Major counter-demo against fascist march in Liverpool next weekend

Merseyside Together Against Racism and Fascism is calling on all opponents of the far right to gather for a counter-demonstration against neonazis planning to march in Liverpool.

The demonstration, coordinated by Labour left and antifascist stalwart Alan Gibbons, who spoke on the subject at a The World Transformed event alongside Labour’s conference in Liverpool last month, will begin at the famous St George’s Hall opposite Lime Street station – the scene of some of the most inspiring pro-Corbyn gatherings.


The information sheet put out by the group explains further – and recalls famous previous incidents in which fascist marchers have been thwarted by right-minded, peaceful and resolute counter-demonstrations:

Together for peace and diversity
Together against racism and fascism
…. against racist extremists

A fascist group called the North West Frontline Patriots says it is going to march in our city. Join us and say no to them. These groups are anti-working class. On a demo in July, fascists attacked officials from the transport union, the RMT. These bullies surrounded a bus driven by a Muslim woman, a member of Unite.

They want to blame scapegoats. We must reject this. The problems people face in jobs, housing and services are down to Tory cuts and the 2008 bank crash. Liverpool City Council will have lost 64% of its funding between 2010 and 2020. Austerity is to blame, not migrants. The Tories screw up lives, not Muslims.

We have a strong and proud tradition of standing up to these sorts. They recently had to hide in Lime Street station left luggage office. Months later, they were laughed out of town to the Benny Hill theme.

Let’s do it again.

If you can be there, do.

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  1. Liverpool stars do us proud!
    If I was there I would be on the march but am with you in spirit. Solidarity!

  2. I think we will have to go on the train. I refuse to pay the tolls over the Dick Turpin toll bridge. Halton (Labour) Council should be ashamed of itself building a toll bridge in an area of high social deprivation.

    1. What if there are four of you and fifty of them on the train and you’re carrying placards?

  3. So if one of the reasons why someone voted ‘Leave’ was because they objected to the high levels of immigration that started in the Blair years & watched the area in which they were born & bought up change from being a traditional working class community to a muslim enclave, they are racist & fascist? The Labour Party will soon successfully alienate a large number of working class voters. So that’s why the bourgeoisie shout racist if you voted Brexit.

  4. steve richards, how do you feel about the ‘No Irish, no dogs, no Blacks’ reception the Windrush generation and later immigrants received?
    Was that racist or not?
    Was ‘enclave’ your first choice of word or was it ‘ghetto’?
    People voted leave for a number of reasons – you seem to have just declared yours.
    Many factors changed your ‘traditional working class community’ (which hasn’t existed since the 70’s by the way) but the changes would have been less traumatic without neoliberalism-bewitched Tories.

  5. Oh Dear seems like another Far Right Barbarian has been elected, this time in Brazil – I have been there and have seen the poverty which is heartbreaking.
    And the centre-left candidate who came third in the first round didn’t endorse the socialist in the run off, unbelievable and working people there like in the US will suffer but no doubt the Far Right Brazilian Barbarian Presidenf will repay his backers by stuffing the mouths of the rich (like the Turd Trump) with gold!
    Left wing democratic socialists need a coherent, bottom up programme and we need to work harder and transform societies WITH working people, informed by honesty!
    My heart goes out to the Brazilian working people tonight for what they are about to endure – but don’t mourn organise! International solidarity & Love.

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