Exposed: Bitterite plans to sabotage conference

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With the start of Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool just over a week away, most Labour members and delegates are excited and expectant about the anticipated Democracy Review recommendations and ‘open selection’ moves that will put the party firmly into the hands of its members.

But at the same time – and for the same reasons – the SKWAWKBOX can reveal that a group of laughably-termed ‘moderates’ is making very different plans for the conference.

Desperate after another year of failed smears to prevent measures that will put the party out of reach of the ‘centrists’ that want to drag it back to the ‘good old days’, by their estimation, of Labour as a diet-version of the Tory party, the group is planning a series of measures to disrupt and discredit the event and allow the Establishment media to set a narrative of a party being dragged left by bullies over the ‘noble’ protests of the members who ‘just want it to be electable’.

Because, of course, we’re supposed to believe that all those ‘centrists’ surprised and disappointed by the ‘Corbyn surge’ at last year’s general election know all about what’s ‘electable’. In spite of the humble pie on which they gagged after last year’s elections, it seems the Labour right has learnt nothing.

And those plans have crystallised and extended because of the declaration by ‘moderate’ figurehead Tom Watson to boycott the conference in pique at the supposedly-unsatisfactory speaking slot offered to him.

The main themes on which disruptions are planned are those of stopping Brexit and, predictably, antisemitism. Below is a list of actions planned:

The rally

Before Conference even begins, Jeremy Corbyn is to hold a rally in Liverpool city centre next Saturday – as are the plans to try to prevent it being seen as Corbyn’s triumphant return to one of the most left cities in the UK.

The right will look to repeat its ‘stop Brexit’ protest at the ‘Labour Live’ event in London, but on a bigger scale in the hope of preventing the farce where the protesters were simply asked to leave and were forced to claim, against the available evidence, that they were forcibly ejected.

The gauntlet

Right-wingers hope to force conference delegates to ‘run the gauntlet’ of a placard-waving demonstration that will claim to be about antisemitism, but in reality is about undermining and removing the party’s leader.

Although the chances of them persuading any Corbyn supporters that the smears against him aren’t nonsense are low to none, the centrists hope to sour the conference atmosphere, control the mainstream media narrative and weaken resolve for the key votes – or at least to provoke enough anger among delegates to provide video footage useful for propaganda purposes.

The fringe/TWT

The right has a fourfold plan for the Conference fringe and the parallel ‘The World Transformed‘ (TWT) event. Disruption is planned at any fringe event that Corbyn is expected to attend, or that involves the Jewish Voice for Labour group or its supporters. In addition, any appearances by Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, Labour general secretary Jennie Formby or Chris Williamson are on the hit-list.

Fourth, any TWT event is considered fair game because of the event’s left-wing origins and support for Jeremy Corbyn and the direction of the Labour Party under him.

The walk-out

In the hope of detracting from the party leader’s speech on the final day of Conference – and in revenge for the supposed slight to Tom Watson – right-wingers are attempting to coordinate a walk-out of the constituency delegates it has managed to get selected. Earlier walk-outs for speeches by Corbyn’s close allies were considered, but are likely to have been set aside for maximum impact at Corbyn’s closing speech and to avoid the possibility of would-be participators’ exclusion for it.

However, it’s entirely likely that the left has built so successfully on its success in overturning the right’s previous delegate majority for last year’s Brighton conference that even other delegates in the hall will barely notice them go and will merely enjoy a better view.

The banner

Because of that ‘problem’, a ‘plan B’ is also in hand for an attempt to storm the conference stage during or just before the speech to wave a banner and/or to unveil t-shirts bearing an anti-Corbyn message. Checks are likely to be in place to prevent the ingress of items for use in this attempt, but there’s a risk that ‘sleepers’ among staff at the venue may facilitate it.

The resignations

While the number of ‘moderate’ MPs prepared to sacrifice their credibility by jumping ship and resigning – either individually or to form a new party – is thought to be small, there is a strong likelihood that a handful of those either considering retirement or who feel most threatened by the thought of democratic selections by their local party will try to divert the news agenda.

The right has considered whether a ‘mass’, simultaneous resignation by those MPs, or a staged ‘one every so often’ series in the style of the post-referendum ‘chicken coup’ will be most effective and both options have been kept open, so watch this space.

All of these are, of course, on top of the overt attempts to make the conference about preventing Brexit or calling for a second referendum, which have led to a number of motions being put forward, primarily by right-dominated CLPs. Whether the real agenda is actually to stop Brexit or to damage Labour electorally is a moot point, but the anti-Corbyn factions hope that it will serve as a useful ‘Trojan horse’ and fool enough delegates into getting behind it.

Awareness, restraint and solidarity are, as ever, the key to ensuring that Conference this month is the triumph for democracy and for the many that it should be.

(Last year, the SKWAWKBOX exposed six ‘desperation tactics’ that would be used by the ‘moderate’ right to undermine Labour. They were all used – and are still being dragged out.)

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  1. The more trouble they cause, the more mandatory reselection looks like a terrific idea. And it needs to be introduced before the next election to stop the New Labour troublemakers from being able to bring down any future Labour government via some mass resignation stunt.

    1. I am sure there will be a hard core keeping their heads down busy ‘networking’ cross party and with contacts in and out of parliament.

    2. Every CLP with an anti-Corbyn MP should be considering a possible alternative NOW for whenever an election is called.

  2. I noticed there is a distinct lack of speakers amongst MP’s who don’t support Corbyn at fringe events and debates on the time table for Conference.

  3. Given that the New Labour people know that mandatory reselection is likely to be introduced at conference, which would stop a lot of them sabotaging the party by bringing down a future Labour government (because they’ll be deselected before they get the chance), maybe they’ll do the mass resignation thing, or announce a new party (perhaps they could call it “Likud”), at this conference.
    Getting rid of all those disruptive influences at once would greatly improve the Labour party, wouldn’t it?

    1. I don’t think they have the balls to leave unless they had a fully funded ready made party to walk into. Then you have the problem with policy and leadership…..no, they’ll stay a party within a party until the revolving door opens for them.

    2. I really hope they can put the kibosh on Tests on. Snake of a man that he is

  4. No doubt the press will be informed well in advance of these stunts but will cover it nonetheless as “serious’ news.

  5. If the whiny little twinkies walk out of any venue I’d suggest raucous laughter and desultory clapping as the most effective response 🙂
    “Those horrid Corbynistas laughed at us” on the BBC ten o’clock indoctrination would only bring them nationwide scorn.

    1. If there is a walk out by wreckers, there should be a selected group of members ready and waiting in the wings to immediately take over their seats.

      1. Good plan but why in the wings? If we know who and where they are why not stand waiting in the aisles nearby, smiling all the while? As soon as they stand up be sure to smile and apologise civilly while gently squeezing past them to take their seats.
        Little can be more intimidating than the realisation that your cavalry charge has been anticipated, outmanoeuvred and blunted.

      2. David, a couple of points: You have to have a ‘delegates’ pass to be on the ‘floor’ therefore it would need to be one out one in. Secondly, people standing in the isles would block the view of those seated.

      3. Hi Jack, yeah, sometimes I get carried away with the pictures in my head 🙂
        I must not eat cheese at bedtime
        I must not eat cheese at bedtime
        I must not eat cheezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. The Co-op party is a front for the Blairites! The Blairites have hijacked this party within a party to carry out their treachery, backstabbing and plotting. Enough is enough and bring on deselection.

    1. Some Co-op Party members – but not all – are supporters of Corbyn and democratic socialism, which can encompass a co-operative model.
      John McDonnell is supportive of co-operative ownership and control of relevant sectors of the economy.
      Might not the railway system be run along co-operative lines, with elected representatives of passengers, workers and government on the board?
      There are others – unfortunately – who are using their positions as Labour & Co-operative MPs to damage electorally Corbyn and Labour.
      In their case, the sooner they leave, the better it will be all round.

      1. the CO-OP Party grassroots certainly might be but the CO-OP MPs certainly appear to be ‘extreme moderates’

      2. Description of Diogenes:-
        The most famous of the Cynics, he lived ascetically in Athens (according to legend, he lived in a tub) and was accordingly nicknamed Kuōn (‘the dog’), from which the Cynics derived their name.
        Source: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/diogenes.
        Are you one of the ‘dogs’ Umunna wanted called off?

  7. Oh dear, the extreme neoliberal warmongers aka self/media anointed ‘centrists’, or is it ‘moderates’, are actually going to take direct action to try and save their projects, mapped out futures and jobs? So much for ‘public service’. I would laugh if it wasn’t so serious for the millions suffering in UK and around the world due to this Tory regime and previous like minded New Labour and Lib Dem policies.
    Shame they didn’t feel motivated to take action against this Tory regime and it’s austerity and cynical and dangerous foreign policy over recent years.

  8. The Blairites maybe plotting to create a breakaway party and so will try to throw as many hand grenades at Labour to cause as much damage as possible. I believe Chuka Umuna may be chief plotter and traitor this time round. All the more reason for open selection to get rid of them!

    1. But Tom Watson is having a strop! How dare little Chukka presume to be the star?

      You can almost feel the sharp elbows of the plotters ready for each others ribs as they vye to be on the 6pm news daily. A more self absorbed crew would be difficult to find.

      1. ….and elbows pumping like pistons, carving a route through the middle comes angry Margaret Hodge.

      2. definitely a career in the media is calling him. He’s clearly upping his profile ready for this. Perfect for his ego.

      3. Yeah they’ve already booked their slots on the 6 & 10pm BBC news with deputy news editor Lizzie Watson, Margaret Hodge’s fucking daughter, no less…

        If any of those fuckers or their supporters dare try any stunts at TWT, I hope attendees will have come prepared to shut them down WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!

  9. Oooh, they won’t like to be called “crew” – they all think they’re the Captains and we’re the crew.
    Because we’re dogs.

  10. Can I suggest if delegates enact a “mass” walkout that old football favourite directed at home fans leaving early of cheerio cheerio is sung heartily.

  11. ‘Stop Brexit’/’People’s Vote’ is a Trojan horse because, for the Labour Right, the object of the exercise is to retain the supranational ban on the extension of public ownership and the restriction of State aids which is part of EU law and of the EEA (Norway option) as well as the Chequers Deal.

    Furthermore, since there is actually no prospect of the May government arranging a further referendum, the real agenda is to hijack the Corbyn government into making a referendum the focus of its term in office, at the expense of transforming the country.

    1. Can you expand on this Danny? What is this supranational ban whereof you speak? The Corbyn Government is being hopeful. But hijacking it to focus on a new referendum as part of its whole term of office is hardly likely. What is likely is that the country’s economy is so trashed that several key socialist policies, if there isa Corbyn Governmnent, will be largely undeliverable because of a tiny majority, and because of cost.

    2. ‘Socialist’ business friends of Blairite politicians must be in a tizzy right now, because they can’t use their usual army of cheap EU national labour anymore. They have to pay decent wages instead. Shock horror.

      They’ll be crying over their artisan focaccia.

  12. I would have more respect for these traitors if they just came out and formed their own party and all had by-elections. But they know the writing is on the wall for them. Fat boy slim and his cronies have had their day. Singing cheerio at them as they flounce out of the conference would be a great moment. Perhaps we could see the whole conference sing Oh Jeremy Corbyn as well as they march out en mass! The Watson massive won’t be missed!

  13. The Right Wing Nukes
    Very last stand
    The Neo-Liberal boot lickers
    Who threw their rattles from the pram
    With a whimp, a bump and flickers
    The greatest minds in the Western World
    Yet to be discovered
    Who packed their bags
    With their glad rags
    And we wondered why they bothered?
    Now go and read some bloody left wing books!

  14. It is right to warn about anger because even if it is totaly legitimate to be angry toward these priviledged little selfserving elites, uncontrolled emotions (apart from fake cry it seems) is not yet something that is tolerated inside the political arena and therefor will be used to smear and manipulate the many for the small ego centered interest of the few. Make sure you stand together and help each other when you feel the provocations become too serious.

  15. Nothing make sense. Labour party member reached 800,000 under Corbyn leadership. What so called right wingers are looking for? John McDonnell called general election rather than referendum. I only saw his speech interview on TV about general election and Labour should in charge of Brexit once but none after. The referendum cannot repeat under democratic society, the decision has to be respected which meaning ‘word’ is lacking from the society nowadays, is really shame. If the government and MPs do not represent majority of people of the nation, only alternative is general election.

    1. 540,000 Kumiko not 800,000 but your point is still fair. Not sure I agree with you on a Referendum Kumiko. Democracy yes. I understand but people were lied to bu Brexit supporting politicians. Now the real impact is sinking in. Destgruction of Britain’s economy and social sgtructure. Yes, unrest on the streets likely if the decision was overturned, largely from violent right wing factions such as UKIP supporters who wanted immigration stopped let alone controlled., Many racists amongst that wing, . But a General Election is the best way of steering a course where we can negotiate a much better deal with Europe protecting workers.

      1. IO once treid wqritingh poerty weatriong mittens amnd knitrting burt I ciukd’t make a klivbing at it. ‘~’

      2. 800k is probably not far off with affiliate members included

    2. No doubt some of these right-wingers are on the CIA/MI5/Isreali payroll.. Or some other untraceable payroll that rewards their involvement in preventing democratic socialism from becoming a reality.

      The United States is up to its neck in British politics trying to influence the landscape to benefit its own corporate interests. Labour MP Ruth Smeeth was outed on Wikileaks for being a United States informant with protected status. She’s also accused of being funded by an Isreali lobby. It makes you wonder how many more there are.

      Then there are organisations like the British-American Project and worse.

      British politics boils down to a monumental but invisible and unacknowledged class struggle and as always – all roads lead to the ruling class.

      1. Ella

        “All roads lead to the ruling class”

        And the arms industry, though you could say that’s the same thing…

  16. There are many sincere dedicated socialists in the Labour Party who believe that Brexit is a huge mistake. The lie that we cannot renationalise monopolistic industries or subsidise essential industries whilst in Europe is a nonsense, it is perfectly possible under current legislation. A Corbyn government would be the power engine which would enable us to rebuild a socialist Europe. The Brexit/Remain phony war is a trap that socialists should not fall into. In or out we fight for socialism and respect the other person’s point of view.

    1. No! Nationalisation is by EU definition ‘anti-competitive’. Who says? My old MP Tony Benn. A socialist Europe starting with JC? Dream on………

      1. There are hundreds of nationalised enterprises throughout Europe, most of them nationalised under EU rules. Look it up, Wikipedia is a good start. I have done my research, do yours.

      2. If nobody ever ‘dreamed on’ how would unions and the Labour Party ever have been born? We’d still be serfs in hovels.

        As new technology replaces more categories of work we should see a shift to the left wherever it’s implemented in developed economies.

        My guess though is that the US will be the last bastion of neoliberalism in the era of AI – ideas of ‘Pioneer Spirit’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Independence’ and ‘The American Way’ being so deeply embedded in their self-image.
        I imagine they’ll fight us as hard as they fought to prevent the spread of Communism.

        The drive to brand us all as anti-Semites is already uncomfortably reminiscent of McCarthyism.
        It would be good to have allies.

      3. Do my research? OK. ‘I was @ a Labour Party meeting in Bristol when Tony Benn uttered those words, including the warning that “…it is a rich man’s club”. I took your advice & wiki’d….clear as mud……quote the Guardian ‘ A Labour government that wants to nationalise the water, energy & rail industries would spend most of its time defending their actions & most likely having them refused”.

    2. And there are many dedicated Socialists who believe Brexit is the right course to take. No matter nationalised enterprises throughout Europe, European law has neoliberalism built in….even we don’t do that. The Maastricht treaty and those that followed, including the Fourth Railway Package are neoliberalism on stilts. I can live with EU supporting Labour members, they will change as time goes on. Unfortunately, the Blairite rump are fanatically pro EU and Europe is the reason they are trying to destroy Jeremy Corbyn. They blame him more than May and the Tories.

  17. be prepared in the 80s we lost when we were celebrating Blairs victory the right took over the center. by sacking all office staff with gagging clauses IN SECRET when we found out it was too late Blair triumphant never again

  18. There is one amusing element to all this.
    If they stage a walkout, they will be behaving like the former Militant Tendency at the Labour Party conference when Kinnock outed them.
    Perhaps we should all start labelling them the New Militant Tendency?
    They are clearly militant in their opposition to Corbyn, are they not?
    They are all also militant in putting the interests of an alien regime first.

    1. Are they not just Progress? That’s something we don’t hear much about. It needs to become a proscribed organisation.

  19. Can’t Jenny Formby give them a warning that they will be expelled from the party if they deliberately try to wreck the conference? It seems ridiculous that the Labour Party’s rules don’t have anything to prevent deliberate damaging of the party’s reputation. Surely it’s bringing the party into disrepute?

    1. Kate, if there’s a group already planning their exit strategy wouldn’t being “forced out by Corbyn’s officials” be a gift to them?
      I’m no strategist myself (clearly 🙂 ) but wouldn’t democratically deselecting them be better?

  20. To return to the main focus of this piece – the efforts by Bitterites to degrade what has at last become a membership-engaged conference. The MSM has proven itself to be a willing executor of the PR machine which is informing right wing Labour strategies, helped by Campbell Mandelson and friends, and Corbyn and the Labour Party PR machine will not be able to counter it despite best efforts. So Skwawkbox has done us a great service in preparing us for the worst excesses of the right and its friends in the media. What might6 be done is to ensure that Corbyn’s speech is ‘warm’ , humane, witty, not overly long as it can be as he has not got the most galvansiging rhetorical skills that some have, and that he is, well rehearsed for delivery, but also commanding and strong. He needs five headline elements – and three major points of leadership strength. One thing he should do is to attack thee Kremlin (not the Russian people) for the plan that ended up murdering a British citizen on British soil , not forgetting to mention hurting the Skripals and a police officer.
    When members and delegates entering conference run the gauntlet of the Israeli Flag -wrapped well primed AS campaigners (who are largely but not all, anti Corbyn ) ), who have swallowed whole so many unjust accusations of anti-Semitism,,who are organised by Tories in the Board of Deputies and Blairites in Labour Friends of Israel, delegates and members should not engage or respond at all but talk amongst themselves, nicely and ignore them. Not worth engaging because they do not listen and the cameras will be waiting to pounce. Be also aware that apart from the dirty tricks expressed above in the Skwawkbox article, there will be further dirty tricks, probably using paid ‘plants’ as agents provocateurs, to attack these same Anti Semitism protestors for the cameras. Delegates and Labour stewards should be ready to take photos of likely suspects for tracing and identification.

    1. “One thing he should do is to attack thee Kremlin (not the Russian people) for the plan that ended up murdering a British citizen on British soil , not forgetting to mention hurting the Skripals and a police officer.”

      I would consider that a deep betrayal if he were to do so.

      There is zero evidence to support that claim.

      Corbyn has called for evidence.

      That is the right place to be. Condemning people without evidence is to abandon the rule of law.

      Not in my name.

      1. Deep betrayal of whom? Indeed! Autocratic wealthy demagogue Putin? he West’s handling of Putin and lack of respect for Russia in foreign relations over more than a decade is the cause of poor relations, but anyway, I did not say Putin but the Kremlin. Two Russians in Salisbury on the same day and admitting it on RT? Visiting Salisbury Cathedral indeed and scared of slush. Pull the other one.

    2. poetry

      “One thing he should do is attack thee Kremlin”

      You don’t believe all that novichok shit, do you?

      No, what he should do is pledge to investigate then Foreign Sec Boris Johnson and MI6 for concocting such a weak tissue of lies to help cement the New Cold War and Brexit distraction…

      1. Yes of course I do and so does my husband both solid Corbyn supporters. Why don’t you? I think Putin is quite capable and I certainly think the Russian Ambassador and the Russian Foreign Minister are two of the most implausible people ever. Whether Putin sanctioned it or not we will never know. But GRU does thinks to please Putin like ‘working to the fuhrer’.

    3. “One thing he should do is to attack the Kremlin (not the Russian people) for the plan that ended up murdering a British citizen on British soil , not forgetting to mention hurting the Skripals and a police officer.”

      Given the timelines of the Skripals and the two suspects – which have been widely covered by the MSM – then the Skripals were (supposedly) contaminated sometime between 12.15pm-ish and 1.15pm-ish (having happened to have BOTH gripped the outside handle of the front door), and THEN, some three to four hours later, just happened to become incapicitated in exactly the same moment, so much so that there wasn’t even a minute or two in which one of them was able to call for an ambulance (when the other one was first affected). The chances of that happening are ABSOLUTE zero! I mean even if they were exactly the same weight etc, etc, it would still be inconceivable that the effects of the nerve agent would kick in at EXACTLY the same moment.

      And are we supposed to believe that they both, for some strange reason, just happened to touch the handle of the front door at the same time? In the Real World it only takes one person to unlock the front door (on returning home) and then grip the handle to push the door open, and then to pull the door to when going out again. So if we are to believe that they were both contaminated as a consequence of touching the door handle, then one of them must have OPENED the front door, and the OTHER must have closed it when they went out again, and it seems highly unlikely that they just came home again for a minute or two, and I have no doubt whatsoever that it is for this reason that we have never been told WHEN they supposedly came home again AND when they went OUT again, despite the fact that the Skripals would have both related such information to the police months ago in the days after they each (supposedly) recovered.

      Oh right, and then there’s the totally plausible bit where at some point after having coated the handle with “Novichok” (in broad daylight on a Sunday) the two suspects took a bus to Amesbury and cunningly put the “perfume bottle” in a charity bin (where it amazingly remained for the next four months), and no doubt did so so as to put the police off the scent (pun intended!). And thank heavens – from the would-be assassins point of view, and what with them having come all that way – that Sergei Skripal and his daughter just happened to be out when they (supposedly) went to the house (when they could just as easily have been IN). How very very fortuitous for them.

      And the above is just for starters!

      1. No Alllan. If I believed that I would have to be carted off to some rest home for the mightily bewildered. Paranoia , conspiracy theory and pro Kremlin intimations (not views but intimations) should have no place on this website.

      2. poetrymuseum. Forgive me, but I’m a little bit confused. What is it that you DO believe then?

        So you believe that Vladimir Putin would order a hit job on a former GRU officer JUST two days before the pre-planned celebrations to mark 100 days to go to the World Cup football tournament AND just several months before the event itself AND risk jeopardising the whole high profile event AND bringing down the wrath of the international community AND more sanctions etc, etc, AND have it carried out with a nerve agent that could potentially kill dozens or even hundreds of people?

        The key is Cui Bono, and it certainly wasn’t Putin or ‘Russia’ that gained anything from it, or WOULD think to gain anything from it in the first place. Completely the opposite. But if you wanted to undermine him (by staging and fabricating such an event and THEN imposing further sanctions on Russia) AND giving yourselves justification for giving your buddies and their shareholders in the arms industry £billions more…… I mean what would they do if there was no foreign “enemy”! Oh, right, invent one!!

        And could you elaborate as to why you “think the Russian Ambassador and the Russian Foreign Minister are two of the most implausible people ever”? – ie give two or three examples of why you think THAT. Thanks

      3. I think the conspiracy theories here on Salisbury are stupid. Your reasoning does not make sense. Two guys admitted to being there because they were on camera.. I have no doubt there is more footage as well. No one goes to Salisbury on a short trip after flying in so shortly before and then flies out again after going for a walk in minor melting snow. The ‘he man’ narrative of only gay people would carry perfume, was also a clue . It fits Putin’s anti gay agenda. Cui Bono is moot when you are dealing with a State that is not subtle but has layers of scared little men in positions of power. Working to the ‘leader’ is about second guessing what Putin wanted. Somebody in the GPU thought he would be pleased that a spy was being bumped off . I think there are too many secret service thrillers on telly. Its having an effect.

      4. The known facts of the whole episode do not make sense. For a full and calm explanation I would start with Charles Murrays blog. But it has to be seen in the same light as the nonsensical “chemical weapons” attacks in Syria. It bears to have an open mind. False flag attacks have become a hallmark of Western powers recently. The rabid MSM propagandist agenda doesn’t help.

    1. Your wording could havebetterr. . We also need to be reminded of the two British sergeants in 1947, captured and hung and their bodies packed with dynamite by terrorists. But the founding of Israel itself in 1948, had some aspirational socialist goals that have since all but disappeared-the community kibbutz for example. Somewhere for Jews to go to became a political expedient solution for imperialists & partly because of influence of the USA. Vile pogroms through the ages against Jewish people, particularly in Eastern Europe meant the idea of a Jewish homeland became a dream for very frightened peoples. . The British supported it but failed to make it work, and anyway, their attitude towards Arabs was imperialist, scornful , prejudiced and suspect. Of course, .Israel likes to keep quiet about its own terrorists and its unjustified violence against British conscripts. Arab nations themselves are split between sunni and shia, between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and have done little to help and find a solution for their Palestinians. Hamas has also turned on its own people in Palestine and is not without a great deal of blame. .

      1. There are NO Socialist goals in colonising someone else’s land, especially by force. The reason that some so called Socialists did not see any wrong in it and kidded themselves that it was benevolent is because Britain had been doing exactly the same around the world for hundreds of years, they had therefore been conditioned to it.

        There is no doubt that Jews had suffered pogroms but it wasn’t the fault of the Palestinians who had lived peacefully with indigenous Jews before the European Zionists, with no connection to Palestine, decided to move there which precipitated the ensuing slaughter and the brutal Israeli actions we still have to this day.

  21. My CLP has backed the motion on a people’s vote. It isn’t anti-Corbyn. I personally voted for the motion and also voted for Corbyn as leader on both occasions and continue to support him. It was about thinking Brexit is important and wanting Labour’s policy to shift a bit to reflect better the views of members. Mistake to view every single thing that happens as a conspiracy as makes you look like a hysterical twonk unable to see the wood from the trees. Of course there are anti-Corbyn factions hopeful of bringing him down but not every pro-Brexit person belongs to them. Cheers.

  22. The Right will try to provoke all of you Pro-JC delegates at Conference but I suggest you use cognitive psychology – keep reminding yourself of the reality WE ARE WINNING and just smile and be friendly with them and think also that a Jeremy Corbyn victory could possibly be more exciting than Labour’s victory in 1945! Solidarity!

  23. Chelly Ryan and others are suggesting keeping a printed page simply showing support for Corbyn to be deployed in silent response.

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