Labour again schools Tories on social media with #YearOfMayhem Twitter response to lame-duck speech

As Theresa May skittered away from the Tories’ conference, thanking her lucky stars she could let her mouthpieces claim her dreary, lame-duck closing speech was a success because it wasn’t the car-crash we saw in 2017, Labour’s Twitter account instantly reminded everyone how bad the Conservatives are on social media – with a reminder of what a catastrophe they’ve been at everything else in the year since that disastrous 2017 speech.

In a ‘#YearOfMayhem’ series of tweeted videos that encapsulated the huge damage the Tories do every day to this country and especially its most vulnerable and which deserves to speak for itself, Labour made sure Mrs May didn’t get a moment’s breathing space anywhere except the tame mainstream:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Although the Tories bussed in enough people to just about fill the conference hall, through the rest of their gathering it was clear that the Conservatives are a dying party propped up only by the collusion of the Establishment media.

Stage-managed speeches are one thing and for a change May managed not to screw hers up too badly – but that only made even clearer the complete bankruptcy of what she and her party offer politically and morally.

Labour’s speedy, excellent response online to wider, far more engaged audiences then underlined how out of touch the Tories are – and just what a ’24/7′ catastrophe they are socially and economically for all but the tiny few who fund them.

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  1. Yes Tory Austerity was only ever for working people as they protected their class though tax cuts for millionaires, big business corporations, private landlords with multiple properties, and hedge funds (who gave £50m to the Tories) etc.
    Then they deliberately set neighbour against neighbour re working class welfare whilst the upper class welfare state flourished with over 2,000 tax reliefs for the rich and better off and £79b per annum in tax reliefs and subsides for big business – ‘Corporate Welfare’ (the equivalent to £3,500 per household) so for the Tories it is always working class welfare bad, upper class welfare good?
    Then lax on tax havens, slack on chasing the billions in tax evasion and ending illicit offshore banking.
    Then after their Vile Vans in London re Immigrants there was the obscenity of attacking the Wonderful Windrush Generation etc.
    And now the Party that thinks it understands business will ban less skilled migrants (which business needs) but Labour saying job offers are needed (democratically controlling labour supply) offers a chance to meet all needs.
    It’s time for The Not Strange Death of the Tory Party in England, and Scotland, and Wales!

  2. It seems that the grisly DUP whose sordid ‘confidence and supply’ agreement with the Theresa May’s Tory government keeps them in power are pondering whether to pull out and support Johnson instead. Great! Treeza’s shit shower will be hard pressed to stay in power and a General Election will almost certainly be on the cards.

    Like millions of people the length and breadth of Britain, I can’t wait to see the end of the Tories. I am still working part-time at 70 and because I am simultaneously drawing the piss-poor state pension, all of my meagre income from employment is taxed. And for what? Last year when I received my tax code I also got a breakdown of how my tax is distributed in terms of state expenditure. I was disgusted and horrified to learn that nearly eighty pounds of the tax I pay annually is frittered away on ‘Business and Industry’, i.e. corporate welfare, not to mention the even greater sums spent on ruinous foreign wars and parasites like the royal family.

    Like millions of people the length and breadth of Britain my anger is growing……………

  3. Its really frustrating when you can’t copy a video from the labour page! I want to share it but this is only shareable with 7 monthly videos rather than 1 year one

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