New video with audio seals ‘#stupidgate’ issue. Case dismissed

Brilliant work by the Twitter account @Corbynator2 has set the seal on the ridiculous furore whipped up by desperate Tory MPs and their media allies about Corbyn’s muttered comment during Prime Minister’s Questions this week.

Combining audio from Corbyn’s subsequent statement to the Commons with the video footage of the original incident, the resulting short video shows Corbyn’s words ‘stupid people’ to be a perfect match to his lip movements during PMQs:

Earlier video analysis had already shown that Corbyn was not saying ‘woman’.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

This outstanding work vindicates the several lip-reading experts who said all along that the video showed him saying just that – and disgraces the right-wing rags and their ‘experts’ who claimed otherwise.

It also shows Tories who made such a huge issue of this to divert from the mountainous issues of their own chaos and incompetence to be – well, ‘stupid people’.

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  1. Yes, this is outstanding work from @Corbynator2. It’s conclusive and leaves no one in doubt who the liars are. Don’t expect any apologies from the ‘stupid people’ though!

    1. Well – the Tories did succeed in their diversion tactics to some extent. More bear shit in the woods.

      But you have touched upon a central issue. If the Party is serious about a general election (whenever), it really does need to have a distinctive alternative policy on Brexit as it heads into one. At the moment, potential support is going begging, and this lessens the impact of other policy issues.

    2. He’s ‘no-heartedly’ ‘fighting against Brexit’ – which is how it should be. Labour policy is to respect the referendum result – the fight is to get a Labour deal, not a Tory one or no-deal. ‘Fighting against Brexit’ is an FBPE obsession, not one that Labour is obliged to support – nor should they, since it would be electoral suicide.

      1. “Labour policy is to respect the referendum result”

        A pretty meaningless statement, since the voting result was split (by any numerically and democratically literate definition), with ‘Leave’ actually supported by a minority of the electorate.

        The data suggests that it is the current support for an essentially Tory policy (forget the decorative trimmings round the edge) is electoral suicide as the desire to remain in the EU steadily increases amongst the population – a desire that isn’t met by Labour.

        To treat UKIP voters as the major support to be harvested, and Labour-inclined Remainers as the enemy defies all evidence and logic..

      2. “the voting result was split (by any numerically and democratically literate definition),”. In fact, it was numerically and democratically split 51.89% to 48.11%. Not only that, it was literally split 51.89% to 48.11%.

        “with ‘Leave’ actually supported by a minority of the electorate.” Indeed. It just happened to be a larger minority than the even smaller minority who voted Remain.

        All other issues aside, what defies all logic are the desperate attempts to present these figures as anything other than a majority for Brexit; literally.

      3. Well said Skwawkbox. The People’s Vote lobby (Mandelson, Blair, Campbell et al) are just as interested in splitting the Labour Party as they are in thwarting the 2016 democratic Referendum vote. I have yet to see a single meaningful analysis by the constant “Stop Brexit” enthusiasts/Trolls on here of the EU , to justify their uncritical enthusiasm , or any evidence of an understanding as to why the overwhelmingly working class “Leave” voters felt that they simply couldn’t carry on under the existing neoliberal set-up , for which they correctly saw the EU as a highly visible representation. And they perceived from their own employment experiences its unlimited labour supply (freedom of Movement) rule as a key element of their ever declining bargaining power and hence, wages. (Please don’t quote me the endless BoE and such bogus reports “proving ” unlimited labour supply has had no impact of wages – it’s basic capitalist supply and demand economics for any commodity – including labour power).

        And counting in the non-voters in the 2016 Referendum as somehow part of the “Remain” camp , as that particularly constant troll poster, “RH” does, is pretty desperate stuff, even for him.

      4. “The People’s Vote lobby (Mandelson, Blair, Campbell et al) are just as interested in splitting the Labour Party …”

        I can read the Sun or Mail if I want to read utter Brexit bollocks.

        Sit in the corner of an ever shrinking room, listening to an echo if you like, but the reality of where the majority of Labour support comes from won’t just disappear.

        .. and it isn’t from the Blairite right.

      5. And just as an addendum :

        “the desperate attempts to present these figures as anything other than a majority for Brexit”

        No, I’m afraid not. The Brexit vote was a minority vote – and in a proper vote on a constitutional issue, it is normal practice to require a *convincing* majority to alter the status quo.

        Even if one analyses in terms of a simple majority, the ‘swing’ percentage is certainly less than the percentage of the population who actually understood the issues in any clear way.

        Forget the ‘working class’ trope. It’s delusory nonsense, attempting to wring a hollow tear from the eye. Progressive advances never came on the back of fake sentiment.

        Since the issues have become clarified, it is clear that views have changed.

        Obviously, the result *was* inconclusive, and if you want a simple majority to stand, it has to be open to re-testing. No if’s or but’s. Unless you’re afraid. That’s a requirement of the democratic process – otherwise we’d never have a change of government.

        Or … of course, you can accept the need for a properly structured constitutional vote. I know ‘cakeism’ is popular. But it isn’t a good look – even for the Tories.

      6. “Even if one analyses in terms of a simple majority, the ‘swing’ percentage is certainly less than the percentage of the population who actually understood the issues in any clear way.”

        Sorry, but this is delusional nonsense. What percentage of the population, according to you, “understood the issues in any clear way”? Got any figures, based on anything other than your assumption?

        “Obviously, the result *was* inconclusive.” It is an obvious and a conclusive fact that 51.89% is a larger figure than 48.11%. There is nothing whatsoever inconclusive about that fact, and frankly, it’s embarrassing to contend that there is.

        “if you want a simple majority to stand, it has to be open to re-testing.” Why? It was made clear from he outset that a simple majority was all that was required. Did you, or anyone else, make any objection to the referendum’s outcome being dependent on a simple majority prior to the referendum taking place? And do you seriously expect peole to believe that, had the result been the same in reverse, you would now be demanding another shot, based on the unconstitutionality of the result?

        Of all the arguments for a second referendum, the one that whines about the constitutionality of the first the moment it produced a result you didn’t like does those that attempt it no favours whatsoever; it just makes you look like very bad losers.

    3. Read the manifesto on which JC and the rest of them were elected and explain yourself.

    4. Osian Grifford ( FBPE ?? ) I’d be interested in how you perceive JC is half hearted about opposing Brexit . What exactly do you suggest he do , pse enlighten us all ?

    5. As has always been the case, Leavers are in a position of contadictory wish fulfilment.

      You don’t have to have a PhD in maths to recognise that the referendum vote was, indeed, split to the extent of giving *no* clear mandate to embark on this shot-in-th-foot exercise.

      A simple sample of vox pops illustrated the massive lack of understanding about the referendum. To pretend otherwise is dishonest.

      Then – why all the belly-aching about ‘democracy’ when you’re afraid to test your assumptions when people *are* better informed and the franchise could be more representative??

      1. The most frustrating crap that a lot of leavers come out with are 1) “We know what we voted for: we voted to LEAVE!” (then when they go into more detail of what they think that means, a load of directionless untruths spill out with the vague purpose of wanting to feel like control is being taken back…) and 2: “IT’S THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!” …..52 fucking percent….

  2. Some are saying the sky clip looks different from the original. I habe looked and theor version is harder to define. Please look at both, surly sky would not doctor a clip, would they? Anyway JC4PM

  3. Is there any way to avoid and stop these childish bully behaviours? There are so many similar incidents in everywhere, not just in Parliament. But they represent us and meant to be respectable people and many silly people copy them and they think that they are their model to follow. So bully become norm.

  4. Can I say to people writing here who are dead against Brexit, please stop!
    Both main parties accept the referendum result.
    We won’t leave without a trade deal…Conservatives, of all people, are not given to taking risks.
    There will be a recession lasting for about 18 months after we leave.
    The recession will mostly affect people with debt.
    If you have a mortgage, make sure to put it on a fixed rate for 5 years and you should weather the storm.

    The price of property is coming down…..rejoice!

    1. I’m sorry that you can’t deal with contrary views that reflect the conflicts of the real world. Again, I’m reminded of Brexit as the Kevin of the political world, marching out slamming the door in order not to hear uncomfortable statements.

      “Both main parties accept the referendum result.”

      Which result? (see above). And, I’m afraid that that is a very questionable statement in terms of the wider Labour Party.

      … and if you want the referendum treated in the same way as a simple majoritarian general election, then, clearly a new vote is in order.

    2. Why on earth should we not continue to object to the consequences of what many see as a phony referendum. For years, prior to the vote, the population had been conditioned by the right wing media into hatred of the EU and immigration and when the vote came, many were were primed and ready, their prejudices sharpened, to vote to leave.

      If those pious objectors to another vote are so certain that the first vote was properly democratic, why is another democratic vote not doubly democratic especially if it required a ‘supermajority’? They trot out the usual objections, we have had a vote, the leavers will object, best of three…..etc. The reason is obvious, they are terrified that they will lose their precious Brexit now that people are more aware of the consequences.

      It is obvious to all but the uninformed that there is NO SUCH THING as a good Brexit. Brexit in any form will leave the country poorer than it would have been without it. This is the reason that despite SKWARWKY’s constant harping on about ‘respecting the referendum’ Labour should promise, if Britain hasn’t already left, to ditch any form of Brexit before going into the next GE.

      As much as I admire Jeremy Corbyn and Skwarwky, sitting on the fence with a ‘one wrist policy’ is GUARANTEED to lose us the next election.

      1. We, the whole country, have always been on the edge of Europe. Never would Britain agree to join the Euro, become part of a federation or a European army. We will therefore stay on the edge of Europe, having common interests that bind us. Brexit will not leave the country poorer, you are not a soothsayer. It will give us opportunities to rebuild manufacturing through export demand. Our housing will once again become homes, not debts and for the few, pension pots. The common sense solution is a trade deal and restructuring our economy. We will be stronger and better able to withstand the point when Europe has to make the decision to drop the Euro or split.

      2. Ever looked in the mirror Jack & wondered if the opposite applies? If the first referendum was so undemocratic why is another one more so? With reference to right wing media, that label applies to most newspapers that are no longer read, along with Murdoch’s Sky TV.
        PSB is hugely ‘progressive’ & fell out of the centre pages of the Guardian, as both BBC & Channel4 demonstrate, they are both anti-Socialist & anti-Corbyn & pro-EU.Every household in GB had all the facts explained in Cameron’s mailshot, paid for @ public expense/. There was no ‘Lexit’ campaign, but it’s an interesting proposition if you believe that only Leavers are ignorant bigots?

      3. lundiel, it’s very hard to argue with someone like yourself who lives in a dream world because reality makes no sense to them.

        I don’t need to be a soothsayer to know that we are making the EU with whom we do more than 50% of our trade, much more difficult to trade with. Nor do I need to be a soothsayer to know that there is not one academic study which predicts Britain will be better off leaving the EU. Even the obsessive Brexiteers acknowledge we will lose trade, however they say we will magically replace it with this deal or that deal, forgetting of course that trade deals take years to accomplish.

        As for striking deals with the rest of the world, China, in it’s predicted growth next year will create the equivalent of FIVE New Zealands – one of Liam Fox’s targets. Being in the EU we already have a bi-lateral investment deal with China but once we leave, we will have to negotiate our own.

        You should have a word with the Swiss who also negotiated a trade deal with China, it took three years with the result that they had to give China free access to their market immediately but they only get partial access to Chinese markets after FIFTEEN YEARS!


        Anyone who thinks trade deals are easy and can be done quickly is a fool – dream on, sorry to burst your bubble.

      4. Steve Richards “Ever looked in the mirror Jack & wondered if the opposite applies? If the first referendum was so undemocratic why is another one more so?”

        Steve, I really can’t believe you said that!

        The reason is obvious and it’s now apparent that you often fail to see the obvious.


        Apologies for shouting.

      5. So lundiel – interesting that you decry soothsayers.
        You wouldn’t claim any fortune telling ability for yourself?
        What about:

        “We won’t leave… Conservatives risk averse… There will be… 18 months… Go fixed rate, you’ll be fine… Never would Britain… We will therefore… Brexit will not… It will give us… Housing will become… We’ll rebuild manufacturing… We’ll be stronger… EU drops Euro or splits…

        Smells uncannily like the end of the pier to me.

        Couple of points – Cons are so ‘not given to taking risks’ that they bet the farm on useless austerity, they held a referendum they didn’t need to and didn’t win, and a snap GE where we almost cleaned their clocks – they’re a Boris quip away from no deal and you think they’re risk averse?

        There might be a slim chance we can rebuild industry and start exporting manufactured goods again – if China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany and the US all decide to put their feet up for a generation or two.
        Or did you forget that we have the most useless entrepreneurs and managers in the developed world?

        Lower house prices helps cash buyers and preferential borrowers disproportionately – buy-to-let landlords will snap up the lot and bang up the rents because why the fuck wouldn’t they carry on doing what’s been working so brilliantly for them for a generation?

      6. Yo JT pious remainer one, Start listing the good points of the EU one by one. Explain in words what these good points are by demonstrating their virtues. Lets start with EU foriegn policy and the Ukraine shall we or even coffee from Kenya. Or choose your own first point. As a final comment in your response just explain why you supported the Manifesto and if you didn’t why did you vote for JC and Labour.

      7. The thing most guaranteed to lose Labour the next election is trying to stop Brexit. Corbyn’s got it exactly right.

      8. Let’s look at that People’s Vote mantra that “no one voted for Brexit to be poorer “. In fact every “prestige” establishment economic body , from the IMF , World Bank, to our Treasury forecasters, and most high profile economists, constantly told the electorate that the UK would be MUCH poorer , during the Referendum Campaign – often by ludicrously precise sums – as if income and wealth was distributed equally in the UK ! But still the majority of participating voters opted to leave . Because for huge numbers of working class people the increases in nominal GDP brought about by the systemically enforced neoliberalism of the “Four Freedoms” of the EU, have actually seen the real value of their wages fall or remain stagnant for too many years , their bargaining power eroded by unlimited labour supply, and the local services, from schools, to hospitals, required to provide for a population increased by an unprecedented 300,000 plus net PER YEAR, not only not increased to keep up – but massively cut due to the Tory policy of Austerity – itself fully in line with the EU’s mandatory limits on public spending and borrowing . Add to this the ever greater impact of the zero hour contract “uberised/gig economy” employment model, fully encouraged by the EU, and the huge new working class “precariat” has decided that , unlike the smug , privileged middle classes who make up most of the media class and middle classes generally, and the UK organised Left and Far Left, the current EU-enforced economic model simply isn’t bearable for them any more – and almost anything must be better.

        Of course the Brexiter working class will be WRONG if the Brexit future is controlled by the US Big Business funded , globalised neoliberals like Fox and Davis, and the international financier Rees-Mogg, masquerading as “patriotic little Englanders” – but a Left Labour government managing a Brexit which avoids all that TTIP globalist crap economics, keeping close to the European market, whilst trying to plough an economic path away from Austerity and the Uberised , financialised, unlimited labour supply, current UK economic model, low wage/low skill, non-training, model has a LOT to offer that Brexiter working class voter base.

        I don’t expect the handful of Remainer trolls on here, who never , in umpteen simplistic posts, make any attempt to justify why the neoliberal EU is so great , to even attempt to respond meaningfully to these realities – given that all that lies behind their opposition , and the entire smug Guardianista class’s is the desire to retain their middle class privileges , and easy access to cheap polish nannies, cheap Polish plumbers, and guaranteed European healthcare when they take a fall on the European ski slopes – and the huge gravy train of insider job access and freebies that the EU machine carefully offers to a huge range of the middle classes. Unfortunately for the naïve , self-obsessed, middle class fans of the EU today, after smashing up the “blue collar” labour market, the attack on middle class jobs too is already underway – as the proletarianization of the former middle class job of teaching ought to prove . Most Further education lecturers are already now zero hour contract workers. The only difference between the end point globalised deregulated capitalism ambition of a Rees Mogg or a Fox , and the end game ambition of the EU to be directly labour cost competitive with China or Vietnam, is that the neoliberal globalised Tory Brexiters want to get there MUCH FASTER than the EU fully intends to proceed also.

        All a bit too detailed for our sloganized unconditional pro-EU fanatics – but then Trolls are never any good at venturing beyond simplistic assertions.

      9. Thank you jpenney for using your time to explain. But of course you probaby realise that you are talking to a Brick (Soros Funded?) Wall.

      10. David McNiven, you are a contender for the most ridiculous argument ever presented to protect the middle class and keep house prices artificially high..

        “Lower house prices helps cash buyers and preferential borrowers disproportionately – buy-to-let landlords will snap up the lot and bang up the rents because why the fuck wouldn’t they carry on doing what’s been working so brilliantly for them for a generation?”

        Err……because like, lower house prices equals lower rents which means in layman’s terms, a house becomes a home and not a commodity, or a pension post for a greedy speculator.
        You’re in the wrong party mate.

      11. “If those pious objectors to another vote are so certain that the first vote was properly democratic, why is another democratic vote not doubly democratic especially if it required a ‘supermajority’?”

        Firstly because, obviously enough, if the first vote was properly democratic, there is no need for a second, and secondly, if the first vote was properly democratic, what is democratic about not implementing it? We had a democratic vote. It produced a larger vote for leave than for remain. Asking for another vote before the first one has been accepted and implemented is the antithesis of democracy, pretty much by definition.

    3. “conservatives are not given to taking risks” … Think of that line and rewatch Cameron and Boris’ reactions to the referendum. They both stacked their expensive undergarments.

  5. Can you please also ad this clip from Phillip Hammond a few months earlier where he appears to mutter ‘stupid woman’ as well. However there was no outrage about this whatsoever. But also no media coverage or any apology demanded. So basically the Tories wrongly accused Corbyn, but they never even address is in their own party when it comes to exactly the same problem according to their own logic.https://youtu.be/i8VpzgGzz3I

  6. A second referendum as proposed by the Liberals. Whatever happened to Tim Farron? Whatever happened to the Liberals? Sounds like there’s a new home just waiting for those supporting the ‘Liberal’ proposal.

  7. I believe this evidence, but probably because i already took Corbyn at his word. Others won’t believe this but there is a way to persuade them.

    Show us this footage but use the audio of corbyn saying ‘stupid woman’ ( he said this in quotation marks in the same speech from which the audio of ‘stupid people’ has been taken).

    If somebody can put that together, it should be clear that the word ‘woman’ does not fit.

    Without that, nobody is going to change their mind over this, sorry.

  8. I see there is another hit piece on Corbyn over on the Graun this morning 22.12. They and the rest of the lying bastard MSM are still printing that he said woman not people . Its effing sickening the surreptitious wording used , Corbyn is ” defiant ” whereas May is ” embattled ” . I think my distaste for the Graun is greater than any other MSM as it pretends to pass itself off as a left-wing supporting —- LIARS ! . At least the other MSM are honest in as much that they are bold as brass right winger fascist rags .

  9. ” the Graun is greater than any other MSM as it pretends to pass itself off as a left-wing supporting”

    Where did you get that idea from? It has supported Labour – but essentially it is Liberal/SDP leaning.

    And, no, the right wing bumfodder is decidedly not *more* honest! (Where did Johnson get to print his lies?)

  10. @RH “It has supported Labour – but essentially it is Liberal/SDP leaning.”

    Correction the Graun has supported NEW LABOUR not Labour under JC . As I said it is my opinion regarding the Graun
    And agreed the RW MSM bumfodder is dishonest but in comparison they do not try and pass themselves off as supporting Labour

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