Mail’s latest smear: “Corbyn at wedding of man who did something 4 YEARS later”

The Mail has lurched straight from regurgitating year-old fake news as a ‘scoop’ to its most desperately bankrupt smear yet.

The smear in the rag’s Sunday edition is an accusation that Corbyn associated with someone four years before they allegedly did something that they denied doing anyway.

Author Alex Nunns summed up the nonsense of it perfectly:

nunns mail smear.png

You read that right. The Mail criticises Jeremy Corbyn for giving a speech at the wedding of someone who wasn’t to allegedly do something wrong for another four years – and even then denied the accusation.

Seems the Mail wants us to believe Corbyn is to blame for not being able to base his associations on things people haven’t done yet – or possibly at all.

There’s a word for this: desperation.

As the SKWAWKBOX showed last year, the Establishment has had one priority since the ‘Corbyn surge’ terrified it during last year’s general election: stop Corbyn.

And so unsuccessful have the Establishment and its media been so far that they are resorting to ever more ridiculous measures – measures that only end up giving the game away.

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  1. The UK MSM is so corrupted, probably the worst in the northern part of the world, I don’t think we can and should call them media anymore. That said, they still remain a power of distraction and propaganda, and the labour right and the tories use them for their divisive bulling everyday with success. if we consider how momentum and JC are backing off some of their integrity and principles to proove to the apartheid state defenders they aren’t the antisemitic people they are portrayed in the daily pages of the presse, they unfortunatly don’t grasps the essense of the fight and that is the entire revolution that may be at risks.

  2. The MSM get away with this because their “mates” in the Tory party never instigated Leveson part 2 rules.
    Pity that foam pie that was plastered into Murdocs face at the enquiry wasn’t full of bloody Novichock

  3. Since the Tories came to power in 2010 the Sun has gone down from 3 million copies to 1.5 million copies. The Daily Mail has gone from 2.1 million copies to 1.3 million copies. The right-wing MSM are dying on their feet!!!

  4. It’s time to denounce the right wing rags with a smile. We should laugh at them for the downward spiral of desperation they are now in.

  5. The constant smears are counter-productive because they burnish Corbyn’s anti-establishment credentials.
    The best response is for Corbyn to win the next general election and then implement Leveson in full.

  6. The Times of Israel are jumping on the bandwagon and quoting the mail, as if they would take the word of the mail, with its reputation, perhaps they don’t look back at it history as it is useful to fit their own ends.


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