BBC refuses to comment on its and Kuenssberg’s lack of conference-speech balance

When Theresa May lurched onto the stage yesterday to begin her closing speech at the Tories’ conference, the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg seemed a bit excited:

lk may.png

She proceeded to put out a series of tweets about the speech – and writer Thomas Pride noticed a certain contrast with the BBC’s reaction to Jeremy Corbyn’s closing speech at Labour’s conference last week:

pride lk.png

Not all of the tweets highlighted by Tom Pride were by Ms Kuenssberg, but both the tone and volume of her – and the BBC’s – Twitter output on the two leaders’ speeches were undeniably and markedly different, as the detailed graphic shows:

bbc may.png

A search of Twitter for ‘Corbyn’ and ‘speech’ from the main BBC accounts shown above returns two tweets in October, but they’re both referring to mentions of Jeremy Corbyn in Tory speeches. Before that, apart from Ms Kuenssberg’s solitary tweet, you have to go back to August, well before conference season, for a hit:

bbc corbynspeech

Ms Kuenssberg has some ‘form’ in this regard, having been found by the BBC Trust to have misrepresented Corbyn’s position on ‘shoot to kill’ policies. The fake news about Corbyn’s views persisted for months and is still sometimes quoted by his opponents even now. So the question about her asymmetrical treatment of the two party leaders’ conference speeches is a legitimate one.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted the BBC for comment, but the Corporation declined to say anything on the record.

Laura Kuenssberg has also been contacted.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Twenty-two tweets, some seeming to fawn over what was an embarrassing May performance, versus one flat notification in Corbyn’s case that his speech was about to start. And all this on a day when an independent left media outlet has been attacked by the ‘MSM’ for an article whose accuracy nobody appears to contest.

But the BBC’s bias is just a left-wing fiction.

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  1. Nick Robinson today prefaced a question on Today by asking “has austerity come to an end as our dancing queen tells us?” I was walking the dog when I heard that and actually cringed with embarrassment with the sycophancy of that remark. This piece and your previous article regarding Cohen just illustrate the contempt we are held in by many in the media, and what bastards they are.

    1. ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ has been forever tarnished. The Tories have ruined it.

      I presume Benny and Bjorn won’t sue either because they’re fellow Tories.

  2. I’ve cancelled Sky & now cancelling my TV licence. I shall know rely on my home server running Plex & Netflix for any media consumption Despite having a large 4k tv I won’t be spending another penny on a TV licence

    All because of the disgusting sycophantic behaviour of the BBC.

    1. I did the same ten years ago.

      I realised that I was paying a television licence so that I could be subtly and chronically indoctrinated by right-wing propaganda.

      Now, whenever I inadvertently cross paths with a television I notice the propaganda element much more easily. Television is the ruling class’s favourite propaganda tool. It’s why the BBC exists. I don’t miss it one bit.

    1. I don’t doubt it at all I just wish it would hurry up. The Con’s have got to go now

  3. The BBC of the pre Burt era would be ashamed at such utter rubbish talked about by Laura and Nick! They may have been Conservative with a small c but they had standards. How Kuenssberg has not been sacked is beyond my comprehension, let alone all the drones on Five Live and BBC News 24. The producers set the tone and the drones? Well, they just drone on. It would be cheaper to have the late Stephen Hawking’s computer read it, we’d save a fortune in salaries!

  4. I feel the same as lundiel – fuming to the point I can#t even write anything. I hate the BBC!

  5. I heard the speech on the radio and felt embarrassed by the BBC’s fawning reportage. It sounded like a satirical comedy sketch.

  6. Disgraceful reporting by the BBC political correspondents, i.e Laura Kuenossberg, if that’s how it’s spelt, on the contrast between the reporting on the Labour Party Leaders speech at the Labour conference and the sycophantic reporting on May’s speech and the very embarrassing attempt at a dance performance, is it not time the state funded broadcaster did the correct and honest thing and reported events without a obvious slant to the Right Wing?

    1. My comment is awaiting moderation? what’s going on? is this censorship?

      1. Every first comment goes to moderation. It’s one of the few safeguards WordPress offers in terms of comments

      2. Hindson’s back – albeit from outside the UK.

        …Good. Don’t bother coming back.

  7. Embarrass us, shame us & belittle us. Ugly politics ugly people & a Con’s government. Make you want to weep at the destruction.

  8. When I saw that clip of Teresa May coming on to the stage I felt all creeped out, in the same way as when Sparks was on TOTP when I was 10.

    1. How very dare you! Sparks were – and still are – Ace. Perhaps savile hosted the show they were on and you misassociated?

      Anyways when I saw may it turned me into some sort of freak show contortionist I cringed that much. Has anybody noticed the gait some of these leading toerags walk with?

      May walks like some sort of Ray Harryhausen creation, and boris has the gait of something from planet of the apes. Maybe David Icke IS right…

  9. ABBA’s song ‘Dancing Queen’ used for the Tory Party conference. Would Bjorn and Benny approve I wonder. I feel sick all of a sudden.

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