Austerity ‘over’ – but huge nos of low-income families are about to lose £200 a month

mcvey callous
DWP Secretary Esther ‘McVile’

At the Tory conference this week, after lurching onto the stage to a tune the Tories had almost certainly used without permission, Theresa May promised an end to austerity – again.

She promised the same last year, just after the general election. But this time she reallyreallyreally means it, allegedly.

But as always with Tories, what they say and what reality is are two different things. The devil’s always in the details – like their long-nauseating claims to be spending more on education, which turned out to include what students spend on their university education.

In other words, we are spending more on education – with most students having to borrow heavily for it – and the Tories have been taking credit.

bbc dfe.png

But the Tories are not even bothering to disguise the fact that May’s claimed end to austerity is a joke – or, more accurately, a merciless piss-take.

This week, according to the Times, DWP Secretary Esther ‘McVile’ McVey has told the rest of the Cabinet that half of all lone parents and two-thirds of working-age couples with children will lose the devastating sum of £200 a month under the disastrous Universal Credit system – a system that the Tories claim is all about simplification and ‘making work pay’, while mocking the plight of the poor and lying repeatedly about the results.

Making work pay by inflicting such bitter poverty on everyone that even a pittance is ‘better’, clearly.

The utter bankruptcy and depravity of Tory thinking is perfectly portrayed in the fact that the Tories are knowingly taking £2,400 a year from some of our most vulnerable families while May, straight-faced, promises an ‘end’ to austerity at the same time.

Not only claim it. Dance – or try to – and laugh about it, while the BBC fawns over the grotesque spectacle.

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  1. Now the MSM have to choose between letting the hated SKWAWKBOX get away with the week/month exaggeration – or use it to run your blog down for ‘fake news’ and at the same time give the issue itself the oxygen of publicity they’d do anything to avoid.
    Might be a technique to remember for another time? 🙂

  2. As I was telling my friend the PPC for Morecambe tonight, if UC isn’t scrapped then come next summer there is going to be a lot of Tory MPs getting very, very nervous and a lot of very angry constituents who working are told they have to attend a jobcentre regularly, complete a work search journal, report changes promptly and be a lot worse off.

    Beleive me, if May ploughs on with UC, it is that arrogance that will see her removed from office along with the Wicked Witch of the Wirral,one Esther McVey.

    1. McVey is nothing to do with Wirral. She set up camp in the posh bit before being turfed out.

      Prior to that she was domestically exiled from a posh part of Liverpool where she grew up as part of a family that split its time between demolition and enriching itself as slum landlords.

      Garbage like this gets binned periodically, then just when you thought it was safe to venture out again, it returns like a bad smell.

  3. Your headline states :-

    “…….Austerity is ‘over’ – but huge nos of low-income families are about to lose £200 a week……”

    Shouldn’t this be £200 a MONTH !!!!??

    Facts are so important. Errors like this, leave you open to ridicule and a loss in credibility.

  4. yeap when the gravy train ends where will polish my nails go, she seems to think her policies work, a policy run by bullying, greed and viciousness, i seem to remember there was a lot like that ended up in Nuremberg and that is half the problem we don’t have laws that cover accountability, if we did smith and co would be behind the bars where they firmly belong, tory smirks won’t be smirking so much next elections

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