Leadership team’s stunning ‘save’ to retrieve Code Plus on behalf of Labour members

code plus

Minutes ago, the SKWAWKBOX broke news of a ‘betrayal’ by three – now possibly four – NEC (National Executive Committee) members to sink ‘Code Plus’, the enhanced Code of Conduct to protect free speech when the remaining ‘IHRA examples’ are adopted by the Labour Party.

But the senior Labour figures close to the leadership have pulled off what appears to be a stunning ‘save’ that should retrieve the situation for Labour’s membership.

At the last moment, a binding vote was avoided by adding the free-speech provisions to the consultation on the recommendations from Labour’s antisemitism consultation, meaning that the issue can now be revisited at the 18 Sep meeting or after conference, when newly-elected NEC members take their seat and the influence of one of the key players in the u-turn will be reduced.

Labour members can relax a little for now, but the repercussions of the game-playing by some NEC members are going to be felt for some time – and will not reflect well on them.

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  1. Yes, well. The reality is that this whole thing should be turfed out, and a proper, legally enforceable definition of racism should be adopted, instead.

  2. My understanding is that the rules of the party are a contract between the member and the party. Therefore, legally, I would be surprised if you could retrospectively apply new contract terms. But let’s see how the witch hunt develops.

    1. Its also true that contract terms that contradict equalities law are unlawful. Some of the ‘examples’ fall foul of that because they appear to prohibit criticism of some forms of racism. Employers are not allowed to do that, there are legal precedents for that. Employers are private organisation as indeed arguably is the Labour Party, so I don’t see how Labour can be exempt from that.

    2. Wrong and right. The Party is an unincorporated association so the rules are a contract between members. The Party does not have a legal personality of its own so it cannot be party to a contract in that way.

      Agree on the other point. You cannot have a retrospective term of a contract absent express provision. The Codes are guidance which has authority through Chapter 1 and through 2.I.8 which states the NEC/NCC must take any codes into consideration. The NEC has no authority to make them retrospective only conference could do that through a rule change expressly making them retrospective.

    1. Names? You want names? You’ll be wanting the minutes of NEC meetings next! You’ll be wanting meetings open to any member who wants to observe next! You’ll want the NEC to have some sort of freedom of information act next! You’ll want a public record of who voted for what next!
      The left won, be grateful. Discipline and solidarity, remember!

      1. So those things would be good. In fact a video of the proceedings would be better.

      2. And live streaming with subtitles for the Deaf wouldn’t be a bad idea – would be good to see the antics of the Right, why there are cameras in Parliament?
        Perhaps the perpetrator of the possible illegal act of secretly recorded a meeting and leaking it to the media) who some suggest should be investigated has inadvertently given left wing democratic socialists ideas to share and empower!
        Those who practice the dark arts are little people with no ideas and they perhaps as bourgeois politicians who. know no better!

      3. And if you don’t recognise that as irony, you know what that makes you, don’t you?

      4. Yep. Broadcast live on Labour TV on Freeview.
        Been saying that for yonks.

  3. This article is not clear. Can you edit it and be more pricise, I don’t get what just hapened. Who tried what?

    1. The whole shebang ,including the 10? “clarifying” additions,which basically outlaw criticism of Israel and Zionism.

      1. But had a statemen allowing the right of members to criticise Israel too.

  4. Sounds like spin to save face to me Skwawk. John Mann that egregious lying swine has told BBC R4 Today that Jewish people are fleeing the country because of Jeremy!

    1. Why is that not slander? Mann needs to be sued for slander. I’d like to know of one single Jewish person who’s fled because of Corbyn. Actually fled proper and not moved to a villa in the Mediterranean.

  5. Thanks for God! Justice has to be done, hope! Many people inside of 105 Victoria Street should have heard speeches of our group. Good education that everybody should know.

  6. For info: Evolve Politics another left wing website claimed on July 21st this year that May lied about the Tories adopting the full IHRA code….in fact there was nothing even mentioning anti-Semitism in their rule book “a full year after claiming that they had accepted it” (I quote). Tory HQ said that the intention was there as stated by the PM in the House when she was asked.
    Then Evolve published an update below:

    “Since Channel 4 FactCheck exposed Theresa May’s lie, the Tories have sneakily added a line to their rulebook which simply reads “which should be interpreted as fully adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism” after the “religion or belief” section of their Code of Conduct. ”
    Of course the Tory party is not a democratic place as Labour (is trying) to become…and certainly no one is going to test out IHRA on any Tory Party member in the full glare of the MSM spotlight.. Wf and when this is tested in Court, various QCs predictions that it would not stand up in law will be shown to be true -meanwhile it will be used as cellotape to silence members of Labour on issues such as Palestine.

  7. Everyone keeps making the mistake in thinking that this is actually about anti-semitism, it is not and it never has been, it’s about attacking the left and Corbyn as its figure head. While he/us continue to give way they will not cease, why should they?

    1. Most people are aware of what’s happening and the reasons behind it. Notice the silence from the Tories and LibDems who are happy to let Labour tear each other apart. This is a battle between those who were unable to remove Corbyn twice before. Many of them are also remain supporters who think Corbyn is the only thing stopping a second referendum and Labour declaring itself a anti Brexit party. If it wasn’t for the fact that the personalities involved are unable to agree who should replace Corbyn, he probably wouldn’t survive…there is too much money and media leverage against him.

      1. Well, that is one thing that is wrong. Our right wing friends, despite their rich connections, are now very short of money.

        Also, Corbyn is not a leaver. He is a reluctant remainer. I am a leaver.

      2. Maybe you should read comments from “Labour supporters” posting on every Brexit thread in the Guardian and the Independent every day since the referendum. They blame Corbyn over May and happily support the neoliberal Best for Britain campaign and Tory remainers like Clarke. The only thing they can’t agree on is who should replace Corbyn.

      3. You’d be surprised at the number of well-meaning members who seriously believe if only we could find the right words etc this would all be settled and we could get on with ‘fighting the tories’. It just beggars belief.

      4. Hades, I don’t think you’ll find any of the members who post on SB re the NEC code etc. are under any illusions whatsoever. Presumably the “well meaning members” that you refer to don’t read the SB, in which case you should point them this way.

  8. Is Jeremy Corbyn turning into Ed Miliband by caving in to New Labour pressure? I do hope not.
    My hopes for Corbyn’s leadership rest entirely on whether, when the dust settles, Labour members will be still able to call Israel a racist state and support the BDS movement without getting thrown out of the party and getting an “anti-Semite” label slapped on their forehead.
    If he caves into the pressure on this, then he is likely to cave into the pressure on all sorts of other things. He needs to make a stand on this and do so in unambiguous terms.

    1. I think this anti semitism nonsense may be Corbyn’s Achilles heel.His life long commitment to anti racism makes him vulnerable in this area,and the scumbags are making full use of it.I would also have to question the quality of the advice on tactics he has been getting from those around him.Naming no names of course!

  9. Well done Squawk its reassuring to know that something close to the truth will appear here and not the trumped up bias of the MSM

  10. Worrying that Corbyn and his team have caved in on this. I hope he continues at least to criticise Israel’s cruelty.

  11. If the bastards get this through how about a twitter storm about the apartheid racist state, or would that be AS, assume yes. Censorship in place.

  12. I don’t think it would be AS, as you can explain pretty well that it is apartheid, racist and oppressive.

  13. Nevertheless, I will still continue to object to the policies of the Israeli Government’s despicable, unforgivable violent attacks in Palestine, since objecting to the policies of its government is indubitably NOT antisemitic.
    I regularly object to the policies of the British government and will continue so to do. This does not make me anti-British.

  14. Makes me wonder why the principle had no forewarning of dissent amongst the ranks. Seems that the views of those involved should have at worst been sounded out. Still, they may have had their reasons.

  15. Look-I have never thought this was about anti Semitism in the party. But it has become that because of Israel’s policy to shut down any attacks on Zionism worldwide. They know Corbyn’s foreign policy would not be one of grovelling appeasement like Trump’s. But. Corbyn’s past, his support for Palestine and his tripwires of error (such as the mural) were not rebutted properly and in a timely manner either-so the PR machine failed the wider message and we got massive blowback. Even with good PR it would have been hard. And Corbyn has been out of his depth when questioned about the fake wreathgate stuff and got forgetful. Poor sod. This is a game organised & run by serpents against honest mice. But as to the comments about caving in to IHRA today, if the power had been with Jeremy on the NEC then IHRA may not have been adopted with all the ridiculous examples. But the NEC is still dominated by the right, slightly. Our lot do not come into their own until after Conference. . And do not underestimate Tom Watson’s perfidious behaviours obfuscations and lies. He must be heard in complete and utter silence by left wing delegates when he makes his speech at Conference. Excellent 3 Hassidic Jews standing on demo outside Victoria St offices today. Only people who interviewd them were C4 News’ Crick. BBC hardly showed them. Deliberate. Their message on placards “anti zionism is not anti Semitism and Israel is a racist state.”

      1. Watson now not speaking and will do several fringe events one of which will be the speech he planned -and it will be designed for maximum disruption of Jeremy and Confernece. The MSM will slavishly cover him and it.

  16. ‘As the oppressed of the World are suffering.
    From some in the UK all we get is Me! Me! Me!
    As they cry WE ARE HOMOGENOUS!
    Which some suggest is as anti-semetic as anti-semetism could be?
    But let’s get back to fighting for ALL!
    And particularly for the poor.
    As the US Far Right Barbarians fund.
    The Barbarians at our door!’
    We ask all diverse citizens to vote Labour.
    You really create the wealth and make society work.
    And as the Tories stuff the mouths of the rich with gold.
    We suggest you should support (and join a party),
    that is for and run by working people.
    And that party we would suggest is the Labour Party – the clue is in the name.
    But of course if you don’t agree with our ideas – you don’t have to vote for us.
    But we would conclude; for the many Vote (and join Labour)
    You know it makes sense!

  17. If Labour need a bit of help with the provisos, they could do worse than ask the Jewish Socialist Group if the party can use the last bit of their anti-Semitism definition:

    “Criticism of Israel is not antisemitic unless motivated by anti-Jewish prejudice. Examples of this can include: holding all Jews accountable for the actions of the state of Israel; engaging in conspiracy theories about the state of Israel that draw on antisemitic stereotypes about supposed Jewish power; accusing all Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel than to the interests of their own nations. Criticism of Israel, of its displacement of Palestinians and of its denial of their rights, is not antisemitic. Criticising laws and policies of the state of Israel as racist and as falling under the definition of apartheid is not antisemitic. Calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel to oppose those policies is not antisemitic.”


    Of course, Margaret Hodge and her mates would go berserk if Labour adopted that as a set of provisos, but I think it’s terrific, and it allows all the legitimate criticism of Israel which people should be able to make.

    1. Me too Dave G – and let them go berserk. Let them talk, let them talk, let them all talk …

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