BBC ignores condemnation of Tory support for Hungary antisemitism

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As the SKWAWKBOX showed yesterday, Tory MEPs voted to support the ‘sovereign’ right of the Hungarian government run by the overtly-antisemitic Viktor Orbán to discriminate against women, minorities and migrants – including accommodating and actively promoting antisemitism.

The decision was condemned as ‘extremely concerning’ by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, but was met with frank outrage by LBC’s usually anti-Labour James O’Brien and former Tory chair Baroness Warsi:

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The BBC has treated every passing mention of antisemitism in the Labour Party as worthy of repeated features every half hour and sometimes more often – and the contrast with its treatment of undeniable complicity in antisemitism by the Tory party could not be more pronounced.

Complicity that is actually helping antisemitism to remain entrenched in the actual law and practice of a nation of ten million people.

The BBC’s 10pm news programme has just passed without a single mention of the Tory MEPs’ decision, let alone their justification of it as a defence of ‘sovereignty’.

The absence is not only on the news channel. A search of the BBC’s news and politics site for ‘Hungary’ currently returns a mention of the result of the vote to censure Hungary – but not one ‘hit’ about the Tory MEP group’s decision, nor of the reaction to it:

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The entire Tory group in the European Parliament says that Hungary has a ‘sovereign’ right to abuse Jews and other minority groups, not to mention to be sexist and corrupt – and it doesn’t merit a mention on one of the BBC’s two main news programmes nor even on its politics website.

Could it reek any more rankly of bias?

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  1. One day there will be something else for you to report on other than anti semitism in one form or another but until then I’m sure were all really pleased to get update after bulletin sometimes a few times a day for what feels like at least the last year . . .

    1. Hopefully there WILL be something other than antisemitism to report on. Especially when everybody in the media gets wise to the 44:1 ratio and starts concentrating on discovering facts rather than reflecting opinions.

      1. Go on then Toff. I’ve been wondering what that ratio after your name lately is all about. Do tell…

  2. PS While your reporting on this you’re not reporting on all the stuff they don’t want you to report about . . . *just a thought*

    1. I would have thought that the (censorship) lack of coverage of this by MSN is a fair indication that this qualifies as one of the things they don’t want reporting and that it needs to be exposed as much as possible.

      It is unfortunate that there will be no opportunity, for a while, to challenge May about this on the floor of the house.

    2. Yes, of course Paul…. it’s NOT all that important is it – ie just the Establishment and the deep state and the MSM all trying to sabotage the leadership of the Labour Party and demonise him and his supporters with numerous bogus and contrived allegations of A/S (and
      bullying and sexual abuse etc, etc) AND duping and deceiving millions of people AND subverting democracy. Just a minor issue not worth focussing on, right?

      1. . . . and why have they done that?
        To stop us talking about everything they’re up to and to focus on what basically amounts to FAKE NEWS (see I can do CAPS too) and it would appear this blog as well as the MSM are doing exactly that . . .

      2. I think just about EVERYONE who follows SB knows what THEY are up to Paul.

        And I’m very happy for you that YOU can do EMPHASIS as well (or a pathetic attempt at ridicule!).

    3. PS. While you’re complaining about this you’re not complaining about the stuff they don’t want you to complain about – or even mention.

      Just a thought…

      1. Except it only took me a few seconds to focus on that which leaves me the rest of the time to focus on other things . . . *actuality*

  3. If the ‘121’ means Paul’s 12th birthday was in August I think he’s owed an apology.
    We don’t want the Mail accusing Labour of anti-yoofism until he’s 21.

  4. When the Right indulges in actual antisemitism proper the mainstream media ignores it.

    The Right cannot admit that it is attacking socialist ideals out loud because that would be too overt and the establishment does not want people to talk about socialism or class.

    Ultimately, what we’re seeing with these current antisemitism smears focused on Jeremy Corbyn o and Cynthia Nixon are covert attacks on democratic socialist principles.

    It’s galling, because out of all groups the Left is usually most keen to fight against antisemitism. The Right who use antisemitism smears have no moral qualms about trashing a legacy to get what they want. Their behaviour exposes their psychopathy.

    The huge double standards and blatant hypocrisy exhibited by the BBC and others is why I decided to ditch my television ten years ago. I could not bear the relentless propaganda and the thought that my license fee was being used up fund it.

  5. It’s absolutely right to expose the hypocrisy of the media and the Tories. Keep sharing until MSN wake up. It’s this exposure that is more likely to shut them up than ignoring it.

  6. Why are people surprised?

    BBC acted as the strikebreakers’ broadcasting corpn during the 1980s miners’ strike and the Remainers’ broadcasting corpn both before and after the Referendum. It now has its knives out for hard Brexit, the only solution which gives us sovereignty over public ownership and state aids to our industry.

    Read Tom Mills ‘The BBC – Myth of a Public Service’ on the way in which the BBC business news has been turned into a neoliberal propaganda channel.

    Regarding comrades’ sentiment above that there will hopefully ONE DAY be something other to focus on (and have articles on) other than the endless wrangles over anti-Semitism, let’s curb the blaming of everyone else. The Labour Left is now predominantly left-liberal not socialist. It therefore lacks a national plan and public ownership programme radical enough to steal the headlines from AS. Its mild measures are not much for anyone to write home about. Hence the Labour Left remains the passive recipients of its enemies’ agenda.

  7. Surely it’s time to call out the establishment’s institutional anti Palestinian racism for what it is. As this rumbles on, Palestine and its people are becoming increasingly discussed, and the vast lacuna between overt support for the right of Israel to pursue racist policies without hindrance from the ‘international community’ and the marginalisation of the Palestinian’s plight becomes ever more transparent. The bias is fundamentally racist, and it needs to be said, repeatedly.

    1. Some of the earlier analysis, on which this draws, made for quite a hefty read! Thanks for a particularly concise and accessible piece, Chris, and much easier to download too.

  8. B4 I make any decision about the merits (or otherwise) of Viktor Orban’s gov’t, I tried to establish some facts about the accusations of misogyny & antisemitism, but find little or no information on-line. It seems his gov’t resents continued political interference from George Soros (who is Jewish) & he fears mass Muslim immigration into a Christian country (post ‘Western Alliance’ wars in middle east) & little else. It appears my research may be limited, but I have found that blind trust in any media news or organisation is an error. Everyone has an agenda.

  9. Surely the revelation that Margaret Hodge’s daughter is deputy editor of the BBC’s 6 and 10 pm news should be more widely known, particularly after MH got a free platform to call Jeremy Corbyn “the problem” on the 10pm news the other week…

    Look it up. It’s on her Wikipedia page!

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