McVey’s 28 days at Comp House ended last week. She is still shown as a Loyal Scots Co officer

A month ago, former DWP Secretary Esther McVey was challenged by left-wing writer Alex Tiffin to explain why her name appeared as company secretary of Loyal Scots Company Limited (LSC), when the position with the £20m-capitalised company was not included in her MP’s declaration of interests.

She responded with an insult – and a claim that she knew nothing about the appointment and had notified Companies House about it:

mcvey tif1

The date of that tweet was 3 November. The addition of Ms McVey’s name as a company officer without her consent would be a criminal offence.

A couple of days later, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that any company correspondence for LSC would have gone to McVey’s constituency office address, because the Companies House register for the company included enough detail of her address for it to be delivered there.

The SKWAWKBOX also contacted Companies House to find out how long it takes to remove a wrongly-added officer name from its register. Companies House responded that it would be done within twenty-eight days.

Twenty-eight days from Esther McVey’s claim to have contacted Companies House about the alleged wrongful use of her name expired last Saturday.

On Friday, the SKWAWKBOX contacted Ms McVey by email:

Ms McVey,

According to Companies House, “Where a company officer has been appointed without their consent, we have a robust process in place to remove them” within 28 calendar days of being notified.

You stated on Twitter on 3 November that you had notified Companies House that you had been listed as an officer of Loyal Scots Company without your knowledge or consent – which means that the listing should have been removed by now or at the very latest by tomorrow.

As of this evening, it is still shown. …If you have any comment you wish to have included please provide it no later than noon on Saturday.

As of 3.09 pm on Monday, the Companies House register for Loyal Scots Company Limited still shows Ms McVey as its company secretary:

mcvey ch

As of the time of publication, no response has been received from Ms McVey or her office except an auto-acknowledgement of receipt.

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  1. Is McVey still liable for breaches of the Ministerial Code that occurred whilst she was in office.

    1. Esther McVey is apparently not liable for anything. She’s MP for Tatton, doncha know? George Osborne’s old constituency. Not much chance of her losing that seat, so it’ll take some sort of scandal to get her out.

      She’s the perfect fit there, of course. the second-most-loathesome-ever Tory following on from the first-most.

      A lamp-post’s too good for her!

  2. Like the craven old bill or the toothless CPS are gonna even issue a warrant for the arrest of – nevermind charge – a toerag for a CRIMINAL offence.

    Beyond a p1$$ take.

  3. sadly, for financial corruption of this kind you just get a little slap on the wrist (which is why dear Esther isn’t really bothered). However, for a few wrongly placed words you can be kicked out completely!

    1. And immediately tell her to GTF deliberately making herself unemployed when it turns up the the dole. 3 year sanction. 🙂

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