#WeAreCorbyn back up at number 3 in GLOBAL Twitter trend

So many people are showing solidarity with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on social media this evening that the #WeAreCorbyn hashtag – which shot to number one in UK Twitter trends within five minutes of its launch – has climbed back to number three in global trends:

werc3 global.png


The news is a slap in the face for an Establishment that has relentlessly smeared Corbyn – and the worse news for his opponents is that the trend still seems to be building.

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  1. We needed to say something, the smear is pathetic and unwarranted, JC is one of the few honorable men in politics and needed to hear our support. #wearecorbyn

  2. I really needed this after the last few days. Why did I ever doubt my comrades would desert him?

    1. When I last checked it had 172K tweets but was 3. PekinExpress at 1 had 67.2K or so tweets… I don’t understand this trending obviously.

      Great show of support for Corbyn and all he stands for everyone.

  3. Sligtly off topic but the BBC announced today that its flagship “Today” news radio programme has lost 800000 listeners in just 12 months.

    The explanation given by the Beeb for this was that after the General Election of 2017 and the Grenfell Tower fire there hasn’t been much news to report that interested people.

    This was in the context that Brexit continues to be the most important issue to cencern the British public since WWII, In March 20018 a foregien power allegedly dispersed a deadly nerve agent in our Country , the incumbent President of the USA is a lunatic who could initiate a major world crisis at any moment plus the NHS and the welfare benefit system in the UK are both in permanent crisis. Just to mention a few things that might have held the public’s attention in recent months.

    Obviously the BBC’s explantion just doesn’t hold any water but then its an organisation that does not want to face up to the simple fact that more and more people no longer consider it to be a reliable news outlet. People are no longer taken in by its neo liberal bias nor are they dependant on it for thier “news”. .. and that goes for the rest of the MSM .

    In this particular case this means that that the impact on Corbyn of these AS allegations will be limited to those who have always sought to undermine him as evidenced by #WeAreCorbyn

    1. The establishment and the MSM know very well that they are losing listenership/viewership/readership to social media. Hence their relentless effort to take control of social media. With that loss comes the loss of their ability to influence public opinion and subsequent loss of their power over us. This makes it imperative that we should parry all attempts by the establishment to take over control of the social media under any pretext. Yes, there are pockets of extreme content on social media, but the fact is what some of us consider extreme content, other people might consider it fair. There is no universal standard, as we have already seen, for example, with the issue of AS. Fair-minded people have the ability to filter out extreme content without any assistance from governments. We already have myraid of laws that deal with extremism of all sorts without having to resort to handing over control of social media to the politicians and their paymasters: the rich and powerful.

  4. I agree with the tweet from Angry Voice that we Left Jews are suffering brazen anti-Semitism with Jews constantly being stereotyped as identifying with Israel and lumped into the Zionist box. This is a mendacious racist stereotype which violates the Labour Party Code on Anti-Semitism. It is time we brought formal complaints in this regard against the Blairite MPs who have committed such anti-Semitic acts against us and sent these to the NEC and NCC. We need a collective, co-ordinated effort.

    1. Yes Danny , very good idea ,do you have contacts within the relevant grps that could start and set about organising this ?

    2. Danny, this is an absolutely brilliant and wholly legitimate idea – no more fire fighting, no more back foot – I’m with this one all the way. I hope it reaches JVL and other groups like this.

  5. Reading Human Rights barrister, Adam Wagner’s tweets… it seems that the success of #WeAreCorbyn was read as being confirmation of widespread AS amongst Corbyn supporters. There seemed no awareness of how this issue has been weaponised by the RW to undermine Corbyn or that those who participated on the twitter storm would be the very ones who would be manning the barricades to fight for the vulnerable whatever their race or creed.

    1. Here’s how anti-Semitism is being weaponised:

      Ian McKenzie, who was chairman of Lewisham East Labour Party, wrote on Twitter that “the antisemitism, Brexit and Salisbury stuff is cutting through like the IRA/Iran stuff didn’t. We have a real chance of winning back NEC seats.”

  6. I just wanted to write and thank 150 readers of Skwawkbox for going on to take a look at my MuralGaga which has now had 2000 views and about 200 people have read all 60 pages. To put that in perspective I usually write technical stuff on methodology that gets 80 views max.
    However, I devoted 2/3 months thinking about the agenda of the pro-Israel Lobby (especially those close to the Henry Jackson Society with its pro-war agenda such as Stephen Pollard editor of the Jewish Chronicle). I basically vindicated those who from the first thought it was a smear campaign, and I argue that we are dealing with well-timed distractions to ward off BDS.
    I have about 5 related pieces up on my academic site now, including how I came to write it.
    And soon probably I will post something on the Willsman coverage in the JC, because they put a distortion of what Willsman said into someone else’s mouth, and when I contacted (the good Rabbi in question) I was told that this was complete mis-attribution.
    Usually I would shun publicity, but feel free to retweet anything on @ChrisFriel7 – I have only started tweeting to put this story in the public domain. Essentially, I lack skills, contacts, and experience and so I think there’s scope for a “proper” journalist willing to take this further and follow up some of the leads I can’t. There’s something substantial here, not just a wacko conspiracy theory.
    PS I have just posted an adjusted thank you to Craig Murray blog (for the 300 views).

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