Umunna’s on/off departure is on again – and off/on/off

Where was Chukka for his meeting-room bookings?

Chuka Umunna’s failure to take the emergency exit last night led to attempts by a handful of ‘mainstream’ journalists to claim the SKWAWKBOX’s article on it was fake news.

But only a few, because those with decent parliamentary sources knew full well that while timings can change, the substance hadn’t – and those fake news claims didn’t age well.

Information emerged in a number of ‘MSM’ outlets confirming the SKWAWKBOX’s news – including the fact that Umunna had booked a large meeting room at Parliament’s Portcullis House for this morning.

And booked another for this afternoon.

And then didn’t turn up for either.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

After his failure to show for his own bookings – rooms presumably intended for the ‘surprise’, not-so-huge announcement of his departure – Umunna is now reported to be in ‘intense’ discussions with a number of Tory MPs about working together, potentially with the LibDems tagging along in search of relevance.

This will confirm in the minds of huge numbers of Labour members their opinions about the excessive compatibility of his politics with the blue side of the House of Commons.

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  1. “Excessive compatibility”… Hehe, I like it. I know he’s having a love in with Anna (Soubry), but shouldn’t he be joining the LibDems? Or is his ego too big for that?

  2. He has form as a ditherer. (I don’t suppose he married the girlfriend or did he?) Hopeless politician;

  3. ‘Chuka Umunna’s failure to take the emergency exit last night led to attempts by a handful of ‘mainstream’ journalists to claim the SKWAWKBOX’s article on it was fake news.’

    Funny that, because about an hour ago I was checking my email and there was one from The Times (I signed up for a couple of free articles a week about six or seven months ago), and so I opened it, and this is it what it started off by saying:

    Politics has always been subject to the laws of the jungle. But with the current lack of direction, party infighting and more rival factions than ever, it now resembles a zoo.

    While other news sources are sharing reactionary, and potentially fake stories, The Times and The Sunday Times offer a trusted, considered voice from Westminster.


    Yes, of course, the following being a perfect example:


  4. Chuka, Jess Philips and Mike Gapes have all promised to resign over the last few months – indeed Jess does so regularly. But after getting our hopes up we have all been very disappointed time and again. They all decided to give us another chance and of course hold on to the well paid jobs -in Jess’s case husband’s too, he’s her “office manager” – and the generous expenses and sundries like TV slots, newspaper articles etc that go with them. So, we continue to be lumbered with them. There is no chance they will abandon the Labour gravy train so the only way we can get rid of these individuals is to take the bull by the horns and deselect them. We need to do this sooner rather than later in case Theresa May decides to go on another walking holiday in Wales.

    1. If only politics had a transfer system, like football, so we could sell them beck to the Tories (I’d even be happy to give them a free transfer)

  5. I bet we could crowdfund a massive venue, a band, a gold watch and a limo for them if they’d just commit something to paper.
    Something enforceable, obviously.

  6. I was just checking out the Sun to see if THEY had accused skwawkbox of fake news in relation to this story, and I came across several articles which mention SB, including the following one about the LP adopting the IHRA definition of anti-semitism. It is of course one long piece of black propaganda disinformation from start to finish and, as such, a Big Smear, but what I found particularly interesting is that Marie van der Zyl, president of the Board of Deputies, said the following:

    “The decision by the national executive committee to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of anti-Semitism in full with all of its illustrative examples had to be the right call.

    “It is very long overdue and regrettable that Labour has wasted a whole summer trying to dictate to Jews what constitutes offence against us.

    “However the adoption of the internationally recognised definition by itself, can only be the beginning. Action is what matters.”

    Oh right, the internationally recognised definition….. the one adopted by eight countries, that is.


    NB And have we heard any more about the “police probe” since then? I mean how long does it take to determine whether something is anti-semitic or NOT.

      1. You’ve got to laugh (?) at the Sun coming on all outraged morality at :

        ” it’s OK to call Israel fundamentally racist.”

        … which it patently is (and that’s what the furore is about – putting a gag on the truth) , but quite happy to call Corbyn ‘racist’. Which he patently isn’t.

        Such is the morality of the scammers.

  7. Flip flop chuka chicken. He’ll go to the Con’s so CLP will have to deselect him. No sympathy for the Cons whatsoever heaving him on board. Mind…he has floppy lips so watch yours back

  8. Again many voices saying the only solution is to deselect traitorous MPs,as my represensitive is the odious Hodge I would like nothing more. The unfortunate reality is she has such a hold over the local party machine that any attempt to unseat her locally is bound to fail.To the best of my knowledge the same holds true for Gapes and Streeting (my other local MP’s)and I suspect many of the other back stabbers.

    1. This hold that entrenched interests hold over CLPs is very widespread and can only have a chance of being broken by a routine secret ballot before each election. Any formal or public moves for change as at present put any opposition in a very vulnerable position.

  9. Personally I wish this lot would go and form the “HR Managers Party”, because that is what they are. Not powerful enough to really be the top bosses, but yet happy to do their work, as long as it is sprinkled with plenty of deference to diversity and “acceptable liberalism” (which does not affect corporate profit). The sort who think that fighting for more women in the boardroom will somehow help the ordinary workers on the ground.

    They are the very people who would feel happier defending TTIP, Saudi Arabia or the outsourcing companies, than working class people on strike, Brexiters or the displaced who dared to vote UKIP out of anger / desperation / contempt. Not willing to throw their support behind strikers – with some mealy mouthed “We need to get together for a compromise” (because there is no compromise between jobs kept in Britain or jobs overseas / trains with guards and destaffed trains / outsourcing jobs or keeping them in house and so on).

    I am sure most voters think their politics is the centre, but very few actually consider the centre to be rampant economic liberalism coupled with foreign wars and excessive identity politics – which is what this lot will promote.

  10. Thing about the centre ground is – anyone up to and including Trump and Kim can and will claim it if they think there’s mileage in it.
    I despise centrists not for their pathetic Mavis-ness but for enabling the right to appear less extreme.
    Socialists should understand that the centre is the fifth column of the right.
    There can be no ‘centrist’ policy that will reverse or even make a dent in wealth inequality – the runaway rise of the 1% is inherent to neoliberalism and only stops when one entity owns 100% of everything – or we take it all back and crush them and their control structures without mercy or remorse.
    We then have to make a return to capitalism by future generations impossible – because those of a greedy and selfish nature will always lust after wealth and power.

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