Hoey’s CLP unanimously passes no-confidence motion

Kate Hoey

Kate Hoey was one of four right-wing Labour MPs last week whose decision to vote with the government on a key EU trade bill almost certainly saved Theresa May and propped up a Tory government that is inflicting misery on millions. The move outraged Labour members and supporters who know the UK’s most urgent need is an end to Tory government and policies.

Including in her own local party, seemingly.

A snap from Vauxhall CLP’s meeting tonight (image credit: Twitter user @GreenJamieS

A motion put this evening to Vauxhall CLP (constituency Labour party) expressing no-confidence in Ms Hoey and calling both for the Labour whip to be removed and for her to be barred from selection at the next general election passed unanimously.

Ms Hoey was not present at the meeting, as she is reportedly in Zimbabwe.

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  1. They do say that all political careers end in failure but it is a shame that Kate Hoey decided to end hers with betrayal and dishonour.

  2. I think we should demand the answer to one question from our right wing MPs who base their sense of entitlement on the belief that genuine socialism is unworkable and that they’re saving the country from disaster.

    “How do you plan to stop the wealth gap increasing ad infinitum?”

    And when they can’t answer, deselect the fuckers.

  3. There seems to be a belief that removal of this right wing element in the Labour party will damage Labours chances at the next GE.
    OK, There will be some die-hard Hoey/Woodcock/Austin fans who will follow them over to the Tories or UKIP I am sure, but I am equally sure that those lost voters could be counted in the Hundreds.
    I am even more certain that the opposite will apply too, and that Hundreds of Thousands of genuine Labour voters will return knowing that the party is well rid of these Tory Implants
    Good News for Labour all round

    1. Personal vote is normally insignificantly small. Won’t be a problem, People vote for a party.

      1. While I do agree in principle, and the last election showed only 6% voting for a name, I feel that many people look at Labour as a whole and see a “Party in Conflict”…because lets face it…it is. We have had a solid year of Labour bashing and it will have done some damage, the likes of Murdoch never do something for nothing

      2. This is, of course, true, but this time we also have a Nazty party in tatters too! There are opportunities here…

    2. There also seems to be a belief that the anti-semitism hoo-hah will damage Labour at the polls. This only holds with the metropolitan media elite who, like the number of British Jews, is an insignificant minority.

      This is patent bollocks. Most British people couldn’t give a toss.

      1. Jewish voters make up approximately 0.45% of the UK electorate and 63% of them vote Conservative.

      2. I’ve seen the UK Jewish community’s number quoted as anywhere from 230,000 to 280,000.
        On the figures SteveH quotes of 37% not voting Tory, the loss to Labour if all 280,000 voted Tory (and nobody else voted Tory in solidarity) would be 103,600 votes at most.
        I seriously doubt the effect of the AS con even on voters who believe it – the main damage as I see it is that it’s kept us slightly on the back foot.
        I also think more of the electorate see how thin the Tory claims are as time goes by.
        As Tories fight over lifeboats while a sinking SS Brexit smashes on the rocks of Cameron and May’s hubris – Jeremy’s calm and increasingly effective captaincy of Labour stands in stark contrast.

  4. The right-wing MP’s intentionally muddle the message and most are simply intent on personal survival under the “Broad-Church” fallacy – simple right-wing dominance with a small left-wing presence. We are talking “Investment-Led Growth” as an Economic policy, succeeding failed Neoliberalism and chiming well with a Socialist world-view – a very Modern Economic Policy approved by most top economists.

    1. Yes, neoliberalism is a rent seeking, getting people and countries into debt to grab their assets and then rent them back to them at ever increasing rates, model. I’m with those who believe it is a class centred neo-feudal model or as some call it, taking us to debt serfdom. It is based on “junk economics”. I add it is also a global, therefore imperialist, project and believe we must not separate foreign policy from domestic policy, most neoliberals happen to also be avid warmongers and believe ‘we’ have the right to ‘regime change’ and even go as far as destroying whole countries and societies to further ‘our’ economic ideology despite such actions being illegal in international law.
      Of course we are told the never ending fairy stories that we must go forth and kill the ‘monster’ in foreign lands… strange how these monsters always happen to be governments that want be independent or to use their resources to better the lives of their own people not fill the tax havens of the super wealthy and western banking complex, while far worse monsters that are in line with ‘our’ economic aims are given full support and diplomatic protection with just occasional hollow, grandstanding verbal rebukes.
      Here’s Prof. Michael Hudson talking about neoliberalism.

  5. About bleedin’ time, too.

    Hope the likes of (ill)eagle (both) field, ellman, berger & mcgovern are taking note…And that’s just on Merseyside.

    Oh yes indeedy, you ‘centrists’ and bliarites… It’s happenin’ alright. 🙂

  6. Kate Hoey is still refusing to listen to either her CLP or her constituents.

    She said: “My local party activists are solid EU remainers. I will always put my country before my party and helping my constituents is a priority. After 29 years as an MP I am quite relaxed about the vote and it won’t influence in any way how I vote in future.”

  7. I feel bad and a bit of a wimp for keeping my opinion quiet about this, taking an opportunity to criticise neoliberalism instead, because I know nothing about the Vauxhall CLP but I haven’t thought of Hoey as in the ‘right’ block of LP, as a neoliberal or warmonger. I am now learning this CLP is as Blairite as they come… is this true? I learn this CLP apparently supported Kendall and then Smith in leadership elections that Corbyn won as well. Perhaps there is more to this story?

      1. Thanks for that information, interesting.
        With the move against Field it does look like the vote that propped up May is a red line for members and is the driver of these moves. Interesting to see who might be next to be called to account by their CLP.

        There are a shed load of Labour MPs propping up May every day in as many ways they can dream up, literally dream in many cases.

      2. Against Iraq War, against PFI, against ID cards, against DRIP, against Trident, against foreign wars, against corporate tax cuts, against the NHS 2012 Act, against tuition fee increases, against lobbying act, against Royal Mail privatisation, against phasing out secure tenancies,

        Voted for trade union rights, gay rights, renationalisation of rail, bankers bonus taxes, measures to prevent climate change, public control of buses.

        I really don’t see her as some sort of evil “neoliberal” figure I’m afraid. She may be more “socially conservative” on some issues, but is definitely of the left.

        Her criticism of remain hinged around TTIP, undercutting by foreign labour, state aid and renationalisation. Left wing issues.

        There are people in the party who are far more deserving of deselection.

        Struggling to get behind this one I’m afraid. Portraying her as some far right nutjob is simply playing into the hands of the “centrist” – ie. pro corporate Remain lobby. I’d sooner have Hoey as my MP than Kendall or Umuna or god forbid remain “heroes” Clegg or Osborne.

      3. rob, 29/07/2018 2.28pm
        I understand that reasoning clearly. I take it then that Vauxhall CLP is left not neoliberal majority?

        I just hope a raging neoliberal warmonger is not nominated by Vauxhall CLP to replace her.

    1. Dogpole,
      “I really don’t see her as some sort of evil “neoliberal” figure I’m afraid. She may be more “socially conservative” on some issues, but is definitely of the left.”

      That’s how I saw her so was struggling to see why she has been brought to account. Reading through her voting history on the link provided by Tony has not made me change my mind about her and so I am left with assuming my red line theory of that single vote was the trigger, though I am not fully convinced that was the sole reason. I worry some cynical opportunism may have been at play in the CLP under cover of that vote.

      “There are people in the party who are far more deserving of deselection.”

      100% agree.

      1. Dogpole/Maria , irrespective of all the past good Hoey or for that matter Field have done , then they along with Springer and Mann helped to continue a murderous Tory Govt.
        It will not have escaped their attention that it would be a very close vote and that ANY Labour MP aiding or abetting the Tories would more than likely keep them in power.
        They chose to do so , and all this false excuse of “ doing it for my country first “ or “representing my electorate “ is balls , they have though , kept a despicable Tory Govt in power , that each day by the policies it enacts KILLS its citizens .
        What’s more important , stopping a murderous Tory Govt or keeping it going by voting with it on Brexit ? Brexit or lives ?? They chose Brexit .
        Enough of this selfish indiscipline in the face of really life or death issues , out with them ALL now and in with real socialist MPs who will stop the Tories.

    2. She supported hunting with hounds too, if I remember correctly. Hardly a progressive cause!

  8. There are only two kinds of people the one true faith of neoliberalism recognises – deserving rich and undeserving poor.
    Guess which kind we are.
    We’ve only ourselves to blame – our laziness and our ridiculous ideas on social justice are the reasons we’re getting poorer despite their generous efforts to support us with trickle down – which will definitely work if we’ll just have a little patience.
    It’s only been two hundred years.

  9. I too was bitterly disappointed at the missed opportunity over the customs union amendment, but Maria’s comments and then Dogpole’s pertinent summary of Hoey’s voting record are surely an important reminder that rushing to judgement might land us in the shallow waters of single issue, identity politics.

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