May goes to Queen’s Uni Belfast tomorrow. Contrast with Corbyn’s visit speaks volumes

jc tm qub.png
Corbyn, relaxed and talking to 1,000 people. May – tense, isolated, talking to cows

Theresa May is to visit Queen’s University Belfast tomorrow, no doubt as part of her supposed ‘meet the people’ tour to try to sell her abysmal Brexit ‘deal’. The contrast with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s own appearance there in May could scarcely be starker.

May’s version is a closed event with no invitations to the wider public and high security. Jeremy Corbyn spoke to a packed room of a thousand people who attended on an ‘open invitation’ basis.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

May’s visit to QUB is at least a step up from standing isolated in a cowshed, but the relaxed humanity of Jeremy Corbyn makes her awkwardness with people and the extent to which her team have to protect her from anything natural stand out even more than they would ordinarily.

May’s ‘challenge’ to Corbyn to debate Brexit is a joke. She will blunder into another disaster if she’s foolish enough to go through with it.


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  1. How can she meet the people when she’s terrified of humans? Will she shout from inside the armoured limo, subjecting anyone actually listening to her pre-programmed slogans? I believe the Maybot Bullshit Dispenser is still trumpeting “In the national interest” this week.

    Please, please, please have that TV debate Theresa so we can watch you being crucified. Jeremy will rip you a new one.

  2. She even looked shit scared of the cows. One cow nearly vomited after being exposed to all the crap that came out of her mouth. I shit you not. Look at the cow closest to May. hahahahahahhaaa! 🙂

  3. And just what is going on with her latest favourite – er – garment? With the collar round her ears, hunched posture, and habitually retreating into her shell she’s turning into a tortoise. Her fashion statements are as appalling as her other statements.

  4. Norman Dalgetti, She is trying to impersonate a very old Lady to make people feel sorry for her and vote for her. 🙂 Not a chance.

  5. Jackie Cairns, she’s certainly good at the dementia part of the act. Her approach to politics reminds me of that hilarious instruction in The Highway Code: “Do not sound the horn when you should be doing something else, such as apply the brakes”.

  6. Just realised you might not find that passage in The Highway Code. I bought my copy in 1976. It would be a shame to lose such a classic of civil service understatement.

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