Rosen’s centrist take-down thread nails it

Famous poet and author Michael Rosen has a track record of using his wits – and wit – to expose the posturings of right-wingers. In a series of tweets over the last day or so, Rosen took aim at the dithering of notionally-Labour MPs who keep threatening to flounce out of the party, to hilarious – and biting – effect.

The tweets ranged from the pseudo-serious to the positively whimsical:

But perhaps the most biting were those suggesting the new name for the anticipated Tory/Blairite joint venture:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Rosen nails it again.

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  1. The trouble with starting a new party with remain as its only objective is it’s short lifespan. Along with the arguments over who should be leader. They’d all be better off joining charities or NGOs.

  2. I’ll believe it when I see the share prices of G4S and Serco suddenly rise. That alone sums up “centrism”.

  3. Heh heh heh – hang on a second – scalping their arses isn’t going to make the Dithering Mavises doubt their own ̶w̶u̶s̶s̶d̶o̶m̶ wisdom is it?
    We wouldn’t want to scare them out of leaving.
    I know, let’s all whistle and pretend we don’t know they’re hiding behind the door.
    Then maybe we won’t have to wait all… fucking… week.

  4. Dispatch from S36 just in……..

    “Look, we’re being pushed to the edge! That’s all I can say at the moment. On fracking, on water privatisation, on Yemen, on foreign policy, on evidence free smears against members and attacks on the Party we’re being pushed to the very edge. And it’s up to the extreme centerists to answer that question really. They need to show that the Labour Party is a broad church”.

  5. The reason the new party won’t be formed is that they would have to openly state their policies on domestic issues. And we know from 2015 and 2017 that that would cause any support for the new party to wither and die before it has even got off the ground.

    And although they will never admit it, they know it too.

  6. I wish Umunna, Smith, Streeting, Phillips, Berger, Mann, Hoey, Gapes, Kinnock and a few more would just go.

    It’s painfully clear they have no place in Labour.

    Labour members want, and the country NEEDS, a Labour government. They show they’d rather have a Tory government than a member-led Labour government.

    It shows us how badly our political system has failed, that these parasites are protected and can’t be flicked off.

    1. We have many fine activists who are hard working dedicated and totally loyal to the party and who will not threaten to resign the whip at the drop of a hat. They can’t get a look in as PPCs because of the MPs named above and other deadwood .
      Despite being elected as Labour MP only 20 months ago these MPs can’t decide whether or not to resign from the party. What cheek – we really should make up their minds for them and deselect every single one of them. That might teach them not to bite the hand that feeds them.

  7. Any minute now.
    We’re heading for the door.
    To kiss the ass of capital.
    Then to screw the poor.
    And ‘cos we think we’re thinkers.
    Socialists have to be resisted!
    But will history ever really know.
    That this nothing ever existed?
    Victory to Left Wing Democratic Socialism!

  8. I think Michael Rosen has the right idea, use humour against them, after all it is ridiculous what they are doing, It is like the Chicken coup named because they where so clueless, Eagle repeatedly kept warning for ten days she would stand against Corbyn if he didn’t give up the leadership, and the fiasco of her news conference announcing she would run. The SDP went into opposition against Labour, Chuka is going into coalition with Tories, I don’t think that would go down well.

  9. Ian Austin has interrupted his earlier interruption.

    Made me grin. 😀

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