A happy Christmas and Tory-free new year to all SKWAWKBOX readers

I wish all the Skwawkbox’s readers a wonderful Christmas and a quickly Tory-free 2019. May you have the company of family and good friends, a healthy body and hope in your heart.

And if any of those things are missing, may you soon live in a decent society where justice and compassion prevail and which looks after its vulnerable, sick and hurting.

If you’re spending tonight, Christmas Day or some other part of the holidays, tending the sick, keeping us safe, feeding the homeless or otherwise serving our people, then I salute and thank you.

And if you’ve supported or shared the blog this year, your solidarity has meant the world and will help the Skwawkbox play a small part in achieving that humane society. Let’s make 2019 the year that sees someone with real humanity in 10 Downing Street.

Thank you and solidarity.

The Skwawkbox


  1. Thanks Skwawky and the very best and same to you and your family.
    Take a break and see you in the new yr

  2. All the best you you and your family, and thank you for your kind words. Joe

  3. Merry Christmas and thanks for the fantastic reporting and analysis this year.

  4. Happy Xmas mate, thanks for all you do and more strength to you and yours. Be lucky guys !!!

  5. Thank you Steve and all at Sqwarkbox.
    Keep up the excellent work.
    Yours is the first I go to for factual an reliable information.
    You are ensuring that those of us who are desperate for a fair and caring society, will see that goal come true with the election of a Socialist Labour government.

    Keep the faith all.

  6. big time. Just spent 5 minutes reading the independent which seems like a newspaper looking for a purpose. Couldn’t SB take over the indy and turn it into a national newspaper for the left/

  7. Merry Christmas Steve, to your family and all readers and commentators.

    Many thanks and appreciation for all the hard work you do Steve.

  8. All the best SB! As we head to the next new year – I just hope with all my heart that this will be our year and we can start to right the disgusting wrongs that this wretched government has presided over! #JC4PM

  9. Yeah, Skwawky, hope you had a good one and keep fighting the good fight like you’ve been doing till we have a socialist government in Downing St.!

    And beyond…

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