Liverpool Wavertree welcomes membership growth under media smear campaign

Media’s smear assault on Wavertree leads to membership growth

The local Labour party (CLP) in the Wavertree constituency of Liverpool has been the target of persistent media attacks since the CLP tabled – and later withdrew – motions of no confidence in its MP, who subsequently left the party to join the ‘tinge group‘ quitters.

Those attacks have turned into an assault on the whole city, which is a left stronghold – including outright fake news.

But as was the case with the incessant media attacks against Jeremy Corbyn, the unfair representation of the city and of Wavertree in particular have had the opposite of the intended effect – and have driven membership up.

Yesterday, the CLP’s official Twitter account put out a notice welcoming its new members:

Liverpool knows about solidarity – lessons learned through decades of smears and attacks by Thatcherite politicians and media and the determined fight for justice for ninety-six fans killed in the Hillsborough disaster and defamed, along with their fellow citizens, for years after.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Smears and dishonest media against the Labour Party have been at record levels ever since Jeremy Corbyn became the party’s leader. The evidence suggests they often achieve the opposite of what the Establishment intends.

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  1. Now that is a proper response to the Lying corporate media and there political friends.

  2. The people of Liverpool are the salt of the earth and they aren’t stupid either. Congratulations Wavertree and welcome to all your new members

  3. I know this isn’t centrally on topic – but it does involve the role of CLPs and Branches, following Jenny Formby’s ruling that motions about individual disciplinary cases will not be considered by the NEC.

    The JVL website has an interesting response from Islington North CLP that seeks to even up the balance in such cases. See :


    The last paragraph of the model is a particularly interesting request for redress over the lack of due process that results from the accusers being subject to no restraint.

    “… those individuals who have been suspended, and who have been subjected to extensive comments in the media by leading party members, can no longer receive a fair hearing and that their suspensions should be lifted.”

    A swathe of such resolutions should help to push a consideration of process.

  4. To be fair, Corbyn did congratulate Luciana Berger at PMQs on the birth of her boy.

    May didn’t echo his sentiments in her next response, oddly…

    1. Let’s hope that when he grows up he becomes a Party member and isn’t too influenced by his mother.

      .. but … I guess he won’t be joining a Liverpool branch unless he has a parachute 🙂

  5. 22 new members for Wavertree CLP now their MP, the unlamented Zionist and Blairite Luciana Berger left to join ‘Tinge p.l.c’.

    If she has even a touch of honour or integrity (which I seriously doubt) she must now know that she MUST resign as MP for the constituency so that a by-election can be triggered.

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