Desperate MSM still claiming Labour has no Brexit policy – it’s been unchanged almost 2 years

Establishment media continue to talk about the absence – or at least lack of clarity – of Labour’s Brexit plan in an effort to offset Theresa May’s complete chaos and incompetence. In doing so, they expose their own moral bankruptcy.

Labour published its Brexit policy in its 2017 general election manifesto almost two years ago – and it hasn’t changed since:

Of course, the ‘MSM’ have double the reason to keep this from the UK public now, since the EU has made increasingly clear that it would view Labour’s position extremely favourably:

But recognition of the fact in the media – especially the broadcast variety – is as rare as hen’s teeth.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

It’s surely beyond sensible contradiction to say that the main or even only reason May and the Tories continue to cling to office – not ‘government’ in any meaningful sense – is the complicity or at best negligence of many in the so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

Every time you hear a pundit or presenter ask ‘but what’s Labour’s policy’ or, even worse, assert that there isn’t one, it’s a fresh demonstration of the corruption and dishonesty of the Establishment.

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  1. After seeing this headline today I hope we leave the EU as soon as possible. The EU is evil. It’s on a par with the CIA.

    BREAKING: #EU parliament passes resolution urging EU states to recognize #Guaido as #Venezuela’s president

      1. Totally agree that this is a terrible decision. But this isn’t, in fact, the EU bureaucracy – it’s the democratically elected Parliament. As I’ve often said – the Peeple Swill doesn’t always produce the best and most informed outcome. It’s one of the hard lessons that attempts at democracy by teach.

      2. Brexiters constantly heap blame on the EU for crimes of which the Tory neoliberals are at least equally guilty – like this travesty of Hitlerian foreign policy.
        This is a 100% Trumpf/US project and out of the EU we’ll be deeper in their top pocket than Steel in Owen’s.

        Ask Fox how the trade deals are going – they’re not.
        That’s because anyone with a brain sees that once we’re out of the EU Fox’ll be anyone’s for the taking – rolled like a pensioner with a pot – ripe for the picking and smelling of piss and desperation.
        US corporate jackals are lined up for a repeat of the Oklahoma Land Run while May stands at the finish line waiting for her corset to be stuffed with dollars like a Poundland Gloria Swanson.

        I fucking give up.

      3. I must admit I’m totally bemused at the failure of Brexiteers to recognise how much more compromised this country will be when subject to the whims of the US – Trump or no Trump – and other trading blocks. Especially if the negotiating big guns are of the calibre of Fox, Raab and Davis.

        … and, of course, the UK will revert from a participant to a neophyte trading partner in re-inventing the wheel of EU treaties. Seems more like the seedbed of a revitalised kakocracy than a New Jerusalem by any rational analysis.

        A good article on the saliency of NI to Brexit in last week’s New Statesman :


        Uses the term ‘paranocracy’ as a descriptor of sectarian paranoia-defined politics, and suggests that the wider UK is now a victim of what was once the distinction of Northern Ireland.

      4. Totally agree L. Just watched excellent Hands Off Venezeula meeting on-line in London (highly recommended) and Venezeuela Solidarity Campain (VSC) speaker made some great points.
        A former US President, Rosevelt once said of a Fascist Latin American mass murdering leader they had put in place “He’s a son of a bitch but he’s our son of a bitch!”
        The fake opponent in Venezeula who illegally claims to be President was taken to the USA in December and told what he must do.
        Then the US rang every Right Wing Govt in the World to tell them that they must come out for their puppet at the appropriate time!
        And of course when the Right Wing US Barbarians say “Jump!”
        The Neo-Liberal Right Wing US Poodles of the US say “How High?”
        And according to VSC the Bank of England is refusing to give £1.5b of Venezuela’s money that they hold back to them (which they could use for their people).
        They are after Venezuelian oil and again according to VSC (the Barbarian) Bolt has said it would be better if US oil companies ran their oil!
        They have also put another US Barbarian (Adams) in charge of US policy on Venezeula – he was convicted of perjury over his organising of the Contras in Nigaragua (who had death squads) and he also organised the Iraq War but for Nicaragua was pardoned by Bush but like Bush and Blair seem to have got away (for now) with Iraq.
        Working people of the World really need to stand by poor Socialist Venezeula.
        The diverse working people of the USA are great but the rich Right Wing Lunatic Barbarians in the USA seem to have taken over the asylum.
        Diverse working people of the World unite!

  2. It looks like it’s Skwawky who is desperate. We did a U turn a couple of nights ago and by the way is another vote still on the table?

    1. Let’s look on the positive side : pressure from the grass roots corrected a Blair-type leadership triangulation blunder. Shouldn’t have been a problem on a matter of basic opposition – but still a result, even if lightly whipped.

  3. Not sure why you think that, Jack? The second referendum amendment was withdrawn because of a lack of support in the Commons. That particular bird has flown.

    You campaigning for a second referendum now is clearly a waste of your valuable time. You could use that free time to campaign for a Labour government if you like.

    Have you ever considered joining the Labour Party? Here’s the link

    1. Surely the two constant anti Corbyn, pro PV, Trolls, “RH” and “Jack T” are just the same tiresome troll using two different IPs to spout their endless nonsense ? In fact from our Left viewpoint, Tuesday’s votes went perfectly OK for our tactical purposes.

      As the Skwawkbox article says, our longstanding Labour Brexit position is obviously very acceptable to the EU – and , minus the ERG , could command a majority in the Commons . May personally could buy into it too – but would split the Tory Party . Hence the need for the MSM to avoid mentioning this longstanding Labour position – in case May has to adopt it as her own !

      1. “anti Corbyn, pro PV, Trolls”

        Jeez. Might be an idea to learn to read before tackling the complexity of politics.

      2. jpenney. It’s often fanatical members of the Israeli Lobby and fanatical Brexiteers, often one and the same, who make such dense remarks as yours.

    2. Internal Affairs. I campaign for a Corbyn Labour Government at least every weekend which is why I don’t want him to be dragged down by eccentric narrow minded Lexiters who have teamed up with the far right to damage the British economy and pit worker against worker.

      1. But, Jack, have you kissed the robe? Have you read the scriptures thoroughly? Have you quoted the righteous prophets? Have you renounced the heretical power of critical thought?

        For JC’s sake – this is serious *religion*! Not messy politics.

  4. One of my inboxes just a minute ago:

    “You are a Winner” “Congrats! Would you like a fu…”

    Can’t wait to read the rest of it – it’s been a while.

      1. Would that be fun-size as in treats for children or treats for Marianne Faithfull?

    1. Read it when it was written in October last year Danny and it falls in line with Philip Whyman and the Lexit view in general. I know state aid/intervention is only one of a number of critical issues in the event of a BINO and that there’s a whole lot more besides; However, I would still like to see some critical engagement from writers like Larry E., or Phillip W. re the very recent counter IPPR analysis from Morris and Kibasey, or even, perhaps, yourself … my last attempt; I promise!

    2. 1. Title: “The Establishment is trying to keep us in the EU” [So ERG Tories aren’t part of the Establishment?]

      2. Spiked: Why leave? LE: “Economy & EU undemocratic, not working for many but for bosses and business – Greece, austerity, hardline monetary policy, favouring multinationals.” [So… exactly like the Tories then?]

      3. LE: “Something different, freedom, help leave voting regions.” [Very fluffy. Eu helps deprived regions like Cornwall & Wales that Tories ignore]

      4. Spiked: Left fighting for status quo? [Leading, M’Lud] LE: “Absolutely! Tories useless, Left patronising, not listening leavers.” [Mwahhhh.]

      5. Spiked: Why economy not dead? LE: “Experts all idiots, losses only due talking Brexit down, project fear. It be fine, just need Good Plan – or bad boys throw toys out.”

      [I see only unsupported assertion. If I’m wrong please point to a solid fact that I missed. The many will only be better off with a Corbyn government and a safe majority, Brexit or no Brexit.
      With any kind of a Tory government it’s either no change or more austerity.]

      1. One (about the only one) good line from the disaster film about the Deepwater Horizon oil rig before the wilfully optimistic assumptions about its fitness for purpose and lack of attention to the technical flaws destroyed it and created an ecological disaster :

        ‘Hope isn’t a good tactic’ (or strategy, we might add)

        Sort of sums up Brexit.

  5. Doing some socialist history research (which we should all do – there are so many treasures) I came across a great socialist fighter, songwriter, and poet from Leeds at the beginning of the 20thC, Tom Maguire, who tragically died in poverty in a cold house with no heating and no food; he was only 29 but a socialist star!
    The day before he died he told a friend: “I have so many ideas, I just wish there was someone to carry them out'”
    And for the first time for socialists in Labour perhaps for ever with Jeremy Corbyn as leader, we do; and we support JC because he agrees with us!
    Labour’s best idea for me on the EC was for migrants to have job offers which in essence is the democratic control of labour supply (which Govts had Pre-Neo-Liberalism) but unlike the Right Wing/Liberal Left CLPS who have passed resolutions on free movement in the EC ONLY we could then take the workers we needed from any country in the World (internationalism):
    * Democratic control of labour & capital supply (with agreements with other countries to take our citizens).
    * Migration adjustment funds for councils.
    * Trade unionise migrant workers (to build community solidarity and secure better pay and conditions for them).
    * Tariff free access for individual businesses and companies to the EC but Govt pays a collective fee (£10b?) which eliminates the need for the Irish backstop and protects the N.Ireland Peace Process.
    * Deals with the EC on workers rights, environmental protections, security & policing, student exchanges etc.etc.
    You can build internationalism outside of the Right Wing Neo-Liberal EC straight jacket!
    Left wing democratic socialists should tell other socialists not what they want to hear but what they need to hear.
    Time for left wing democratic socialists to start dreaming again, and drawing from socialist history, theory and LEFT WING DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PLANNING!

    1. Nothing wrong with long-term aspirations and a sense of direction.

      But then you get into the messy business of making concrete, of of actualisation implementation – from agreement to policy to election, to actuality and detail.

      So – take just one phrase “Democratic control of labour & capital supply”

      What *exactly* does that mean? It’s not a simple phrase to unpick. Who’s is the actual control? Are we talking of an anarchic model of management by vote, or top-down management by government (and we all know how that easily slips into just an alternative form of governance by an elite: the centralism that very quickly doomed Russia. ‘Socialist theory’ is just that: no more, no less – and ‘socialism’ is a many headed animal : far different from the simple capitalist v. socialism dichotomy. Even before you get into the messiness of practical politics and persuasion.

      Then you write :

      “Left wing democratic socialists should tell other socialists not what they want to hear but what they need to hear.”

      Mmmm ….
      Precisely. Sounds a bit suspiciously religious with a self-defined elite handing down a particular gospel of righteous belief to the plebs. Which is how we can end up in the morass of defined doctrine, corruption and dictatorship for the ends of an elite. Which is where we started.

      Sorry to be negative, but political theory has a habit of becoming elitist and limited in its utility. See ‘PPE degree’.

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