Close-up video of May’s face as she faces Irish vote-cheat grilling is revealing

may 4 faces.png
Four faces of Theresa May, grilled in Dublin over Tory vote-cheating

Theresa May is in Ireland today – and faced a grilling from Irish journalists about the Tories’ ‘pairing breach’ vote-cheating scandal.

It must have been a shock to her system compared to the anodyne tee-ups she receives from most UK ‘MSM’ – for a mainstream journalist to ask ‘If you do endorse [Smith’s] conduct, how can anyone take anything else you say at face value?‘ will have been a new and unpleasant experience for the leader of a party that is used to the active support of the vast majority of the UK press and broadcasters.

Surprisingly BBC News did show the grilling as well as an interview with Labour deputy leader Tom Watson in which he accused her of lying that the breach was an ‘error’ – but the Irish interview was over in a few moments.

However, a close observation of May’s face during her questioning is an education – and even more so when it is slowed down, as this zoomed in video of the footage in real-time and slow-motion shows:


May’s expressions, eye-movements and frequent gulping do not look like someone relaxed about a question and the answer she’s about to give. In the opinion of this particular viewer, they look shifty and ashamed, with a big dose of venom for the questioner.

Not only that, but the bizarrely verbose description of Jo Swinson screams the kind of unnecessarily elaborate detail liars provide because they want to distract from the flimsiness of their story or make it seem more substantial:

to the member concerned, the member for East Dunbartonshire, Jo Swinson

It’s hard to imagine it being much more tortured.

If only Tory ministers were grilled in this way by the UK media, the people of this country would have a lot better understanding of the kind of people and politicians they are.

As well as looking dishonest, May looked complicit, not merely ignorant of what her subordinates did this week to save her skin – and like a rabbit in the headlights of the reality that’s heading for her.

Her position was already untenable after her lies to Parliament on the issue on Wednesday. Sacking her two minions is not enough.

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  1. ‘It’s hard to imagine it being much more tortured.’

    It isn’t…It REALLY isn’t.

  2. Don’t know about anyone else but I don’t need to watch this at 1/2 speed , or any other speed , just looking at her reaction at normal pace it is quiet clear she is contemplating how to lie in answering the question.
    ANNNNDDDDDD low and behold the first words out of the Prime Minster of Great Britain is a LIE , LIE LIE, and lie again. The Tories have already admitted publicly that it was NOT a honest mistake but an order to disregard the pairing rule.

    How and why the hell we have to tolerate this utter utter disgrace of an individual holding the reins of power in our country God only knows !!

    It’s a ficking insult to anyone’s intelligence and she is going to supposedly negotiate our future with the EU . It’s appalling , she is a shameful pitiful spiteful excuse for a politician,,,,,,, the EU are laughing all the way to the bank , no integrity , no honesty , no morals ,,,,, she disgusts me utterly !!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is totally dishonest & disgusting behaviour. Just what are we to do to get them out?

  3. All the way through it I was expecting her tongue to flick out and snap up that fly she was tracking with those independently-swivelling froggy eyes.

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