The simple pledge that will carry Labour into government

Labour members have devised a simple pledge that, if signed and honoured by MPs from all wings of the party, will carry Labour into government – whether the next election takes place this year or later.

The promise cuts through any factional agendas – and is one that any MP should be proud to sign. And one that Labour members should raise at their next constituency meeting:

“I pledge to work for the achievement of a Labour-led government under whatever leadership members elect. And I accept that a Labour-led govt is infinitely better than any other election outcome.”

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Unity under this simple promise will assure Labour’s status as the government-in-waiting and starve the media of their diet of negative comments by MPs used to divert attention onto Labour and away from the Tories’ constant catastrophe.

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  1. The promise cuts through any factional agendas – and is one that any MP should be -̶p̶r̶o̶u̶d̶ required to sign.
    Fixed it 🙂

    1. Not really, they ALL have the opportunity to be independents. When you have the support of the Labour party to elect you, your decisions affect the organisation, to be against certain policies is OK, but bringing the party into disrepute and refusing to support a Labour government in front of MSM is disgraceful.

    2. I can see the rationale – but my take is that it’s a sign of twitchiness – not strength.

      I stuck to it when Blair was leader, despite the pain …. but would I do it again if he, or his ghost Umunna rose from the grave?

      Just thinking …Groucho Marxism style

  2. It would be better without the hyperbole. Saying infinitely better means more than 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 time better. It would suffice to say a thousand times better.

    1. Afterthought: I should have pointed out that Tony’s post above is, in effect, an update, and worth checking out even if you have already donated.

      1. These links are useful.

        I particularly recommend the one from Jonathan Cook’s blog – it cogently summarises the nature of the ‘antisemitism’ scam and its *real* dangers. The truth is, of course, that :

        “for the first time in history anti-semitism apparently has little or nothing to do with Jews – except in the minds of those making the accusation.”

        The article provides background to why this won’t go away if an attempt is made to ignore or placate, as some mistakenly think.

  3. It’s a bit boy scout ish and without a penalty will not deter any Labour MP from renaging if their purpose for being in the party is to undermine certain policies or positions.


    1. … or put feet to a more realistic fire :

      “If I feel I can no longer generally support the policies and the leadership of the Party, I pledge to resign the whip and my seat.”

  4. Berger, Chukka, Mann, Austen, Phillips, Hodge and many others even if they signed it we know they would be lying. It is absurd members cannot deselect the Coup MPs. They do not belong in the new post Blair Party, they are dinosaurs and they need to go for the love of God!

    1. Corbyn never opposed the party directly; he opposed and voted against individual policies. This pledge doesn’t stop MPs from doing the same.

      1. JC based his opposition to some legislation because it went against Party policy agreed at conference and because he has principles, which is an alien concept to New Labour types.

  5. And the squabbling has started before we even leave skwawkbox. What chance in the party at large?

  6. I wasn’t squabbling. Just asked a question. I’m not Labour Party member. But am broadly sympathetic and worry that such a pledge could have been used against Jc in the past and so wouldn’t work in my book. Nasir doesn’t think it would have been an issue. Who knows?

  7. Members just ask PPCs if they will support a Jeremy Corbyn Labour Govt that will transform society as an example to the World.
    And do they commit to serving a full term as a Labour MP as Labour members are committed to working for them for the next 5 years.
    It is the bloody members who knock on doors, fundraise and leaflet.
    Funny comment today in Guardian re new potential centrist party linked to Lib Dems (The Reformist Party) and “We have plenty of generals but no armies but the Lib Dems have (small) armies.”
    Read ‘The Great Men and Women of History’ need to find a new public!

  8. The worst Labour Government is way better than the best Tory government !
    But HEY ! let’s have a proper socialist Labour Government instead of a creeping pink /blue one !

  9. I prefer the Open Selection option! The Unions need to get on board.
    The MSM continues to lead the Agenda! Centrists, Labour Brexshite, Jihadi Bride, Venezuela, the 0.08%AS problem on the left. BBC tv news is a carefully crafted Tory propaganda outlet!

  10. The enemy within?

    “It’s a bad time to be a moderate in the Labour Party – Guido hears that anti-Corbyn Labour staffers have become so disgruntled with the current Labour leadership that they have actually started sending Labour briefings over to their Conservative opponents in advance of Departmental Questions in the Commons. Here is Andy McDonald’s PLP briefing which was leaked to the Tories ahead of Transport Questions today:”

    1. Unforgiveable.

      BUT – the leadership has to get more aligned with the Party as a whole and get a grip grip on key policy issues such as how to deal with the ‘antisemitic’ slurs and distancing itself from Tory Brexit plans. The advice surrounding Corbyn from the Lexit dreamers/ex-Guardianistas is pretty crap at present, and ‘pledges’ won’t solve the gap between aspiration and strategy.

      Sorry to offend, but I don’t want any more unwitting (or witless) gifts to the right and another Tory government. It’s time to get serious.

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