Tony Blair hangs out with actual fascist and nobody’s screaming…

Misogynist, racist, homophobic or just plain fascist – take your pick, new Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro campaigned openly on a platform of prejudice and hatred, claiming that the country’s old military dictatorship should have ‘killed 30,000 more people’.

Tony Blair, floating around Davos this week like a bad smell, seems rarely to meet a tyrant he doesn’t like – and so it was that he seemed perfectly comfortable appearing in a picture with Bolsonaro when the pair hung out today:

The screams of Theresa May – who during PMQs today was desperately attacking Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for talking about peace to Irish republicans – the Establishment and the media have not exactly been deafening. In fact, according to Google just now, they’ve been absent entirely.

You’d almost think the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn for appearing with this or that person once upon a time were politically driven, rather than fuelled by genuine outrage.

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  1. Unsurprising. Blair has an elitist contempt for ordinary people – the “lower orders” – which typifies the “People’s Vote” gang.

  2. Blair would work with Satan himself if he thought he would get a $1 out of him.There again, He can’t work with him when he is Satan himself

  3. Right Wing Barbarians attract?
    One with Bush should be at The Hague now.
    The other in a few years?
    Keep an eye on this latter creep!
    BREAKING NEWS – citizens of World realising in popular voting terms Clinton (although a Neo-Liberal Capitalist) beat Trump the Neo-Liberal Capitalist by 3m votes and recognise Clinton as President – Trump the Loser!

    1. Yes I am worried LGBT citizens, socialists and trade unionists may start to “disappear” in Brazil over the next few years?
      A warning needs to be given to Bolsonaro the Barbarian: The World is Watching You!

  4. But then why would the fascist-controlled media have any problem with one fascist meeting up with another fascist.

  5. I always thought that Blair missed out when he decided to overthrow Saddam Hussein. Instead, he could have become a consultant to him for a fat fee.

    Looks like Blair’s next free holiday will be in Brazil.

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