Javid open to libel action for Corbyn tweet

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has opened himself to libel action by a tweet – to a now-deactivated account – clearly implying that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn teaches or misleads people to deny the Holocaust.

Corbyn has, of course, never said or done anything to lead anyone to deny the holocaust and in late 2016 visited the Theresienstadt Holocaust memorial to quietly pay his respects to those murdered there.

Javid responded to a tweet about Margaret Hodge with this comment:

javid smear.png

An array of Twitter users called on him to retract the libel, including Labour front-bencher Clive Lewis:

clewis javid.png

Javid’s tweet remains undeleted and he does not appear to have apologised.


Wouldn’t it be great to see whether a Javid ‘Please retweet’ apology would go even more viral than the Tories’ most ‘successful’ tweet of the year so far – Ben Bradley’s humiliating take-back after defaming Corbyn in relation to Czechoslovakia?

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  1. Don’t forget that javid’s brewstered from his banking days, Jeremy – so my advice is…Don’t give him the bradley option – SUE the ‘orrible, tiny-eared get.


  2. Jeremy has a moral duty to take action against Javid. Absolutely outrageous and abhorrent that he make such defaming and damaging (to both Corbyn and Labour) comments.

  3. Our own governments have used indiscriminate air strikes against civilians and been roundly condemned for it by the left – yet Hodge wants to claim antisemitism is behind the left’s condemnation of Israel for the same offence?

    Israel routinely conducts reprisals against Palestinian civilians as collective punishment for the actions of Palestinian militants.
    Does she think that doesn’t deserve to be criticised – or compared with the war crimes of other regimes?

    The Holocaust can’t be used to excuse air strikes against civilians however hard the IHRA tries to make it so, no more than the Highland clearances give me – or the British Empire gives the grandchildren of its victims – the right to shoot English toffs.

    It’s transparently specious for IHRA to claim “criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic” while their “examples” and their proxies do everything possible to conflate the two things.

    ps… Sajid Steptoe … “Don’t be mizzled by Corbyn” 🙂

  4. Oh I do so hope Jeremy sues Javid, and I also hope that from now on he sues anyone that libels him. Hit them where it hurts, Jeremy – in their pockets!

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