Pinto-Duschinsky wins Hendon PPC contest. Hunter 2nd, JLM’s Katz last

David Pinto-Duschinsky

David Pinto-Duschinsky has won selection as PPC (prospective parliamentary candidate) for Hendon. Duschinsky won the nomination of his CLP’s seven branches and won the one-member-one-vote selection in the first round with eighty-nine votes.

Patrick Hunter came second with 49 votes and JLM vice-chair Mike Katz – Hendon’s candidate in last year’s general election – came in last with just 22.

Congratulations to Mr Pinto-Duschinsky – and commiserations to former councillor and JLM officer Adam Langleben. Langleben appears to have had difficulty processing the result, tweeting that Katz had come second – he later deleted the tweet:

al 2nd.png

SKWAWKBOX comment:

David Pinto-Duschinsky’s clear win gives him a strong mandate to go and win the seat on behalf of his members. The dire result for Mike Katz in an area with a high Jewish population will be seen by many as an eloquent commentary on JLM and the behaviour of some of its representatives who, in the words of second-placed candidate Patrick Hunter,

act[ed] like the best way to campaign was to convince local voters that Labour is an antisemitic party.

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    1. Well I think it was Patrick Hunter who was the candidate that supported Corbyn , there is an article in The Jewishnews about him , don’t say much other than as below cutting

      ” Mr Pinto-Duschinsky, the son of a Holocaust survivor, says he is “a committed social campaigner” who recognises that the party “went backwards” at the last local elections and says that the concerns of the Jewish community in Hendon must be addressed.”

      I guess time will tell , one hopes he will support the leadership in getting a labour Govt lead by JC into power that will help all of us .

      1. “a committed social campaigner…”

        ian dummkopf-schmitt professes to be one of them.

        ”..who recognises that the party “went backwards” at the last local elections and says that the concerns of the Jewish community in Hendon must be addressed.”

        Gonna point the finger squarely at langleben (& co) for that, then? If not, then there’s been no change whatsoever.

      2. I don’t have any hope whatsoever if he’s in the JLM

  1. He wrote a book in 2001 content unknown although seems to have been involved with the Fabians.
    [( Welfare That Works: Beyond the New Deal * * )] [by: David Pinto-Duschinsky] [Jan-2001] Paperback – 30 Jan 2001

      1. Please be careful with this one block caracterisation – yes as whole they tend to be moderate leftist/liberals but at any one time they do both introduced individual radical policies and have the occasional radical participants.

        They are not ideological opponents of radical socialism just have an annoying tendency to constantly seek intellectual justification when a class based commitment would best suit most socialists.

        My opinion is that a strong rational case for radical socialism ought and needs to win most of these people over. Several Bennite MPs in their day retained membership including Michael Meacher. They are far from being beyond the pale like other Labour liberals and do regularly call for members of Momentum to sign up as contributors. They seem to pointedly attempt to avoid overlap with Right-Wing factions.

  2. Its very difficult to get members to engage in a CLP if its dominated by the right. Meetings are dour affairs and most people lead busy lives and are not going to able to spend the many months or years organising to get the cabals out. My guess is, thats what the status quo is in Hendon. Have seen some good work being done by Momentum and the Democracy review which should bring more pressure to bear on those CLP’s who’s main concern is keeping a conceited power base.

  3. Dull, dull, dull. Enough of this emphasis on personalities. We need to change the balance of power in the party so that the MPs are downgraded and become relatively unimportant – our PR men and women – and the members are the important ones, deciding policy definitively through Conference which the PLP then implements. Hence the need for mandatory reselection for greater accountability.

  4. Seems that the JLM brand become toxic even where it considers its stronghold. No wonder. There’s a tremendous anger amoung the membership on the way it undermined the local elections.

  5. The ironic thing is ppl were given the opportunity to vote for a left leaning socialists Patrick Hunter. He’s got some very good ideas about social housing. See his article in Skwawkbox around the Hastings, just a shame he didn’t win. I’m going to suggest this policy for Southampton city council for social housing.

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