Woodcock finally redecorates constituency office frontage – in blue

Showing his blue side? John Woodcock

Formerly-Labour MP John Woodcock – who resigned from the party rather than face a disciplinary process over ‘sex-pest’ allegations – was under fire from Labour members in his Barrow and Furness late last year for continuing to use Labour livery on his constituency office months after his resignation, until he semi-removed it last month by sticking tape over the Labour name and logo:

Locals now report that he has finally taken the step of redecorating and removing the Labour branding altogether – and has gone to the dark blue side:

The obvious connotations of his colour choice did not escape Barrow and Furness’s left-wingers:

Mr Woodcock has previously said that he does not wish to be contacted by the SKWAWKBOX.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Woodcock’s recent parliamentary performances have fit his new colour scheme perfectly.

It’s well past time for the people of Barrow and Furness to have an MP representing the party they voted for – and high time parliamentary rules changed to ensure that an MP changing his/her party or deciding to resign from the one they stood for triggers an immediate by-election.

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  1. Hurrahhh , now lets hope the CLP gets on with finding a true socialist to kick his arse well and truly at the next GE .

  2. Perhaps he can fly the Saudi flag from it and shove a few of those adverts telling us that the headchopper in cheif MbS is a “Liberal”…

  3. What I would like to see is a Recall Act whereby Constituents can by petition (I will leave the % required to others to argue) recall their MP back to the Ballot Box. A potential wait of up to 5 years to be able to bring errant MP’s to account is not acceptable.

    1. Zac Goldsmith tried to introduce this (and failed).

      Corbyn and McDonnell voted for it.

  4. “high time parliamentary rules changed to ensure that an MP changing his/her party or deciding to resign from the one they stood for triggers an immediate by-election.”
    I think that you are wrong here.
    What is needed is ‘more frequent elections; as the Bill of Rights called for. That is why the US Constitution chose elections every two years for the House of Representatives. The Chartists called for Annual elections to Parliament. It makes so much sense to everyone but jobsworth politicians. And it has never been easier to hold an election or a referendum.
    You might go for the Venezuelan election system too, but that is another story.

    1. The US is not a heartening example. Most of the term of office is spent campaigning. Our consitutional problems don’t stem from the infrequency of elections … and annual elections are a totally dumb idea – government would be turned even more into a continual hustings and bribery fest!

  5. Annual elections also makes the recall process redundant. Every new Parliament is preceded by a new election.

  6. Namaste Skwawkbox,

    John Woodcock’s weak, watery, washed-out, wishy-washy and wersh colour choice is rather lowering the tone of the neighbourhood, don’t you think?

    Namaste 🙂


  7. I don’t think anything apart from the sign’s been repainted – I think it’s just a colour balance difference between the two photos.
    Not that it matters 🙂

  8. Berger, Ryan, Mann, Leslie, Hodge, Phillips, Gapes and others need to also join Woodcock and be booted out of the Labour Party for good!

  9. My MP is the odious Hodge. If I move two miles east I would have Streeting as my represensitive,move a couple of miles north then I get Gapes. Do I have any redress under human rights legislation?

    1. Get involved in your CLP to get a trigger ballot against Hodge, the ringleader of the chicken coup and a traitor to the Labour Party

  10. And nobody was remotely surprised…

    It was always gonna be blue – or slime green to match his greasy, slimy, snotty demeanour.

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