WM Police senior officer to council leader: no more using police resources against blogger

eling saunders.png
Sandwell Council leader Steve Eling, left, and blogger Julian Saunders

Last month, the SKWAWKBOX reported on the fiasco when a legal case against the West Midlands blogger known as the Sandwell Skidder was postponed on its first day in court because the court had lost a letter from the Crown Prosecution Service asking for the blogger, Julian Saunders, to be barred from representing himself when cross-examining Sandwell council’s chief executive.

That case concerned an alleged public order offence involving, bizarrely, the use of a single, insulting word said by Saunders to the CEO, Jan Britton.

But behind that one questionable charge lies a year-long history of the council’s leader, Steve Eling, pressing West Midlands Police (WMP) to pursuing criminal action against Saunders – not just for a one-word insult but because of the extent to which his blog was discomfiting the council.

Some of that history has now come to light after Saunders lodged a Subject Access Request (SAR) with WMP under data protection laws, specifically asking for all correspondence it held to or from the council leader concerning Saunders.

Saunders has published a long and exhaustive article showcasing the often highly-redacted correspondence released to him in response to the SAR. But while the information is partial and heavy going, it reveals that a WMP Chief Superintendent dismissed Eling’s requests for criminal action – and said he was taking disproportionate police time, funds and resources for a matter that should have gone to civil court if Eling felt he had grounds.

Eling’s emails to an unnamed WMP senior officer extend over a period of almost a year, beginning in September 2017 through to the end of July 2018 – and exhibit a strident tone as Eling demands updates about the “hate inspired and malicious social media” to which he has taken exception:

eling hate

The correspondence continues over many months and included a warning from the police officer that pursuit of Saunders in relation to his blog claims would require WMP to release all information it holds about the matter:


The emails from WMP to Eling even indicate that WMP discussed Saunders at its ‘Gold meeting’ – normally for major or high-level operations.

But the exchange came to a head when, seemingly unhappy with what he perceived as WMP’s lack of action against the blogger, Eling demands that the force ‘take responsibility‘ for Saunders’ writings:

wmp resp

This demand earned Eling a sharp retort from the Chief Superintendent:

wmp rebuke.png

The resources, time and cost the investigation into Saunders has [sic] taken is more than proportionate in my view…

The investigation into Saunders is now concluded…

I would strongly advise that if you wish to pursue a legal challenge against Saunders that you consider a civil actionwe will not investigate further unless an obvious criminal threshold is met.

The SKWAWKBOX invited Steve Eling to comment. He declined to do so “in the current circumstances” – but stated, without explaining what his purpose in doing so was, that he had forwarded this blog’s email to West Midlands Police.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

More than proportionate” is surely another way of saying “disproportionate” – and the senior officer’s words “legal challenge” appear to be a recognition that Eling was using police resources to ‘challenge’ Saunders’ claims about him or the council, rather than doing so in a civil action where a court could judge whether Saunders’ claims were false – or indeed true.

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  1. Eling’s understanding of a council leader’s entitlement to govern ‘his’ police chief’s actions appears to be based on the movie “Jaws.”
    He’s going to miss being at the centre of his own little universe.

  2. I can’t read a word of them emails, I’m afraid.

    Well played the Chief Super; but in reality even your cadet bobby could’ve told eling that it’s a civil matter…Did the council solicitor not inform eling of this?

    If not then he should be fired, too.

  3. He was wasting police time and incurred costs unnecessarily. I have never heard from that blogger, but it sounds a bit like abusing the law (police) to censor dissenting views. And we are paying for this….. In a civil case he would have to pay me thinks.

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