Javid update

Javid fell apart like a cheap suit as soon as Corbyn pushed back. Details here.


  1. Seems to be the best way to deal with this fake smearing ,,, now take the bastards to court and screw them to the wall , only snag is that they are so rich and have such rich backers no fine will bother them at all , but the infamy of having to apologise on line where it will go far and wide and the MSM & BBC can’t crush it , is at least something satisfactory.
    One awaits the grovelling apology from Javid with interest .

  2. Clearly the right wingers and the Tories really fear Labour under Corbyn! If Chukka was leader they’d have got rid of May knowing they couldn’t really lose a GE. I just hope that we can ride this Hodge business out! How will the party deal with it?

    1. Perhaps by providing evidence that utterly destroys the allegation by Hodge and proves her to be one of those Millionaires who like to hide away their money in tax havens like Lichtenstein
      Here’s a good start ,


      This article takes out Hodge and her mouth piece Stephen Pollard editing of the Jewish Chron , we know that the rich elite like Hodge fear Corbyn because he will institute policies that will end these tax havens to the benefit of ALL of us and not the few like Hodge ,hence her appalling personal attack on Corbyn and the NEC . Time for her to GO !

    2. ” I just hope that we can ride this Hodge business out! How will the party deal with it?”

      Swiftly and decisively I hope. Hodges will be protected from legal action by parliamentary privilege I suppose but she should not be protected from Labour party discipline.

  3. This article seems to have disappeared to be replaced with a

    20/07/2018 · by SKWAWKBOX · in Uncategorized. ·

    Check back soon.

    1. How observant of you, I nearly missed that. I guess like the rest of us you’ll have to wait a few minutes for the update.

  4. Labour Antisemitism – a Media Event, aka a stick to beat Socialism. Criticism of Israel will always be used as a vehicle of attack as long as an apartheid state is conflated with a religion. Now the Labour Party needs to get up off its knees & stop apologising & being a willing victim!

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