Principled Crouch resignation over delayed betting terminal cut underscores govt shambles

t crouch.png
Now ex-Sports minister Tracey Crouch

Sports minister Tracey Crouch has resigned from the government over a delay imposed by Chancellor Philip Hammond to cuts to maximum stakes on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) – often called ‘the crack cocaine of gambling’ and blamed for huge damage to lives and families. Hammond had announced the cut would not now take place until October next year.

Ms Crouch had failed to appear in the Commons this afternoon for an urgent question about the timing of the cut, leading to predictions of a resignation that have now been fulfilled.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

A rare principled resignation by a Tory minister merely serves to underscore the shambles of Theresa May’s government.

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  1. Oh give us a break, she supported Austerity to the hilt and working people and the poor being hammered and now pretends to be human?
    The political imbecile Tom Watson charges in defending her, Oh Dear we are so weary of “Parliamentary Cretinism.”
    The Toriies are the legal thieves of the surplus labour of working people and are Barbarians – thankfully the vile Wonga crashed but its owner had been a major donar to the Tories and where was/is their action on loan sharks and now on this issue they seem to be Johnny Come Latelys – kick ALL of the Tory Barbarians Out!
    Oh and gambling is classical conditioning – Pavlov got pigeons to peck at a container which occasionally gave a seed of corn – so the pigeons pecked non stop “the next time I’ll win, just one more go” until you are hooked – the answer citizens is to stop pecking and take control plus a left wing democratic socialist society in every country which citizens would just feel is fairer, more caring and is more equal. JC4PM!

  2. Oh give us a break, she supported Austerity to the hilt and working people and the poor being hammered and now pretends to be human?

    Undisputedly this^^^.

    I’ve seen the word ‘principled’ being bandied about…

    ‘Principled’ , my arse AND yours AND crouch’s.

    heidious allen’s crocodile tears, wollaston’s pretend protest (in the full knowledge her vote wasn’t gonna make an ounce of difference); and now this…Didn’t realise harrod’s did hair shirts.

    They must all think we fell down to earth with the last rain shower.

  3. Time the Labour Party abandoned Blair’s gambling agenda & banned TV advertising completely as well as sponsorship of sport. How can you trust any football result when sponsored by gambling organisations?

    1. xcellent point Steve.

      An example would be skybet. These days, you can bet on things such as who’s gonna be the next manager of, say, Real Madrid.

      Skybet is one of murdoch’s betting companies. murdoch – as we know all too well – owns a global news network.

      Now, all’s they need do to manipulate the market is to release through murdoch’s news network (Usually sky sports news) that a certain manager has been approached and report that ‘sky understands’ he has accepted the job.

      The odds plummet on said person.

      Meanwhile, they know differently, and place bets with other companies against said person…The ordinary joes in the bookies are gullible like that and plenty will bet (and lose) on who sky said would get the job…

      As private eye would say: ‘Trebles all round’.

    2. And dont forget that fat goalkeeper what was sponsored by the s*n to eat the pie during the match – and the betting outrage that followed?

      …And who owns the s*n???

    3. Yes,one of the least discussed New Labour policies agendas,but as damaging as any domestically.

  4. We cannot be certain that this is a principled resignation. It may be but we cannot really tell.

    People often think of the late Robin Cook resigning over Iraq. However, I wonder if he would have resigned if he had still been foreign secretary. I doubt it. That is not to say that his resignation was wrong.
    The point is that resignation usually has a number of considerations behind it.

  5. I blame the old football pools, the National Lottery and all the other “soft” forms for normalising gambling.
    The lottery is a machine built to take £1 from fifty million poor people and make one person a multimillionaire – as such I think it’s the epitome of everything we’re against and it surreptitiously dilutes socialism’s message.

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