Breaking: ‘draft text’ of EU deal agreed


As the SKWAWKBOX predicted, the completion of a draft agreement between the UK and the EU has been announced today – and Tory right-wingers are ‘spitting feathers’.

Arch-brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has talked of ‘white flags’ being run up over Whitehall, while Boris Johnson told the BBC that he didn’t know how anyone could support it democratically. Other Tories are complaining that May has failed to protect the union – UK, rather than EU.

Tory Cabinet members are attending Downing Street one by one this evening to be briefed by Theresa May.

The rest of what the SKWAWKBOX predicted will be kicking off any moment now. Will Theresa May’s premiership survive the week it’s like that she’ll have been propped up by a handful of Labour MPs more interested in undermining Jeremy Corbyn than the needs of those suffering under Tory government.

Meanwhile, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has said the draft is not yet completed, contradicting even Theresa May’s claims.

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  1. IT doesn’t look good. Tories are despicably double dealing and the vast majority will end up voting for her. The DUP are very bribable as we know while the ‘Labour’ MP’s who want to scupper Corbyn and any notion of an election won’t miss their chance of ‘glory’ in keeping May’s Tory Givernment in power. This is the UK after all!

  2. Cabinet attending one by one so that blackmail, threats, promises and deals can be used to enforce compliance – might not work this time though.
    I wonder how close this agreement is to what was or would have been offered by the EU a year ago.

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