Non-Jewish Watson calls for antisemitism-linked suspension – of CLP run by Jewish chair

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has called for the suspension of Wavertree CLP – run by a Jewish chair.

Tom Watson in the Commons this morning

Tom Watson today linked the now-withdrawn motions of no confidence tabled for discussion by Wavertree CLP (constituency Labour party) to ‘bullying’, ‘hatred’ and ‘antisemitism’ in a speech in the House of Commons.

Watson, who is not Jewish, appears to have committed a colossal blunder – as the elected Chair of Wavertree is.

The CLP, moreover, had not even passed the motions – which had been tabled in accordance with Labour’s rules by only a single mover and seconder each before being withdrawn – so his call was as premature and inappropriate as it is offensive to Wavertree members.

Watson has been contacted for comment.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Tom Watson says no confidence motions were tabled because Luciana Berger spoke out about antisemitism.

Given that Wavertree has other Jewish members and that the local party elected a Jewish man as the CLP Chair, Watson’s comments are not only a gross insult to members of the party he’s supposed to represent – but also perilously close to a non-Jew judging Jewish members of the Labour Party as ‘the wrong kind of Jew’ for political purposes.

Watson said Wavertree members ‘bring disgrace to the party’. He should take a look in the mirror.

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  1. MSM are reporting on this , they are making a big thing about it , quelle surprise. we just want a labour govt to stop people getting treated so terribly. there is anti semitism, it went on when ED Milliband was labour leader, but the anti semitism was comomh from the MSM and people who certainly were not labour voters. Didnt hear a word about it then, it has to stop, we all have to be united at getting the tories out.

  2. I suspect Tom Watson wants to keep Luciana Berger in the Labour Party because she has the most potential to harm Corbyn.

    Whoever tabled the no confidence motions then changed their minds at the last minute truly messed up.

    If an MP is constantly smearing their own party’s leader and trying to bring their own party into disrepute in an effort to lose future votes and cause maximum damage and if an MP doesn’t care about their constituents and they are found wanting in their duties it seems appropriate to table a motion of no confidence.

    Any MP in any party should support their leader, their party and their constituents.

  3. Who are the fools who said/thought that adopting the IHRA definition would reduce false accusations of anti-Semitism? Just heard Owen Jones give a pathetic defense of the LP to Emily Maitlis who constantly tried to prevent him speaking on News Night.

    1. I give up Jack…. who were they?

      PS I thought just about everyone was saying the complete opposite.

    2. Could you direct me and provide a link or two? Thanks

      PS Whatever the case, the vast majority of people were saying the exact opposite, and it was precisely for that reason that they were opposed to the LP adopting the definition. Agreed?

      1. Sorry, Allan, but it wasn’t “the vast majority of people”. Unfortunately. It was the knowledgeable few. I found it astounding that so many in Labour thought that this would finish the issue.

    3. Yes – that was truly pathetic. I turned off almost immediately. When will some learn that there is absolutely no mileage in trying to placate those who are willing to use subliminal images of the holocaust as a sectarian propaganda tool. Filthy behaviour needs resistance, not apology.

    4. The only thing I recall is reassurances from certain quarters that people would still be free to criticise Israel if the definition were adopted. Anyway can either of you provide a link or two or three to any articles or whatever in which this claim was being made. And I really don’t recall anyone commenting on SB to that effect at the time either.

  4. Tom Watson? What a plonker! Maybe he should do everyone a favour and keep his big mouth shut. Or better still, leave politics altogether.

    And as for Owen Jones, check out his article in “The Guardian” (what a traitorous right-wing rag it has become!) in which he pleads for sympathy for Luciana Berger!

    Berger should be deselected for reasons that have nothing to do with her ethnicity or religion, but everything to do with the fact that she is an arch disrupter within the Labour Party doing everything she can to ensure that the Tory shitshow continues in perpetuity and the hapless majority in this country are immured in a misery that has no end.

    Deselection now!

  5. Tom Watson to appear on #Marr in the morning I wonder what divisive tripe he will regurgitate. This all smacks of another coup attempt

  6. These witch-hunters like Watson are the actual antisemites in the party, smearing Jewish socialist after Jewish socialist with false charges of ‘antisemitism’.

  7. Dear Mr Watson,
    Many of us in The Labour Party believe that you have alienated many of the members to the extent that we feel very distant from you. It is a matter of trust, you see. The members (I am advocating on behalf of many) believe and trust what they see in you, and not your membership card. And, trust me what we see is ugly. You divide, when you should unite. You give prominence, for something that is only in your head. You aim to inflame when you can put out any fire there may be. You give the impression that only by creating division in our Party, you feel that you have done good day’s job. The perception amongst true socialists out there Mr Watson is very negative but our Party’s enemies clap hands gleefully. Please do the decent thing and leave. There’s no place in our Party for snakes like you. We feel confident that with your Arthur Daily disposition you can find many other sources of income to sustain your sad being.
    All our pleasure!

  8. I think that Tom should also ask for the suspension of those MPs who called a motion of no confidence in Corbyn on June 27 2016 for no reason at all, and tried to break him as a man. That was bullying. Or is Tom just a gigantic hypocrite? The Wavertree CLP object to Lucianas behaviour as an MP, not her Jewishness, after all, the Chair is Jewish!!!!

  9. Didn’t sleep well last night, perhaps it was cos of US Right Wing Neo-Liberal Barbarians trying to tell Venezuela what to do and fake democtrats around the World jumping to the US tune?
    But in this amazing dream I was in control of the Labour Party and kicked out 60 Right wing Labour MPs who were simply not good enough human beings to transform the UK and as an example to the World ended global poverty!
    Then I heard the old Blondie song “Dreaming, dreaming is free.”

  10. The far right they were chanting.
    With their foul anti-semetic bile.
    And confronted WE the Barbarians.
    But where was the mighty Deputy?

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