Critic responds to Williamson’s act of kindness

Yesterday the SKWAWKBOX showed how well-known left-wing MP Chris Williamson went considerably out of his way to help a centrist closely aligned with Williamson’s most strident critics.

williamson stanger.png

Williamson made a detour of around fifty miles from a trip to Manchester to give a lift to Luke ‘Lukey’ Stanger, who was stranded at Nottingham rail station trying to get to Ashfield. The SKWAWKBOX was unable to obtain comment from Stanger before publication, but he has now responded.

His initial comment was simply to thank Williamson for his ‘act of kindness’:

May I express my gratitude towards Chris Williamson for his act of kindness in helping a stranded comrade at Nottingham Station get to a canvassing event in Ashfield.

Pressed to say whether he now disagreed with critics who have called for Williamson to be removed as a Labour MP, Stanger would not answer directly, saying instead:

Myself and Chris differ in much of our perspectives about the party’s direction of travel in recent years amongst other things. We enjoyed a cordial and pleasant discussion in our car journey.

He declined to comment further.

Williamson was matter-of-fact about his comradely behaviour:

When I saw his message on Facebook [saying he was stuck in Derby] I’d contacted him to ask initially if he’d got the train. He responded saying he had. He then got stuck in Nottingham so I picked him up from there.

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      1. Increasingly suspicion is my default reaction to everything…
        no bad thing really 🙂

  1. No trains beyond Nottingham? The sooner rail is nationalised the better.

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