Breaking: Jackie Walker film showing evacuated due to bomb threat


A showing of The Political Lynching of Jackie Walker has had to be evacuated because of a bomb threat.

Evacuated film-goers in Liverpool

Previous events organised by Labour’s left-wing Jewish members have faced disruption by those who oppose their views.

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  1. As a Jew I think what Jackie Walker said about the Jews and the sugar and slave trade was utterly, utterly vile. Left-wing?

    1. I thought what Margaret Hodge said about Jeremy Corbyn was utterly, utterly vile.

      1. I think anyone agreeing with Viktor Mihály Orbán is utterly, utterly vile

      1. Danny is a shill of course, and his post pure propaganda fiction, and you can be 100% certain he won’t be responding to you. The irony is that HE is a vile and odious hate-monger (but he’s just wasting his time on SB of course!).

    2. I think what Joan Ryan said stitching up a innocent Labour Member was utterly utterly vile .
      I think what Ruth Smeeth said about Mark Wadsworth was utterly utterly vile .
      But the difference is that Jackie Walker didn’t LIE !!

    3. Sorry Danny, I think this is the first time I have disagreed with one of your comments, but if you look at what Jackie actually said and the way she was stitched up, you may want to row back on that.

    4. Left wing has nothing to do with it – not knowing when to not say something has everything to do with it. Even if something may be historically true, does not mean it won’t be offensive to people. I think it was a mistake to come out with it, as were Livingstone’s remarks. That’s not me saying they should be expelled but pointing out they caused offence. I know some wont agree with me but I am entitled to my opinion.

      1. Forgive me, Kate, but I just can’t make sense of your comment. Sometimes telling the truth will offend somebody. If I say that Boris Johnson is a lying, unprincipled, over-entitled twerp, I will probably offend him and his associates. Should I therefore desist from saying it?

        I understand that JW’s reference to the involvement of Jews in the slave trade was in the context of an exchange with someone whom she could expect to construe it in context ofher mixed African-Caribbean and Jewish heritage.

        As for Livingstone, what he said was true, and well-documented, historical fact. Netanyahu said something very similar, with the additional highly questionable embroidery that the grand mufti of Jerusalem put Adolf up to it.

      2. So Kate, can you explain to us exactly what was offensive about what Ken Livingstone said? The only people it was “offensive” to were the hard-core Zionists who would rather that such historical facts remain unknown to the vast majority of people. Even Tony Greenstein hadn’t heard of the Havaara Agreement prior to the Ken Livingstone stitch-up. But for the fact that JC is leader of the LP AND Ken is a high profile supporter of his, we would never have heard a dickybird about it.

        As for ‘some’ not agreeing with you (on SB), I would say that practically NONE would agree with you. Why on Earth would referring – in passing – to an historical fact cause anyong to be upset or offended…… and if you believe that there were people who really WERE upset and offended, then I’m sorry to say that you are living in Cloud Cuckooland. Watch The Lobby (it’s in four parts) if you really want to know the truth.

    5. Danny, when I was learning the basics and history of banking very early in my career I learned that Jewish bankers did indeed join others in financing the slave trade – I’ve even seen supporting documents.
      Descendants of the Englishmen engaged in the triangular trade still enjoy the fruits of that foul enterprise, as do descendants of the bankers and other investors who serviced it.
      The guilt is neither yours as a Jew nor mine as an Englishman and ex-bank employee – but denying historical fact is what is vile – it would demean me as it does you.
      I haven’t read a transcript of Jackie Walker’s comment but I suspect it will have been inarguably factual – as was Ken Livingstone’s comment on Hitler and Zionism.

  2. Message to Isreal or whoever made the bomb threat:

    If you try to prevent people from watching a film, people will want to watch it more. To ban something makes it more desirable.

    I have never heard of this film before now. So this bomb threat has backfired and given Jackie Walker free publicity.

  3. Just yesterday we learnt about the threats being made to Shraga Stern, which came across as thinly veiled death threats, and now today a bomb scare at the showing of the Jackie Walker film

    And you can be sure it’s the same deep state fascists at work.

  4. If there is a true anti racist activist, a really courageous human right advocate and a dedicated and powerful figure we should all be inspired by that would be Jackie Walker. That bomb threat is just the proof of it. No passaran

  5. Aside from the bomb threat, whats shocking is the media coverage, or lack thereof. This was the Graun article, “Jewish event at Labour conference abandoned after bomb scare”. I have given up on the Graun a long time ago but this article truly takes the biscuit.

    A cursory look by anyone would suggest that this was the ‘hard left’ targetting Jews ‘again’. Imagine if this was a JLM event, the media would go ballistic.

    1. Yes, I noticed that the Graun was careful to give the wrong impression too.

      1. And the Guardian wonders why its readership is in decline…

        Or maybe it doesn’t wonder. Maybe its attacks on socialism are too important to the Guardian. Either way, I shall celebrate when the Guardian and its toxic army of faux-Left columnists finally sinks like the Titanic to become a digital news only source.

        Perhaps Polly Toynbee et al will flee to the Daily Mail or the Telegraph… I can imagine her first article: ‘Corbyn destroyed the Guardian and I can never forgive him’.

  6. ah they try but she will bring the truth of it to light showing that these so called right peoples are the real culprits of this and not those who speak out about Israel

  7. I’m not sure if bombs do really hurt more than words. Bombs do physical injuries. Words get into peoples heads and return time and time again with the potential to do do more damage each time.

  8. I’m not sure that bombs necessarily hurt more than words. They hurt in a different way. Bombs cause physical injuries sometimes resulting in death. Words cause mental damage getting into the victims head and returning time and time again with the potential to do more damage each time.

  9. Very sinister to have two bomb threats, not even one. Where is the headline news and outrage?

  10. A paid advertisement on the Labour Party web site featuring a ‘talk’ on Antisemitism & the State of Israel’ by Miko Peled & 2 Orthodox Jewish Rabbis, was mysteriously withdrawn. No notice, no explanation’ just censorship. Some sinister events within the Labour Party. The distribution of leaflets advertising the event was stopped by the police & a ‘supportive’ banner was not allowed to be unfurled. Explanation? The owner of the Echo Arena site objected. Whatever happened to Je suis Charlie Ebdo?

    1. What?? Do you have evidence of that? More infos? Comment of the people concerned?

  11. The film and JW’s presentation should do a CLP your ? I would donate.

  12. Did any armed plod turn up? Bomb threats are made by terrorists aren’t they?

    Or were they all busy NOT protecting berger? I think murkeyside PCC, (Former Wavertree MP; who let berger live in her house during the selection process for kennedy’s successor – which turned out to be berger) and fellow LFI member – jane kennedy – ought to be contacted for further information…

  13. Why Jackie Walker has withdrawn from LP disciplinary hearing
    Black Jewish activist Jackie Walker, victim of a campaign to have her expelled from the Labour Party, has wrong-footed her accusers by refusing to take part in her long-delayed disciplinary hearing because of mounting evidence that the process is stacked against her.

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