You’ll never guess who accepted a lift from Derby MP Chris Williamson

Derby North MP Chris Williamson

Luke ‘Lukey’ Stanger is known as one of the most vocal commenters – many would say ‘trolls’ – against the supposed ‘hard left’ and on the issue of alleged antisemitism in the Labour Party. He has denied being linked to one of the worst troll groups, ‘Labour against antisemitism’ (LAAS), but turned up in March as an LAAS signatory on an open letter published last March on LabourList alongside the likes of Euan Philipps and Emma Picken. LAAS, despite its name, has no standing with the Labour Party and has included Tories among its contributors.

stanger hard left.png
A typically ill-fated Stanger tweet against the ‘hard left’

LAAS, in turn, doesn’t like Labour’s supposedly ‘hard left’ MP for Derby North, Chris Williamson, who has rightly dismissed claims of ‘widespread’ antisemitism in the Labour Party as a smear.

Among expressions of this dislike, it called for the withdrawal of the Labour whip and even for him to be thrown out of the party for ‘sharing a platform’ with the wrong kind of person or appearing at an event where someone else said something it didn’t like.

However, it seems that while sharing a platform is a big no-no, sharing a car isn’t.

Locals in Nottingham spotted Stanger getting into a car with Chris Williamson at the local rail station.

To quash any rumours that Stanger is operating as some kind of double agent, the SKWAWKBOX contacted Williamson, who said that he had made a trip to the station especially to offer Stanger a lift after the latter posted on Facebook that he was stranded there. He then drove Stanger to Ashfield.

A substantial detour for the MP, who was setting off to a speaking engagement in Manchester.

Mr Stanger has also been contacted for comment.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Chris Williamson appears to have considerable magnanimity and to embody the ‘new politics’ in going out of his way to help an undoubted an undoubted opponent.

The SKWAWKBOX doesn’t recommend that anyone should hold their breath waiting for this to have any moderating effect on the behaviour and comments of right-wing critics of Williamson or the Labour Party – or on the skewed reporting of the mainstream media.

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  1. Yet again Chris Williamson demonstrates what a thoroughly descent man he is.

  2. Well done Chris W. I am from Brighton and know Lukey well. He is for sure linked to the Red Roar as well. He is a member or Momentum but when he comes to meetings, he records them all on his phone and they end up in anti-left wing media.

    I do loads in Local Council, he was also following me there and taking pictures and intimidating me. Obviously is a public place so I decided not to complain. If I drove and saw him stranded I’d give him a lift.

    Hes also racist towards the Gypsy and Traveller community.

  3. Should’ve left stanger to stew at the station. Anything that posts in praise of the malodorous problem child that is jasmin beckett deserves to find themselves in a quandary.

    Williamson’ll get no thanks nor kudos for this – whether he expects any or not.

  4. I’ll give anyone who needs it a lift.
    I’ve even done work for a Tory MP or two and didn’t overcharge them or anything. Didn’t invite them in, obviously 🙂

  5. I too would be happy to work for Mr Stanger or any other right wing disrupters or Tory. Then again I am an undertaker.

  6. What the rightwing of the party, sorry -“moderates”, don’t seem to get is that what they laughably categorise as “hard left” generally represents the views of the majority of members.

    Their total lack of understanding of the mood and concerns of that majority are what set dropped them into the massive hole they keep digging their careers into…

  7. Chris will get the kudos.
    Every time that lackwits name comes up, the righteous will say, “but, didn’t Chris Williamson go out of his way to give him a lift?
    The feckin ungrateful nob-wrench.

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