aim is its priority of the moment.

And a media estate that just as routinely colludes, acting as a largely uncritical and unchallenging mouthpiece for the Tories’ propaganda and double-speak.

As it has been ever since 2010, the truly urgent – desperately urgent – issue facing the country has been ending Tory government, for all our sakes and especially for our vulnerable. Whether that’s inside the EU or outside it is a secondary issue.

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  1. How dare he use austerity as a bargaining chip when so many people are suffering. It is outrageous!!!

  2. It was always for keeps. I recall a journalist asking Cameron if cuts would be restored once the deficit was brought down….No he replied.
    Austerity will increase if the Tories and Liberals have their way. There will never be Keynesian economics, the narrative of spending beyond our means and cutting waste will continue to be hammered home.
    It should be clear that “the enemy” isn’t just the Tories, it includes the self styled ‘liberal left’ centrists, they are all bound to the same supply side economics and foreign policy, they only differ marginally on social policy.
    Nothing will change, in or out of Europe, but I fancy the odds on future change are a whole lot better.if we’re out.

    1. In or out I fancy the odds would be better if we collaborated more and organised with like-minded EU lefties.
      Maybe we already do that more than I’m aware – I only know what the MSM tells me about the yellow jacket movement, little bit about some other members but nowhere near enough to take coordinated action.
      Even withdrawing labour throughout the EU for a few days – especially if synchronised to the second – would panic them good.

      1. As soon as you sign a trade deal, you compromise any unilateral economic policy.

        Get real – do you fancy dancing to Trump’s tune as a better option than co-operation within Europe?

  3. Sorry to break in with an off-topic post, but this news raises an important question about the lack of democracy that continues at the heart of the Labour Party.

    I’m surprised that it hasn’t been reported here already.

    Asa Winstanley, journalist for Electronic Intifada has been summarily suspended. For those who don’t follow the Palestine/Israel issues assiduously, he has been a key investigator into the truth about pro-Israel scams. An excellent journalist who puts MSM colleagues to shame.

    The JVL reports :

    “Circumstantial evidence suggests that his suspension results from a complaint about a tweet in which Asa remarked on the alignment between the Jewish Labour Movement and the Israeli embassy. ”

    … in other words – for stating a known truth.

    For further info., see:


      1. Yes – more necessary reading.

        There really needs to be pressure on the NEC not to cave in to the abusers of the disciplinary procedures. The knee-jerk assent to suspension at the behest of viscious frauds yelling ‘Antisemitism!’ has become ridiculous.

        It is evidently OK to voice ridiculous accusations whilst those who state facts or make contrary assertions are sanctioned.

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