Labour: “zero chance of suspending Wavertree”

Labour sources say Wavertree behaved entirely in accordance with the party’s rules – and say Tom Watson’s call is a case of sour grapes.

Tom Watson

Labour sources have told the SKWAWKBOX that there is ‘zero chance of us suspending Wavertree‘, in response to a ‘grandstanding’ call for the suspension of the Liverpool CLP (constituency Labour party) by deputy party leader Tom Watson.

Watson’s call came in the wake of the withdrawal of two motions of no confidence by Wavertree Labour members in local MP Luciana Berger, who had failed to quash reports that she might join a new ‘centrist party’.

One source told the SKWAWKBOX:

The motions had been submitted entirely in accordance with the rules – and there were only four people involved even if there had been a problem, which obviously there wasn’t.

And Tom thinks we should suspend them just because he wants to grandstand? Unbelievable!

Another said:

Tom has been furious since Labour intervened in Sandwell. He’s on a mission.

Watson’s West Bromwich East constituency is located in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell, where Labour recently suspended the council leader – a close Watson ally – pending the completion of an investigation into a number of complaints, including of bullying.

Watson’s call meant that he, as a non-Jew, was calling for the suspension of a CLP chaired by a Jewish member for supposed antisemitism, leading to calls from angry members in Liverpool and elsewhere for the withdrawal of the Labour whip from him.

Watson has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Watson has been in a Big Sulk from late last August when he failed to get a primary speaking platform at Party Conference, of course his personal feelings have been further transgressed by the fact that Formby and a few hearty souls have acted against his allied in the bastion of his Rightist support, Sandwell – he’s not a happy man, so lashes out and make vile antisemitism accusations – time to rid ourselves of his type who think we are here to serve him, rather than he serve us and the Party. In essence, bugger him. Oh, and this is but an opinion if Compliance are keeping an eye on us, so not a suspension issue I suggest, I mean, we don’t want accusations of double standards do me – particularly given Watson, McNicol, Johanna Baxter et al have already ensured I was expelled from the Party, for a Green Party RT in March 2015 – such is justice for the peasants!

  2. Antisemitism is a form of racism Tom, and racism is a criminal offence, so why don’t you report them to the police. Oh right, because you know they haven’t done anything remotely anti-semitic, and the police would just laugh in your face if you DID.

    Surely it’s time for you to go and join your fellow fascists in the Tory Party. I’m not one to use expletives normally, but pleeeeaze Tom, go fourth and multiply!

    1. Surely Go forth and decimate… why would you want more of TW. At least if he decimates it is a continual 10% cut !!

  3. He needs to go. His malice against things that threaten his power trips are unforgiveable

  4. Withdraw the whip from Watson? Let’s do better – expel him. He brings the Labour Party into disrepute and makes it a laughing stock, just when the Tories are making complete prats of themselves, demonstrating just how unsuited and undeserving they are of being in government.

    I cannot but marvel at the way the Labour Right is so determined to expel so many good Party members (many of them Jewish) on trumped-up charges of anti-semitism whilst scoundrels like Watson are allowed not only to continue their membership, but to do so in positions of power and influence.

    Something’s gotta change!

  5. Watson’s public outpourings that serve to undermine Labour do not amount to removal of the whip in my opinion, but they do amount to arguments for an alternative and more talented Deputy Leader who acts in support of the leadership and the Party. If as an ordinary MP his outbursts continue they are unlikely to be noticed and he can serve out his privileged position as an MP until he finds another elevated position that does appreciate him more – given that his contributions in parliament will be hardly noticed by anyone except perhaps those single issue case studies that district councillors take up every day.

  6. Interesting how MSM, especially the PSBs BBC & Channel 4 reported it. Tom Watson, sympathetic & good; John McDonnell, uncaring & bad. That poor woman belongs in a Political Party that will appreciate her talents.

  7. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again

    watson’s alright at reversing his diabetes, but he’s simply incapable of reversing his childish imbecility.

  8. Tom Watson did not want Jeremy Corbyn elected leader of the Labour Party nor for that matter did he want a socialist Labour Party. Since 2015 he has done everything in his power to oppose what they stand for. Time for him to close the door and go to a centrist party where he clearly belongs.

  9. Someone a while back secretly recorded part of an NEC meeting and leaked it to the press.
    How can this bourgeois Barrbarian live with themselves?
    Left wing democratic socialists will transform the World with grassroots, bottom up, participatory HONEST left wing democratic socialism.

  10. How much malicious damage will Tom Watson do to Labour’s cause when he appears on both the Marr and Pienaar programs later this morning.

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