Massive solidarity as #WeAreCorbyn trends no1 UK/no3 worldwide

The UK is witnessing a massive show of solidarity with smeared Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. A #WeAreCorbyn hashtag launched this evening has rocketed to number one in UK Twitter trends – within just five minutes of going live – and as high as number three (currently number four) worldwide:




The Establishment – which has made stopping Corbyn its number one aim – and the Labour right have thrown everything at the Labour leader, with smears descending to ridiculous levels.

It’s not working – and what have they got left to throw?

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  1. Corbyn is our only hope to end austerity at home & war-mongering abroad. Who else could show such cool resilience in the face of this relentless, fabricated onslaught???

  2. The smears are so far-fetched that people just don’t believe them.
    Three Jewish newspapers said that Corbyn is an existential threat to Jewish life in this country, but nobody who knows anything about Corbyn thinks that he is any kind of threat to any group.
    Now they are slapping the anti-Semite label on dead Holocaust survivors and crucifying McDonnell for supporting a Jewish anti-Zionist group.
    Corbyn is reportedly making a speech on anti-Semitism next week and I hope he uses it to ditch Labour’s current definition in its entirety and proposes using the Jewish Socialists’ Group definition* instead. There has to be a problem with Labour’s present definition, if Corbyn is being forced to accuse a Holocaust survivor of being anti-Semitic.

    * http://www.jewishsocialist.org.uk/news/item/we-must-define-antisemitism-to-fight-it-effectively

    1. I’ve got the horrible feeling that the speech will just be another unnecessary and craven apology. The ones stoking this up aren’t interested in apologies, because they don’t really care about the issue. It’s his removal that they want, nothing else. I mean, even being a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust who was captured by the Nazis while being in the Jewish Underground doesn’t stop being smeared as an anti-Semite by those with a cynical objective.

      Corbyn has to start coming out and fighting on this, because it’s the only way that it’ll be dealt with in the end. Apologisers for racist intolerance in Israel shouldn’t be compromised with, the same as you wouldn’t do so for real anti-Semites. Each time this issue is brought up in a trivial and divisive way (obvious not when it’s serious), then the response should be to demand why racism against the Palestinians and other groups in Israel should be treated less. Put them on the back foot for once.

      Still, me of little faith hopes to be proven wrong.

      1. Yes, Corbyn needs to be stronger on this. I hope Lansman caving in on the Willsman issue isn’t a sign that Corbyn is also going to cave in. Surely all those principled years of sticking up for Palestinian rights would stop him adopting the full IHRA definition and examples which limit legitimate criticism of Israel?

    2. There is no doubt in my mind that Rubin Katz went to the 2010 meeting specifically to heckle so that he would then be asked to leave, and did so with the purpose of then writing a letter to the Jewish Chronicle and painting a totally false and distorted picture of the meeting.

      His letter is reproduced in full in the Sun article that I’ve linked to below, and he speaks of how the International Jewish anti-Zionist Network “shamelessly exploited a feeble, 84 year-old anti-Zionist survivor by parading him up and down the country…..”, and then goes on to say that “The event was slated as anti-racist but the room was brimming with raging hatred at Israel and at Jews not sharing the organisers’ views”. And in the next paragraph he refers to the meeting as a “hate-fest”, and then speaks of “fabricated Palestinian atrocity stories” being repeated at the meeting.

      I can’t help but think he was hoping to get an offer of a job from the Sun or the Mail or Express when he wrote the letter! Interestingly enough, there was another letter that follows on from his (in the Sun article) that takes a rather different view of the meeting. And Yes!, you can see quite clearly from the fifth picture down how the meeting was brimming with raging hatred, and quite obviously a hate-fest!


  3. Fantastic solidarity with a principled and humane leader. But in answer to your question ‘ What have they got left to throw?’, my answer is don’t underestimate the potential visciousness of the Israeli state and extreme Zionists. Assassination has been used many times and not just against Hamas activists. PLO representatives across the world have been killed as well and Count Bernadotte, UN envoy, in 1948, was assassinated by the Stern Gang one of whose leaders, Shamir, later became Israeli PM. I hope I am being alarmist but it’s a possibility that must be borne in mind.

    1. Jezza is ready and it would guarantee a left labour government with a clear majority if they did. We have them over a barrel. Why else are they so desperate to throw the kitchen sink at him. The BBC is losing all credibility to attack labour. Even the celebrities are reluctant to defend them now. They have already lost the battle.

  4. What I and many other people want to know is what is an “exitential threat”. Is it tge same as shooting nurses and children.?

  5. Thank you so much to THE SKWAWKBOX . You have supported Jeremy Corbyn and the working class of this country without fail. Am so grateful to you and the other blogs that have never wavered in your support for the most wonderful decent man in politics today. Thanks to all the MPs who are loyal to Jeremy. Thank you SKWAWKBOX.

  6. I would suggest continuing this hashtag all weekend, at least. If the smears escalate, carry on until Corbyn is made PM. We Are Corbyn.

    1. Corbyn is our only hope to end austerity at home & war-mongering abroad. Who else could show such cool resilience in the face of this relentless, fabricated onslaught???

  7. The problem is you can’t help someone that refuses to help themselves. If Corbyn keeps prostrating himself at the feet of the Israelists he is a lost cause. If he belatedly grew a pair the support would be overwhelming and would carry him through

    1. Look where we were and look where we are now.
      Look where the Tories and the Blairites were and look where they are now.
      Look at where Brexit is with his policy of “let the Tories break themselves on it and we’ll pick up the pieces” (just my interpretation 🙂 ).
      Look at how the Labour right are doing – falling all over each other to accuse him of everything imaginable – it all just bounces off and he maintains a dignified, gentle tolerance and lets the party apparatus do its work.

      I don’t believe these things are lucky co-incidences.
      I think he’s played a blinder so far.

      My lifelong instinct has been to bang on their desks and up-end them to get at their throats – so I sympathise with your frustration.
      I admire Jeremy precisely because restraint doesn’t come easily to me.
      I know that if I encountered a stroppy Tory while canvassing there might be blood so I just don’t go.

      1. David , Know just how you feel , my defence from myself is to go with a calming experienced canvasser , it works well and you get used to it , in the end it makes you feel sorry for the poor bastards , they are uppettey because they are afraid and full of fear , Labour needs canvassers and folks to “man the stalls in the street “

  8. In my long Labour voting life (72) Jeremy has come out as the best we’ve ever had by a long chalk.
    No matter what those right thinking shit heads in our party, do, say, or try, they won’t succeed!

    1. I joined Labour 40 years ago, left when Bliar increased inequality at home & waged illegal wars abroad. Corbyn not only inspires young people but also got this 66 year old back in the party.

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