Breaking: 20 Labour MPs set to ignore Labour voters and rebel on tax threshold

Twenty or so Labour MPs look set to break the party whip by voting against the increases to tax thresholds contained in Philip Hammond’s budget. Labour plans to abstain on the vote in order not to prevent those on low incomes receiving a much-needed, if inadequate, boost.

As the SKWAWKBOX showed yesterday, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell indicated Labour would not block the tax threshold rise because lowering taxes for low- and middle-earners principles is entirely in line with Labour’s policies and principles – and the party in opposition can only block or support what the government has put on the table.

But the so-called rebels’ posturing is also a slap in the face for the millions who voted Labour in 2017 – and the millions struggling to get by in the Tories’ low-wage economy – because reducing the tax burden was the third most popular budget measure among Labour voters, according to polling this week:

lab budget.png

Corbyn’s and McDonnell’s plan to abstain allows the plan to go through and benefit people who really need the extra income and avoids the political/propaganda trap laid by the Tories – who were hoping Labour would try to block it and could be painted as against ‘hard-working people’ – while also avoiding the almost as dangerous pitfall of actively supporting a Tory budget that does huge amounts for business and the wealthy in other ways. It’s the politically-intelligent response.

The mainstream media will – of course – portray their behaviour differently. But the ‘rebels’, by contrast, are grandstanding their way straight into that pit and hurt the people who most need their help, against the wishes of the vast majority of people who support the Labour Party.

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  1. I tire of their childish tactics.
    They need to just fuck off, or remember what Labour stands for.

  2. Can we have a list – At least this would give their respective CLPs and the membership in general the opportunity to lobby them.

      1. ….. and the members. Don’t we count?

        What possible reason could the ‘rebels’ have for objecting to their names being published to give members the opportunity to lobby them?

  3. Let me guess Chukka, wes Streeting, Y cooper, Jess Phillips, Blair et al and their merry band of Tory appeaser.

  4. Let’s have the names of these utter idiots( won’t be a surprise ) . They are not Socialists – and have no business being in the Labour Party.

  5. 20 traitors so far named in Indy as cooper kendel lammy truss nandy mcgovern , OK CLPs now do your stuff , lets start with a CONFIDENCE VOTE and work up from there .
    Really is time to see if the so called new improved easier to DESELECT MPs rules actually work in the memberships favour rather than these New Labour rejects .

      1. Here’s the names
        Jess Phillips, Stella Creasy, Mike Gapes, Margaret Hodge, Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper, Lucy Powell and Neil Coyle constituted 8 of the 20 rebels, whilst Labour MPs Karen Buck, Roger Godsiff, Kate Green, Helen Jones, David Lammy, Pat McFadden, Alison McGovern, Ian Murray, Lisa Nandy, Emma Reynolds, Gareth Snell and Martin Whitfield also voted against the bill.

        SOT CLP take note this is the second time SNELL in his short tenure has voted against Labour , he’s only been in the job 5 minuets , he needs to go !

  6. Here is another list for you.

    Since March 2015, at least 33 MPs have accepted Saudi-funded trips to the kingdom.

    These, listed below, include 28 Conservative MPs and five Labour MPs. On most occasions, all the expenses were covered by Riyadh.

    1. Edward Argar (Conservative)
    2. Richard Bacon (Conservative)
    3. Alex Burghart (Conservative)
    4. Rehman Chishti (Conservative)
    5. James Cleverly (Conservative)
    6. Leo Docherty (Conservative)
    7. Sir Alan Duncan (Conservative)
    8. Mike Gapes (Labour)
    9. Mark Garnier (Conservative)
    10. Sir Edward Garnier (Conservative)
    11. James Heappey (Conservative)
    12. Simon Hoare (Conservative)
    13. Philip Hollobone (Conservative)
    14. Kevan Jones (Labour)
    15. David Jones (Conservative)
    16. Daniel Kawczynski (Conservative)
    17. Seema Kennedy (Conservative)
    18. Kwasi Kwarteng (Conservative)
    19. Charlotte Leslie (Conservative)
    20. David Mackintosh (Conservative)
    21. Mark Menzies (Conservative)
    22. Stephen Metcalfe (Conservative)
    23. Andrew Mitchell (Conservative)
    24. Mark Pawsey (Conservative)
    25. Rebecca Pow (Conservative)
    26. Keith Simpson (Conservative)
    27. Royston Smith (Conservative)
    28. John Spellar (Labour)
    29. Andrew Stephenson (Conservative)
    30. Martin Vickers (Conservative)
    31. Helen Whately (Conservative)
    32. Dr Paul Williams (Labour)
    33. John Woodcock (Labour, but has since left the party and is now an Independent MP)

  7. Are they are desperate to maintain the narrative that Labour is the party of high taxation? You can bet your life they all stand for “taxes fund spending” nonsense, yet all will also believe in attracting the middle class swing voters. Therefore, this is pure malice directed at the leader of their own party. They hate what Corbyn stands for enough to do anything to stop him gaining power.

  8. Lucy Powell and Yvette cooper are 2 more who voted against instead of abstaining! Why don’t they just cross the bloody floor! All it is undermining Corbyn and McDowell. They abstained as at least some low earners will benefit from the lowest tax cuts.Plus the Tories were hoping to trap them into voting against and say they were against tax cuts for the poor!

  9. Frankly those MPS who voted against the Labour Party & defied the whip should be expelled. They are getting on my last nerve. They are not ‘ for all’ at all. Self serving pinks. Out! Enough is enough.

  10. Below is the full list of 20 rebel Labour MPs.
    Karen Buck
    Yvette Cooper
    Neil Coyle
    Stella Creasy
    Mike Gapes
    Roger Godsiff
    Kate Green
    Margaret Hodge
    Helen Jones
    Liz Kendall
    David Lammy
    Pat McFadden
    Alison McGovern
    Ian Murray
    Lisa Nandy
    Jess Phillips
    Lucy Powell
    Emma Reynolds
    Gareth Snell
    Martin Whitfield

  11. Anybody hear Bliar on MSM channel R4 today, saying that people would have a duty to stop a Corbyn government? We’re in sinister territory there!

    1. This is from a person who is responsible for 100s of thousands of deaths and the maiming of millions. A person who works for and on behalf of some of the worlds most despotic and oppressive regimes

      For a supposedly intelligent person TB displays a stupendous lack of self awareness, one can only presume that he drowns out reality by bingeing on the intoxicating liqueur of his own hubris.

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