EHRC launches formal investigation into BBC

Equality and Human Rights Commission initiates full investigation into pay discrimination at the BBC using its full powers under the Equalities Acts of 2006 and 2010

The EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) has announced that it has launched a full statutory investigation into the BBC’s record of pay discrimination.

The terms of reference (TOR) of the investigation state that the EHRC will be looking into specific specimen cases of historic unequal pay since 2016 up to the point at which the BBC took action to correct its discriminatory practice.

The TOR also make clear that this is a ‘no holds barred’ investigation using the full range of powers given to the EHRC under statute and that the EHRC will accept evidence submissions from members of the public as well as from current and past BBC employees. Any communications regarding the investigation should be sent to bbcinvestigation@equalityhumanrights.com.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Unlike the misreported and heavily-covered discussion between the EHRC and the Labour Party, which the media has consistently described as an ‘investigation’ when no decision about launching one has been taken, this is a full, formal investigation into the BBC’s practices.

Apart from a mention or two on its website, the BBC appears to have ignored this actual investigation, as do many of the so-called ‘MSM’.

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  1. So the PAY of millionaire presenters is more important than the racist bias o the very same people.

  2. I have – on a number of occasions – thought to post the following study on SB, but I didn’t have a clue where it was (amongst all the thousands and thousands of articles I’ve ‘saved’ over the years), or which of my PCs it was on (and needless to say, I couldn’t remember the title of it). Anyway, I just came across it by chance, so here it is. It’s described as a ‘US case study’, but it is no doubt relates to ALL of the Elites around the world. It’s 26 pages, so save it and read it when you have the time:

    Global capitalism and twenty-first century fascism: a US case study


  3. Mmmm … I certainly wouldn’t get to celebratory about this in a bit of ritual BBC bashing.

    As Paul Byrne has pointed out, this seems to be about some selective cases and financial figures : very different from day-to-day pay discrimination that affects those in ordinary jobs.

    I remember looking at the examples that were published, and noting that (a) the exisiting pay was often unjustifiable – for both sexes, and (b) you could easily pick out anomalies between presenters of either sex.

    Now – if this reveals pay anomalies further down the scale – all well and good. But otherwise – ????

    Secondly – why the BBC in particular? I doubt that it is much different from many commercial organisations. Also – time frame?

    After the complaints here about political bias in the BBC, perhaps a ratty smell can be sensed – nothing like a bit of distraction and destabilisation to assist control. Or am I a bit of an old cynic?

    Remember the Beeb may have its faults in certain areas – but, for the Tories, it’s a monster not in private hands.

  4. The effin’ lot of the talentless, nepotist bastards at that pederast enabling corporation should all take a paycut instead of bleating that they’re ONLY on £150kpa (Or more).

    And while they’re at it they can stop sending threatening letters and Tv licence extrortionist ponces out to people who refuse to subscribe to their unashamedly pro-tory biased shite and never ending repeats of repeats.

    But no; they’ll waste more public funds getting another publicly funded body to investigate & nodoubt remedy their claims to even more largesse whle John Q Public can’t even get legal f**king aid for an employment tribunal.

    I detest that corporation with every fibre of my being and resolved years ago never to hand another penny to them. Everything that is wrong with society can be traced to the bbc within three steps.

    1. “Everything that is wrong with society can be traced to the bbc within three steps”

      Really? I’m sure Rees Mogg, Duncan Smith, Redwood – and, of course the Blessed Treez and chums will be absolutely delighted with your adherence to the party line against this publicly owned enterprise.

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