Breaking: clean sweep for left slate in vital NCC election

clean sweep
Clean sweep for the left slate

The left slate supported – eventually – by all Labour’s major left-wing organisations has taken a clean sweep in the important elections for six new places on Labour’s NCC (National Constitutional Committee), the party’s senior disciplinary body.

All the left candidates scored hugely above the right-wing Labour First/Progress slate – the lowest left-slate candidate received well over four times as many votes as the best of the right-slate.

ncc result.png

Congratulations to the winning candidates, who now take on a demanding unpaid job bearing huge responsibility for Labour’s internal justice.

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  1. I am not sure where the numbers come from. I thought only delegates could vote on behalf their CLPs. This was not a OMOV election.

  2. OK. Can we now see an end to ‘antisemitism’ accusations being used as a scandalous manipulation of the disciplinary process against anti-racist critics of the right and the Israel lobby?

    And at some point, that IHRA non-definition has to be revisited.

  3. I remember feeling pretty passionate
    About this,
    All those months ago;
    Mighty oaks,
    From little acorns grow.

  4. Great margin of victory, putting the right exactly where they stand in the party. That won’t stop the dirty tricks but will at least get a proper review that is not predetermined.

    1. Inspiring! Slowly but surely, we are draining the cesspit. I hope other socialists will be inspired, like Varoufakis, who was quoted in The New Statesman:

      ‘…Varoufakis continues to draw hope from Jeremy Corbyn.

      “I remain a great supporter of Jeremy. I’m not so sure about the Labour Party because it is a cesspit of backstabbing and shenanigans. It’s a very antiquated party, I wouldn’t like to be part of it. But Jeremy has done a remarkable job of navigating his way through the various landmines that the Blairites put in his way.”

  5. I hope the new NCC officers are made of strong stuff, I fully expect them to be ‘closely’ watched by the right wing of the party and leaned on by the same.

  6. Great news and voted for this 6 but time for the left in future to democratically choose the Left NEC slate and NCC slate.
    Perhaps instead of the old left (by practice not by age) with their bourgeois traits (top down) telling us who we must vote for amongst thier choice of the ‘Great and Good of the Left’ presenting us with a fait accompli or the Right get in!
    Time for grassroots, bottom up, participatory, left wing socialists stars to emerge on their ideas whilst filtering out the
    fake left careerists and opportunists.
    Judge people on their ideas.

  7. What a piece of oppression is the internet. I’ve no idea how I logged in to this account, and when It’s over, I’ve no idea how I’ll get back to it. If online media doesn’t make this kind of thing a lot easier for morons like me, they’ll lose an awful lot of readers. This ought to be simple. It’s bloody impossible. All I want to do is recommend a few comments, and make the odd one myself. It’s like getting in to Fort Knox.

    Rant over.

    1. I suppose I could print out the internet for you and pop it through your letterbox every day… 🙂

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