Video: Corbyn shames oblivious BBC for obsessing over a word while ignoring homeless death

Jeremy Corbyn puts the BBC on the spot

Jeremy Corbyn confronted the disgraceful BBC this morning over its obsession with a muttered word in the Commons when it fails to report the government turning a no-deal Brexit into a panto – and even more seriously, the tragic death of the second homeless man this year outside the Parliament security exit.

As Corbyn understandably took to task the BBC reporter pursuing him down the street with questions about ‘respectful language’ in Parliament, you’d expect his point to at least give pause for thought – but the oblivious BBC man ploughed on, oblivious:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The BBC – along with many other ‘MSM’ outlets – has been more than happy to accommodate the ‘dead cat’ thrown by the Tories to distract from their utter incompetence and the embarrassing performance of Theresa May during yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

The horrific toll of Tory government on the veulnerable is not the only thing the BBC is ignoring today. It’s more than clear after analysis of the video evidence that, as confirmed by lip-reading experts yesterday, Corbyn did not say what the lying (yet again) Tories claimed. Yet still they and other media act as if it wasn’t Establishment fake news.

It is both a tragedy and a scandal for a nation suffering obscene poverty and deprivation that the national broadcaster is eagerly complicit in Establishment attempts to divert the country’s attention from the stark realities of life in a UK blighted by almost nine years of idealogically-motivated Tory policies.

By contrast, Corbyn’s genuine humanity shines through the fog of yet another desperate smear and distraction.

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  1. The man’s a saint: I think I would have snapped and nutted that bastard; probably why I’m not leader of the opposition! The BBC have got some explaining to do on a whole number of levels.

  2. The quality of reporting and opinion pieces from the BBC are now on a par with the Daily Sport for those that have no idea what sort of rag it was please google it, I used to be proud of the BBC it really was the flagship for others around the world for it’s quality news reporting and programming, now it’s just a ‘this is how you produce propaganda’ channel

  3. ONCE AGAIN sooooooo glad I no longer pay their ransom license fee.
    Christ I so hope that when we get to power we utterly GUT the BBC news room and all it’s editorial staff

  4. Well done Jeremy,. Will the Tory BBC be showing it over and over again tonight?

  5. Interesting that John McDonnell wants Labour MPs to boycott RT, but not the BBC or Sky News.There is no major alternative source of news in GB as all MSM use same news agencies & all TV News agenda, running orders & presenters are identical & interchangeable. Uncritical, compliant Media organisations are the antithesis of real democracy.

    1. RT provides some excellent journalism and debate, particularly on Brexit and Syria. BBC and Ch4 are unwatchable propaganda.

      1. I agree one hundred per cent. I deplore the role the BBC and other Establishment-compliant media engaging in blatant Russophobia, a ‘game’ that can so easily escalate into all out nuclear war. So far this has been avoided largely due to the level-headedness and restraint of the Russians. However, the atmosphere of mutual distrust and suspicion this narrative nurtures makes the possibility of an ‘accidental’ first strike terrifyingly more likely.

        As far as John McDonnell is concerned, though an overall supporter of his politics and those of Corbyn, I deeply regret their all too frequent capitulations to the Labour right. Both basically accept the central Establishment premise that Russia is ‘bad’ and is meddling in Western affairs, despite the West’s belligerence towards Putin, its provocations in the Middle East and its massng of troops and military manoeuvres on Russia’s borders. Not to mention the West’s interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine, its role in the deposition of its president and the installation of a neo-fascist regime in that country, (once a part of the Soviet Union), compliant to the aims of Western governments and global corporations.

        When the Skripal affair burst into the news last March, after an initial mild scepticism, Corbyn too capitulated to the Establishment anti-Russian narrative, blaming the government of that country for the Skripal poisonings on the basis of very dubious ‘evidence’. Indeed, his Parliamentary speeches on the issue differed only marginally from those of May.

        Despite this, we must be unflinching in our support of Corbyn and McDonnell in their quest to form the next government, and do everything to ensure that this government comes to power as soon as possible. However, we would be in dereliction of our duty to those who have suffered under the Tories if this support is not both firm and critical. A popular movement must be built to ensure that the next Labour government works to the agenda of the many rather than that of the few. .

      2. “RT provides some excellent journalism and debate… ”

        … and also some total shite.

        A bit like the BBC, in fact.

    2. McDonnell is not always right and he is so wrong about this. RT has its own agenda but so does any other news channel.

      As for bias, I have not seen any kind of analysis of RT.
      Perhaps somebody should do one.

      No reason why people should not appear on it.

      Yesterday, they interviewed Ron Paul (former anti-war conservative congressman). It is always good to know that not all conservatives are evil warmongers.

  6. Unfortunately the respective daily viewing figures for news are 122,000 for RT, 1.6.million for Sky & 2.6 million for BBC (and I imagine skwawkbox even less than that). Furthermore, RT have just been castigated by Ofcom for unbalanced news reporting. You couldn’t make it up – but they do!

    I posted this on Facebook a short while ago: “The BBC has some serious questions to answer and I’m not sure the people who work there at present have either the brains, the courage or the moral integrity to be anything other than part of the problem. I say this as someone with friends and relations who work for auntie, and it’s more than their job’s worth to utter a peep – unless it’s about equal pay or Brexit: criticise those of your colleagues who are blatant apologists for Israel, Tory stooges or reveal which of your colleagues are plants for the security services and it’s the bum’s rush for you. After all it’s the only place in Britain that still offers a guaranteed job for life and wonderful pension just so long as you keep your mouth shut.”

    1. The beeb has a lot to answer for, the stables still stink of Saville and all that must be cleansed and then broken and replaced. Regards.

  7. I wouldn’t want to get misty eyed about RT much as I admire the quality of its journalism: I think right now the chances of seeing objective reporting there are much greater than with the BBC or Channel 4 but that might not always be the case and it’s good to examine a whole range of media outlets. I’m a fan of Telesur, a good source of genuinely pro-socialist views, with a Latin American perspective.


    1. “I wouldn’t want to get misty eyed about RT ”

      Nor would anyone with a brain : the news media of a kleptocratic autocracy that ‘eliminates’ critical journalists is scarcely a model, whatever the (major) deficits of the BBC.

  8. Nice one Jeremy and stand up to the politically ignorant b’stards!
    Yes and save free TV licences for over 75s!

  9. I am totally passed off with the behaviour of some Parliamentarians and journalists. I have no more to say.

  10. Just heard Ivan ‘the terrible Right Wing Neo-Liberal Labour MP’ has resigned from Labour.
    Good news but perhaps get ready perhaps for fake anti-semetism charges (part four) as the Right of Labour may pile in after the co-ordinated childish Tory Parliamentary Pantomine over what they decided Jeremy muttered – I can almost hear the politcal moron Tory advisors (after Jeremy said Labour would move a vote of no confidence in May and she fled the Chamber for help) saying treat this SERIOUS issue (when an opposition wants a no confidence vote in the PM) as a joke, thus as Tory Barbarians theg debase democracy.
    But JC could go on the attack – this was the day Theresa could say “I ran away!”
    Re the anti-semetic potential attack:
    It has always been a tripartite attack on Jeremy.
    The first you would expect from the Right Wing Pro-Neo-Liberal capitalist media including the Guardian (whose journalists apart from a few good Lefties have to recognise they are no longer the font of all knowledge and have nothing to say).
    The second is Right Wing Labour opportunists because they can’t beat left wing democratic socialists on ideas – they have none.
    The third is Right Wing Jewish forces who are trying to impose one dominant narrative on diverse Jewish citizens – complete and total uncritical support for Israel.
    Just read Bernard Regan’s brilliant book “The Balfour Decaration’ (Verso) which demonstates perfectly how British then support for a Jewish Home in Palestine was driven by its then imperial interests. as one then Tory MP wrote “We will have a little loyal Jewish Ulster surrounded by a sea of antagonistic Arabs.”
    And Eraket (CBS interview 2018) sums today up arguing Israel will not talk peace “Because it wants to maintain its religious, ethnic and economic supremecy” and all sustained by US overt economic and covert military support.
    Eraket is also convincing in arguing that they use the Barbarians of Hamas as a “scarecrow.” (and the majority don’t want Hamas).
    For 2019 – Justice for the Palestinians and Peace to all citizens in the region.
    As for Jeremy – he is brilliantly well read and very, very experienced in supporting the oppressed and peace, perhaps time to harness all of this – in such fields the Right Winc Neo-Liberak Tory Barbarians are out of the depth.

    1. That’s great news , would be even better if the coward had the guts to let his constituents vote on him being now an independent/tory lite candidate .
      One assumes he’ll be out of his Labour financed office by the end of the day and all support/funding from Labour stops immediately ,,
      Anyone know what his CLP is like , pro/anti JC ?

  11. Ivan Lewis leaving Labour is the best news I’ve heard for a while. He is one of a group of Zionists in the Party whose main purpose for being in the Labour Party is to protect the racist State of Israel. The question is often asked why if the Tories are so bad, isn’t Labour doing better? The answer is because right wingers and Zionists such as Ivan Lewis. have been undermining Jeremy Corbyn at every turn.

    Could John Mann, one of the most obnoxious Labour MPs and a fellow Zionist also follow Ivan Lewis out of the door please.

    On Wednesday in Glasgow, a case was brought against GMB shop steward Peter Gregson by his own Union. Peter Gregson believes it was instigated by Zionists in Labour and the GMB who had accused him of anti-Semitism because he had declared Israel to be a racist endeavor. Mr Gregson’s main witness in his defense was Rabbi Ahron Cohen who had traveled all the way up from Manchester to speak on his behalf and condemn the discredited IHRA definition which Labour was misguided enough to have adopted.

    In an act of extreme bad manners, the Scottish GMB would not let Rabbi Cohen speak, saying that he had arrived too late. This is the extent to which Zionism has infiltrated Labour and its institutions, to the detriment of our Party democracy.

      1. An excellent link that says it all about the flaws in the IHRA mess of pottage, the actuality of a real ‘antisemitism’ definition should be, the difference between Zionisn and Judaism – and why the NEC scored an own goal by trying to buy off the Israel lobby.

        The Orthodox community has a strong intellectual tradition that puts the BoD establishment to shame – and the coherence of Rabbi Cohen’s argument is unassailable. That’s why the viewpoint is frantically suppressed by the Israel lobby.

  12. and while this is going the tories Tories ‘sneak out’ £85million in public health cuts on day MPs leave for their Christmas break

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