Times claims exclusive – on topic SKWAWKBOX broke a month ago

On Monday, the Times ‘broke’ a story of a ‘row’ between deputy Labour leader Tom Watson and his boss about the slot allocated to Watson for his speech to Labour’s conference – and claimed it as an exclusive:

times tw conf.png

A month earlier, the SKWAWKBOX broke the genuine exclusive of Watson’s ‘row’ – but it was a far bigger story:

watson step up.png

Watson had threatened Corbyn’s office that he would step up his criticism of Corbyn’s positions in the media if his demand was not met. It was not met – and shortly afterward Watson spoke to the Observer to claim Labour was permanently shamed by antisemitism.

Watson attempted to make light of the issue – as his spokesperson did to the Times – but his threat tells a different story.

The article was attacked as fake news by the usual suspects – but Mr Watson has not, to this blog’s knowledge, attempted to refute its claims.

The failure to recognise that the SKWAWKBOX in fact owned the ‘exclusive’ on the issue was probably an oversight – but as a publication the Times has ‘form‘ for using this blog’s exclusives without credit on more than one occasion, including stories that became major ‘msm’ news:

mt times

The Times is not alone in that regard. The BBC and others have done it, too.

Twitter users noticed this instance though, just as they spotted the others, with a number of tweets like these:

times ihtimes multitimes chak

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The Establishment, its media and supporters routinely dismiss the ‘new left media’ as ‘fake news’ for their own ends – but the ‘MSM’ are just as quick to use the SKWAWKBOX’s material when it suits them, whether to present it as their own or, even more often, to use it as the baseline for their own stories.

It seems the SKWAWKBOX is ‘Schrödinger’s blog’ – simultaneously fake news and a cast-iron source of information, depending on the reason the mainstream media want to refer to it on any given occasion.

Either way, this blog continues to bring its readers important information before it’s available elsewhere – and in many cases information they would simply never discover otherwise.

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  1. Watson, who went on a mad shopping spree in Marks And Spencer at the tax payer’s expense whilst some of the most vulnerable in society have to beg at food banks…

    The right-wingers, the Blairites, the Brownites and the shoulder-padded careerists with neutral accents, second homes in Tuscany and food in the fridge from Waitrose are all whingeing about the choice of dishes on the banquet table whilst the starving masses queuing outside pray for some leftovers to be thrown at them.

    The centrists at the trough need ejecting now.

    1. And comrades should not let go of the fact than an NEC member illicitly recorded part of an NEC meeting and leaked it to the media.
      There should be an investigation and action taken against this odious individual.

    If I was a God I would certainly
    Wipe the money from rich bank accounts
    Then they’d have to live in poverty
    In very, very, large amounts
    But I’m not a God
    And do not have such power
    So the best that we can do is get JC in
    And more urgently by the hour!
    Some of us know we are lucky,
    And may have worked hard.
    But we think of and fight for others too.
    That’s why we are proud to be.
    Left wing democratic socialists!
    And remember it is diverse working people,
    in every country who really create the wealth,
    and who make societies work.
    International Solidarity!

  3. I think that Tom Watson thinks that he is invincible because he was elected to the position of deputy leader by the membership as a whole, and he believes they all love him. Interestingly if one tries to respond to him anything he writes on twitter or blogs, one gets the automatic response he can only respond to constituents, and if you are posting in relationship t his role as deputy leader, it will take a week.

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