Wavertree withdraws second no-confidence motion in Berger

The second of two motions of no confidence in Liverpool Wavertree CLP MP Luciana Berger has been withdrawn, at least for the time being, after it emerged that the member moving the motion will be out of the country on the day planned for the debate, according to local members.

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  1. Looks like stuck with her then. Next Lab govt will have opposition on its own front bench.

    1. Why is that Danny? And how many people all told do you think make up the Labour left?

  2. Good news for the Tories. Luciana Berger can continue working tirelessly within the Labour Party to secure another future Conservative victory.

    I wonder if any ‘outside pressure’ has been levered against the people who tabled these motions.

  3. Tom Watson has written to GenSec requesting that Wavertree CLP should be suspended.

  4. Really interested to know the inside on this Steve. Dark forces at work ?

      1. This evenings PM spent the first 13 minutes of the broadcast concentrating entirely on something that happened or didn’t in a Ward discussion. Dublin? Brussels? Where are they? The programme soon returned to the ‘drama’ the inter party dispute with heavy guns being brought in in the shape of Anderson and Watson. It all smacked of a pre-planned media iniative in another attempt to undermine the Party that would, if elected, recognise Palestine and fight for her in the U.N.

      2. Paul 08/02/2019 at 6:07 pm

        I found Louise Ellman’s contribution particularly nauseating.

      3. ellman need not open her mouth to be found to be particularly nauseating.

        My guess is LFI will see this as licence to cause more shite than they already have. Well in, Wavertree. Ffs.

  5. It should now be more than obvious to members that we have a Labour Party which is controlled by the Israeli Lobby which takes its direction from Tell Aviv. Jews who do not subscribe to Zionism are deliberately targeted for villification and hounded out of the Party.

    To cap it all we have Zionist apologists such as Watson and Thornberry, supporting Berger who along with other Zionists in the Party spend their days.plotting to overthrow Jeremy Corbyn because of his lifelong support for the Palestinians.

    Those in the Labour executive who understand what’s happening, instead of trying to downplay it, should enlist the help of Jews within and without the Party who are more than willing to assist in combatting this attack on our democracy.

    1. Oh Jack, just focus, concentrate on getting genuine left wing democratic socialists in.
      Don’t be bitter, organise!

  6. Nothing would’ve come of it anyway, like leslie, hoey and that other div who’s name escapes me. 🙁

    I intensely dislike ‘the bold’ frank field, although to his credit at least he resigned the whip. These oleaginous, duplicitous parasites know they’re fooked without the party yet continue to abuse their positions and do whatever they please without meaningful action being taken.

    I can only hope Wavertree CLP reconsider, and while we’re at it, ellman, eagle (both), mcgovern & twigg face similar motions from their CLP’s.

  7. Loftkarlsson. There is one thing of which you can be certain. Those who table motions against Zionist enemies of Jeremy Corbyn in the Party will get no help from Jenny Formby and will more than likely be opposed. Those who hope that with Iain McNicoll’s departure, victimisation of Jews who support Corbyn would cease, will be sadly disappointed.

    1. I fear that you are right. Placation has become hard-wired into NEC response.

      These accusations of ‘antisemitism’ need to be brought into the disinfecting light. So far, all I have heard is second-hand claims of such, which gives no opportunity for examination, and certainly no chance of distinguishing between nutter Facebook stuff (including those originating from fake accounts), genuine cases of antisemitic attitudes, and complete bollocks accusations that some right wing member of LFI decided to weaponise.

      Of the cases where details are known, from Naz Shah to Jackie Walker – all have been fake accusations – outstandingly against Jewish members – that have called out zionism and Israeli behaviour. Included in the parade is Livingstone’s voluntary departure for stating a simple historical fact about the history of zionism as a nationalist movement (nationalist movements don’t have a saintly track record).

      So, given all the smoke – let’s have a glimpse of the fire that the right and Israel lobby bang on about. Let’s have it in the open so that justice can be seen to be done. Both ways.

      1. But it’s ALREADY in the open…… It’s in the Daily Mail and the Express and the Sun and the Telegraph and the Times and the Guardian etc, etc, and on BBC News and Sky News and Channel 4 News etc, etc, etc.

        My point is of course that *WE* may know that just about ALL of the accusations and allegations of anti-semitism are falsehoods, concocted and designed to undermine and sabotage Jeremy’s leadership of the LP and his chances of winning a GE, but the majority of people out there DON’T.

        The amazing thing is that despite it all, the LP is still around level pegging with the Tories in the polls, apart from the phoney ones, that is.

      2. Probably more than just about any of the numerous contrived and fabricated smears about Jeremy Corbyn over the past three years or more since he was elected leader of the LP, the following one exposes the absurd lengths the black propagandists will go to to conjure up something with which to do so AND vilify and malign him. As if Jeremy had any say in when the Guardian would publish his article!:


      3. As if Jeremy had any say in when the Guardian would publish his article….. or even gave it a FIRST thought, let alone a second thought!

        Yeah, I can just imagine Jeremy saying to the folks at the Guardian not to publish it until 5.30pm on the Friday evening cos he doesn’t want a whole bunch of Jews having a chance to comment on what he said in his article…… well NOT for 24 hours anyway.

        It’s so ludicrous it’s beyond words, and yet those who contrive such inane tripe must believe that many people will swallow it all.

      4. And needless to say, all the stuff about Jeremy Corbyn’s office ignoring advice – or even contacting them in the first place – from the two leading Jewish communal organisations not to release his article on antisemitism on the Friday afternoon is complete and utter fabrication, concocted and contrived to make the story sound more authentic and convincing.

      5. But in the final analysis, black propaganda ops such as this are dependent on conceivability, or more to the point, inconceivability, and so, for example, whoever contrived and fabricated the ‘Guardian’ story KNEW that it would be inconceivable to just about everyone who read it that it was totally fabricated. And they also know that it would be very disturbing for many of those people if they were to ever learn that it WAS complete fabrication. Very disturbing indeed.

        And ’emotionalisation’ is another key component of the strategy – ie manipulating the emotions of the ‘target’ at the outset….. in the headline to the story, for example, because once emotionalised, the ability to think rationally and critically goes out the window.

      6. Allan no, it’s not all out there. I’m not talking about the minority of cases where we *do* know the facts about targetting anti-racists – I’m referring to the host of undefined and unspecified ‘allegations that are the day-to-day food of the perpetrators

      7. And what purpose would it serve if we DID know the details of all the other cases where LP members have been accused of anti-semitism? Given that we KNOW that just about ALL the cases that we DO know about are bogus and contrived – ie falsehoods – then there’s little doubt that the vast majority of OTHER cases are too.

        I’m just trying to understand what difference you think it would make if we DID know the details and they WERE out in the open. And what exactly do you mean when you say “in the open”, and how you think justice can be seen to be done if it WAS. All I DO know is that SB ascertained five or six months ago that only one in fourty-five cases were found to have any substance to them.

        Are you saying that the NEC should publish details of all the allegations of A/S that are reported to it?

  8. A shot across a bourgeois bough.
    Political imbeciles they will not win.
    Then a Labour member told me how they give out bread, cake and biscuits outside a school on Fridays to feed the kids.
    And I cried – need to get REAL socialists in.

  9. Tom Watson writing to the Gen sec to ask her to suspend Wavertree from Labour. What a tosser. What for being democratic? 🙂 Thought that was allowed, or is it ? Just not if your name is Luciana

  10. It maybe pressure was applied to prevent this , but in context a NCV means little to these bastards and they’d wear it like a badge of honour.
    More productive and effective in resolving the problem MPs would be for Wavertree to instigate the trigger ballot procedure for re-selection .
    It only needs one or two of them to be made examples of.
    Watson appalling behaviour complaining that Wavertee CLP is bullying Berger …fucking HYPOCRITE Watson take alook at his own behaviour calling for the suspension of the CLP to stop and crush any form of legitimate action calling their own MP to account and to stop her destructive action.
    And to think I voted for that asshole ,,, never again not for anything other than to get rid of him.

  11. Do we know what the wording of the two motions was? And is it possible that THIS was the plan from the outset – ie to propose first one, and then ANOTHER motion of no confidence in Berger, and then withdraw first one, and then the other. It does seem rather bazaar, to say the least.

  12. To transform society as an example to the World we will need socialist stars.
    And remember there are thousands of diverse committed socialist stars out there ready to serve!

  13. The appalling sight and sound of members of the Party cringing before the bullies today has been emetic.

    Meanwhile – pick on any of the media, you will find – everywhere – the same groupthink that refuses to investigate the validity of the racist support of Israel represented by the PLP Israel lobby.

    Newsnight starts off with the trope that pregnant woman + a claim to jewishness = sainthood (Berger).The idea that you can be a pregnant jewish woman and also support a racist apartheis regimeand undermine the Party doesn’t enter the picture.

    …then followed by Owen Jones as a representative of Labour doing an imitation of a pathetically apologetic chocolate fireguard.

    Before that, I’d picked up the last edition of the New Statesman to find Stephen Bush writing non-inquiring crap that just rehashes the Israeli lobby’s party line on the fiction of antisemitism within Labour.

    It seems we are surrounded by the venal, the cowardly and the gullible to the exclusion of any rationality and much needed investigative reporting to blow apart the big lie.

  14. With all these anti semitism accusations will bring more scrutiny on Israel. You will have Your tribal politics idiots using it as a stick, but it will backfire. Everyone is forgetting there’s more engagement. What’s the response now when the idiots use the he was an IRA supporter.
    The bigger issue is labour MPs support for Israel which is breaking international law on human rights violations daily. This has got to go against all that Labour stands for and with an awful lot of MPs supporting, sends the wrong message about change to the party.
    There is a clear message from the media if you disagree with a Blairite it’s bullying. If you disagree with a Jewish MP it’s anti semitism.
    Until Labour confronts this head on, members and voters are going to feel undermined.

    1. There is much in what you say. Both in the US and the UK, the Israel lobby is getting increasingly frantic about the real story about the apartheid nature of the regime – its policy of lllegal land theft, ethnic cleansing and murder of unarmed civilians – getting through. And there is evidence from the US that the balance of public opinion is, indeed, changing.

      However, in the meantime, the damage gets done as the propaganda press works subliminally on those who don’t have time in their lives to get their heads around the actuality of the situation.

      From time to time, I try a litmus test to see if the truth will get through the censorship mind of the MSM. I’m careful not to write anything that can be interpreted as ‘antisemitic’ or intemperately ranting. Last week, I experimented with the Graun blog – simply stating verifiable facts about the falsity of the ‘antisemitism’ smears and the relationship with the Israeli hasbara initiative. Unsurprisingly, it got blocked.

      The censorship is both active in this sense, and often also unconsciously inbuilt. A while back, after responding to an editorial in the New Statesman that was full of all the ‘antisemitism’ cliches, I found myself in actual dialogue (via email) with the editor. The issue was concern about the safety of journalists in some countries, and I pointed out that in this country, it wasn’t violence that was the issue about telling truth unto power, but the fear of moral opprobrium, operating across the entire spectrum.

      The exchange was entirely polite, but was cut short as soon as I suggested that proper investigative journalism would reveal a rather different story about the unholy alliance between the right and the incontrovertible facts of Israeli involvement. The occasional journalism that does investigate is banished to a sphere of untouchability – to the extent that the Graun won’t even admit to its previous editor’s revelations about the pressure brought to bear by the Israel lobby.

      This is what we are up against – even when not venal, the journalism is driven by a fearful ‘Don’t go there’ mentality.

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