Jewish Voice for Labour statement on Manchester ‘Enough’ rally


Today a further ‘Enough is Enough’ rally took place in Manchester. Jewish Voice for Labour has issued a statement about the event and its context:


The event itself was well attended but, according to observers, a ‘mixed bag’ – a number of anti-Corbyn speakers who seemed barely to mention antisemitism in their eagerness to oust Labour’s leader, but others who addressed issues rather than personalities and received some heckling from a section of the crowd who wanted to bring the issue back to Corbyn.

Speakers included at least two Tory MPs. In spite of the Conservatives’ decision last week to vote against a European Parliament censure motion against antisemitic Hungary premier Viktor Orbán, they were not dis-invited or no-platformed.

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  1. When are Corbyn and his advisors going to cop on to the fact that they will have to take the offensive against the Zionist liars and their friends.

    1. John, I agree completely and have advocated the same many times.

      Jeremy Corbyn however is in a terrible bind because of the power of the right wing, often Zionist influenced media. Whatever he says will be twisted and spun so that it does not relate in any to his meaning or intention so as to influence the general public against him.

      One way to counteract this is for members themselves to, as Jeremy put it at a rally in Liverpool “become his media”. With that in mind, Miko Peled the Jewish Israeli writer and firm supporter of Jeremy Corbyn has been invited to a fringe meeting at the conference where he will speak out strongly in favour of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party and against the activities of the Israeli lobby seeking to remove Jeremy as Leader. Also invited is Issa Amro from Hebron, the Palestinian founder of the charity – Youth Against Settlements. He too will speak in favour of JC and Labour.

      These two speakers are a prime example of how, not just we in Britain are longing for Jeremy to become our PM but millions around the world who are watching and hoping that we can show them the way to get decent leaders elected in their own countries.

      We need therefore to get this out into the media and the public so that they hear the other side of the story but told by those with impeccable credentials.

      1. Great comment – thank you.

        I hope this meeting is videoed so people can watch it.

    2. I agree with this intention , but to avoid ‘ making bullets to be fired against us ‘ , this must be carefully phrased , delivered , and in the right forum. Maybe at the JVL meeting at Conference.

      1. We will argue against the opposition with logic and facts but it is important that we do not play their game and get embroiled in unruly scenes with them outside the conference for the media to exploit.

  2. Targeted demonisation. Funny how fundamental lessons from history are never learned.

  3. Excellent and clear statement from Jewish Voice for Labour. Shame that the likelihood of the MSM printing it are minimal. I was surprised that only 6 of the 31 members (including Hungary??) had adopted the full package. Which six are they?

  4. BBC Radio 4 News reported this event as having been attended by ‘around 1,000 people’.
    I have been on marches in London attended by more than 10,000 people and these events never got a single mention from the BBC.
    What is the BBC agenda here?
    Are they now to be perceived as anti-Corbyn and anti-Labour?
    Perhaps former Labour Culture Secretary Purnell might know?

  5. Antisemitism accounts for 1.3% of hate crimes and the latest CST report shows a decline of 8%. I am appalled by this fabricated attack on Labour which is not motivated by a genuine desire to combat such racism, but to undermine Corbyn and silence support for Palestine.

    Other forms of racism represent 74% of hate crimes and are grew by up to 40% last year.

    Yesterday I was with other Labour members and anti-racist groups, including people of varied religions and none, demonstrating against a march of the far right DFLA in Sunderland. We were threatened and intimidated, and I pay tribute especially to the brave Muslim, Black and coloured young women who stood their ground. Many of those anti -racist women and men, and their white comrades, are Labour members. As such they are the very people disgracefully and cynically demonised for dishonest political gain. While the growing far right, responsible for most antisemitic and Islamophibic crimes are relatively ignored.

    Enough is really Enough!

  6. Yes the 3 forces against JC and his supporters have to try to keep the momentum up – the Right Wing and Liberal media – to protect big business interests, Conservative Jewish forces – to try to impose one dominant narrative on diverse Jewish citizens (total and uncritical support for Israel) and the Right Wing Labour opportunist MPs – to try to get rid of Corbyn. As we stand by JC we should support the Right of Return for Palestinians but Israel won’t talk peace because “It wants to maintain its religious, ethnic and economic supremacy” (Eraket, 2018) and it’s as simple as that.

    1. It is not Conservative Jewish forces that are behind this but individuals like Netanyahu, Regev and other zionists, including non-Jewish zionists.
      They are all petrified at the prospect of a UK Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn, who ust might – for once in a century – accord the long-suffering Palestinian people a degree of caring compassion.

  7. BBC Radio 4 News revised the figure for numbers attending the event down to “hundreds”, instead of “around 1,000” as they earlier reported.
    Who knows how much further the figure will fall?

  8. I am so sick of the lies and corruption in this country by the far right press,TV,Jewish Israeli supporters,TV figures,and the Blairite MPs, that it’s wearing me down! Not my support of JC which never wavers, but the way we,as members are being smeared by the hour!
    I’ve said this before, but I’m in 14 Labour and Corbyn groups on Facebook and have never,ever heard any antisemitism in any of those groups.Members of Labour are socialists now under JC,they are caring,kind,unselfish people,just wanting a fair society with no homelessness,hunger,unemployment and poverty! Most don’t want riches,just a worry free life!
    We want to stamp out selfishness and greed, that’s all.

    1. ‘patrob428’ Don’t let it wear you down, let it bear you up. Take it as a sign we are winning – which we are, and be even more determined to fight back. Nothing we on the left ever accomplished was handed to us on a plate. Hard fought victories are much more satisfying.

  9. ALL black propagandists are disgusting, but Stephen Pollard really takes the bicuit. Well I mean if Jeremy – what with it being ten years since the Lehman Brothers collapse etc – speaks about the bankers who caused the economic crisis, then of course what he REALLY means by bankers is JEWS. And Pollard would have people believe that THAT is what he really thought, as opposed to thinking HE – Pollard – is a nasty piece of work who uses the very thing that led to the Holocaust as a weapon to sabotage Jeremy’s leadership and demonise the left in general, and has no problem whatsoever with creating anxiety in the Jewish community in the process.

    Pollard backed down on his disgusting slur after receiving a lot of flack, but then blamed Jeremy for him – Pollard – thinking it in the first place. Yeah, sure thing. And he obviously thinks everyone is so stupid and easily duped that they won’t see through his vile and hideous propaganda.


    1. Just came across this on voxpolitical. The following is a small extract from it:

      Labour adopts the IHRA definition of antisemitism. It modifies some of the examples. The Home Affairs select committee did the same. Labour is accused of acting in bad faith and defending the ability to be antisemitic. Labour MPs say even adoption of IHRA makes no difference.

      Please read it and share as far and wide as possible:


  10. …the most consistent anti-racist leader the Labour Party [and therefore British politics] has ever known.
    Fixed it 🙂

  11. I don’t know if someone has done it already – I haven’t come across it if they have – but what we need is a complete deconstruction and, as such, expose of some of the main episodes/accusations of A/S. No doubt there are articles out there which have deconstructed specific instances, which can be summarised (Jonathan Ofir’s article entitled ‘Why so many are twisting Ken Livingstone’s words about Hitler and Zionism’ being a good example, in relation to the KL anti-semitism smear, that is).

    I would suggest that about 6 to 8 examples would be suffice, and that half of them deal with ‘episodes’ related to JC, and the other three or four each to a specific individual, obviously including the KL smear. It would be a lot of work, and would inevitably be fairly lengthy, but I have no doubt there are people out there who have the ability and wherewithall to do it. And once it’s done, then all of us on the left can share and distribute it as far and wide as possible, including leaflets of it that we can make and put through people’s doors, exposing the vile propagandists who not only victimise good, caring people AND dupe and deceive millions AND cause consternation and worry in the Jewish community AND subvert democracy, but who use the very thing that led to the Holocaust as a weapon against their political opponents, or enemies, as THEY would see it.

    It’s no good just saying the claims and allegations of A/S are bogus and contrived. We on the left know it anyway (and the perpetrators and their shills and minions know it of course), but millions of people who have been duped and deceived and emotionally manipulated DON’T, and it’s for THAT reason we need to provide the details (of individual cases) to show them the truth.

  12. PoliticsHome, at the end of July, stated that there were 50 complaints regarding antisemitism against Labour Party members outstanding, out of a membership of just under 600,000 members. The numbers speak for themselves.

    1. The last I heard it was 540,000, but whatever the case – and as Toffee always reminds us – the ratio of complaints/allegations upheld by the NEC is ONE in fourty-four, and the reason for THAT of course is that the vast majority of them are bogus and contrived.

  13. Think membership is 550,000 but that would mean 0.00009% but if 600,000 that is 0.00008333%

  14. ‘Speakers included at least two Tory MPs.’

    hodge & berger? mann & ellman? umunna & screeching? austin & gapes? etc etc etc

    I’ll give odds of 44/1 for any combination…

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