Video 4 of 4: McCluskey on Brexit, leadership – and Labour’s real priority when millions suffering Tory govt

In the last of four videos featuring Unite leader Len McCluskey’s inspiring speech to a packed Labour gathering in Liverpool, McCluskey addresses Brexit, Corbyn’s ‘remarkable’ job in leadership – and Labour’s real priorities

Unite union chief Len McCluskey

On Friday night, Liverpool Walton MP Dan Carden hosted a packed gathering of Labour activists at a venue situated neatly between the Everton and Liverpool football grounds. A spokesperson for Carden described the night:

The room was fully behind Jeremy Corbyn and his vision of a socialist Labour government in a fantastic display of solidarity between Labour members and Trade Unions.

There were lots of new members, too, in an audience inspired by speakers eager for a general election and a chance to campaign for a better future for this country

The event, which included great music as well as a range of speakers including Shami Chakrabarti, front-bencher Richard Burgon, economist Grace Blakeley and a guest video appearance by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, was a vibrant example of the energy and vision that drives Labour and frightens the Establishment. Unite general secretary Len McCluskey’s rousing speech was also a highlight of the evening.

In the final video of four, McCluskey talks about Brexit (‘I do have to’), Corbyn’s ‘remarkable leadership’ and about Labour’s greater priorities when in or out of Europe under the Tories means despair and poverty for millions:

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  1. Brilliant. Just brilliant.
    Len talks with such pride and passion about our movement and Party.
    THIS is what should be heard by all working class in the UK.

    1. Echo every word you said , spot on but just wish he’d trusted us the membership and supported Mandatory selection at our Conf in Sept . All the same a good and heartfelt speech .

  2. The ’cause’ of the neoliberals is, as always, to pare government to the bone and further reduce the already tiny amount of tax they haven’t yet avoided.
    The fact that the rich don’t recognise the concept of ‘enough money’ is beyond dispute or the disabled and the homeless wouldn’t be dying in the streets.

    We absolutely must own the means of production when the coming AI war on jobs is over.
    If the rich still own it all we’ll be completely dependent on government spending and the narrative will still be that the unemployed 90% are feckless and undeserving.
    If the rich have the choice of paying more tax and cutting back on their superyacht and private island budgets – or keeping us alive – we’ll die hungry.
    Looking on the bright side though, the Earth will recover unbelievably quickly.

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