Centrist ex-MP Reed linking to slimming pills site

Former Copeland MP Jamie Reed

Former Copeland MP Jamie Reed can safely be considered an entrenched opponent of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. He accused Corbyn of “injecting poison into the party” after the EU referendum, resigned his seat to trigger a by-election in spring last year at a time it seemed likely to do the maximum damage to the party’s electoral prospects and made mental health jibes at Corbyn supporters.

Even now, he describes himself on Twitter as “still red leader“, a reference to his self-title as an MP: “Red Leader, Rebel Alliance“:

reed twitter.png

Mr Reed still finds time for a dig at the Labour leader and his supporters and appears not to have learned any lessons from the ‘Corbyn surge’ at last year’s general election.

But that’s not all that his Twitter profile does. It also links to ‘his’ website, jamiereed.net.

But when you click through to the site, you don’t find the information on his former career or latest news, as was the case last year after his resignation. Instead, you find “Jamie Weight Loss Plan”, with reviews of weight-loss pills and other click-bait:


There are various possible explanations for this that may not mean the ex-MP – now back working in the nuclear industry – has not decided to diversify.

He may have been hacked, or he might have decided he hasn’t got enough worth reading to justify the expense of maintaining a domain and someone else snapped it up when it became available – though in the SKWAWKBOX’s estimation the ‘someone else’ is likely to have found the traffic levels arriving at the URL of a centrist ex-MP disappointing.

Sadly, we don’t know whether these options or another are the case, as Mr Reed hasn’t answered a request for comment. But in the circumstances, it’s odd that he’s still linking to it from his Twitter profile – at least at the time of publication – although other right-wingers have made a similar error before.

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  1. Don’t buy his pills…Just act a right bellend like he does and have the weight kicked outta ya.

  2. From the look of him, I bet he thought he had a nice little earner as an MP. Thing is ” red leader” looks more like blue smarm .

  3. So future generations who are lumbered with the unwanted responsibility of keeping nuclear waste safe have so many people to thank.

  4. I saw part of a Panorama programme on Michael Dwan, Bright Tribe and Whitehaven Academy but don’t know if Reed was mentioned at all.

    Did find this though, from 26 August 2015:


    “Mr Reed added that, in 2008, he put together a proposal for Whitehaven School to become an academy at which point it would have received £30m funding for a new-build.
    He said: ‘Whitehaven School decided to turn down this investment and this stands as the greatest disappointment of my political career. I have supported Bright Tribe’s funding bids enthusiastically in writing, in telephone calls and in meetings with ministers.
    I have again this week written to ministers seeking investment for Whitehaven Academy’.”

    It appears that whatever went wrong at Bright Tribe did so while Reed still ‘enthusiastically’ supported it.
    Criticism of Bright Tribe was becoming widely reported by November 2016, just weeks before he resigned in January 2017.
    I’ve seen nothing to suggest any relationship between the two events though.

  5. All over Europe the “left” has been wiped out because like NuLabour they followed “third way” policies that are right wing Neoliberal solutions with a dressing of social conscience. This made an open goal for the populist racist far right – the “third way” parties have been wiped out at the Polls because they still support austerity.

    If the left won’t offer policies that protect the Many from the Few, then they will be replaced by the likes of Salvini’s Lega in Italy, the German AFD or Marine Le Pen .

    Notice in the US both Julia Salazar and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez used the Labour motto “for the many” they are both winning by challenging the “third way” dogma in the US. Both call themselves socialists.

    Still we have Labour MPs that cannot see that to win the must abandon Neoliberalism and promote socialist solutions or loose.


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