Excl video: “They squirmed back into the station” – Liverpool sees off fascist march – again

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On Saturday, a coalition of the left once again joined forces in Liverpool to see off a planned march by neofascists.

The city has a proud record of thwarting the attempts of the hard right to march and posture through the streets on multiple occasions – one famously resulted in a so-called ‘white man march’ hiding in the left luggage area of Lime Street station – and on Saturday people of goodwill achieved similar results.

The SKWAWKBOX is proud to present an exclusive video of the protest by local film-maker Merlin Norbury, including interviews in which key figures in the counter-protest set it in context and explain the Establishment’s role in the UK and elsewhere in creating an environment for the rise of the far right – and the importance of unity and determination across the left in defeating fascism to ensure that ‘they shall not pass‘ – that ‘¡No pasarán!’:

Alan Gibbons of Merseyside Together, one of the organisers of the counter-protest, told the SKWAWKBOX of the importance of a broad coalition of groups and individuals working together:

It was a brilliant turnout from everybody in Liverpool. Some 6-800 people turned out to blockade the fascists and make sure their march was a non-event. Thanks for the contribution from Merseyside Together, Merseyside Antifascists Network, Unite Against Fascism, BAME communities, the Irish community, the Trade Unions, Labour CLPs and councillors, who all turned out in force.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The Establishment continues to enable the rise of fascism, with even the BBC giving airtime and credibility to the views of right-wing extremists. In such a time, a united left acting in solidarity is the best and often only line of defence.

On Saturday, Liverpool showed the way.

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  1. Well done comrades!
    Oh just been reading about the Keil Mutiny and how the German working class ended WW1 in 1916 which is something we never seem to have been taught – can’t have working people realising their potential power and as the Far Right Barbarians including individual barbarians here are being funded by Far Right US Billionaire Barbarians as useful idiots to try to divide diverse working people.
    Perhaps we need to remember diverse working people of no country are our enemies – recommend we all learn about the Keil Mutiny – will make you feel good about our potential to transform societies. Solidarity!

    1. Yes and if we think about it the crippling post-WW1 reparations imposed on Germany by the rival capitalist Western powers was probably deliberately to economically shackle the Reformist German Govt and to hold down the German working class after asserting itself.
      It also created the conditions for the rise of the Far Right and later capital swung in behind Hiler and the Barbarians in the 1930s and the US anti-Semite, Henry Ford for example let the Nazis keep all the profits from Fords in Germany to fund their rallies and to fly Hitler around Germany making a group of thugs look organised.
      A significant number feel that capital got off virtually scot free for its role in funding fascism and the subsequent bloodshed it caused.
      We need to learn from history and the Keil Mutiny is uplifting.
      Solidarity with all diverse working people in every country!

      1. Something you may find interesting ref WW1 was the role of an ‘Arts Movement’ called Dada in Germany (not to be confused with the nonsense of Swiss or French Dada). German Dada, a precursor of surrealism, was highly political & challenged the State & German culture, blaming Capitalism & all powerful institutions for the war. Some artists adopted ‘typical’ english sounding names & challenged the establishment. It even had its own political manifesto. A uniquely dangerous movement.

  2. Brilliant & uplifting. Don’t let the tax-haven based billionaires who own our media divide & rule. Ditch the toxic Tories! JC4PM!!!

  3. Brilliant video and uplifting!
    Brought a tear to my eye.
    Don’t let the Far Right ‘Useful Idiots for the Rich’ Barbarians divide us!

  4. And 2 tears today – in afternoon watched Peterloo in cinema and was brilliant though felt emotionally drained afterwards.
    We owe our forefathers and foremothers so much. See this film!

      1. Why are you looking through 2-year-old comment threads at 4.27 in the morning? Nutter!

        Or something else…?

      2. I’m under house arrest so I use the time to look up things and subjects that I find interesting. I hope that helps. I shan’t be bother you again and I apologise for any distress That I might have caused.

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