Video: Trafalgar erupts for Corbyn as BBC again exposes bias

trafalgar trump.png
Anti-Trump protesters gather in Trafalgar Square

This afternoon in London, crowds estimated at well over 100,000 have taken to the streets to protest the visit of Donald Trump to the UK.

This evening, as huge numbers of people gathered in Trafalgar Square, the BBC News channel was broadcasting an interview as cameras covered the crowds. Sudden deafening cheers erupted and the interviewer pointed to the announcement of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance as the cause of the cheers.

But then a BBC bias all too familiar to left-wing viewers took over:

A mass gathering of people from all walks of life and all parts of the country became simply ‘liberal Britain flexing its muscles’ – but even more tellingly, the interviewer told his guest:

But it doesn’t travel beyond that, does it?


This was not a question, as the framing and tone of voice showed. The only surprise – and potentially was that the BBC showed such frank footage of the scale of the demonstration. Perhaps it’s only marches against NHS cuts, poor pay and insecure employment that the BBC wants to keep from the public’s view.

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  1. As a left winger, I completely agree with the BBC interviewer’s comment. Am watching Ch4 News as I type, and it definitively is a Liberal love-in, I’m just surprised there weren’t more EU flags. Corbyn needs to distance himself from these people….they are not left wing.

  2. Well, if its “only” Labour who get “only” 100,000 on the streets nothing to see, nothing to report, move along….

    1. I saw a figure of 250000. And for every activist who could make it down there, you have to count another 10 at least who were too poor, too far, too old, too sick, too busy or just don’t do that sort of thing but have every sympathy. I think that makes 2-3 million. Even from nearby Hastings there were about a dozen on the demo but back at home 2000 Labour Party members, and many hundreds in other left parties and campaigns. The “impartial” BBC News chose to report at length on Trump arriving at his golf course..

  3. Didn’t recognise the young ‘reporter’ – either Katty Kay or Christian Fraser called him Tom I think. Donkin? Edwards? Dunno, don’t care.

    More than once the chickenhead tried to get random interviewees to agree that they were “mostly left wing, liberal people at the demonstration, weren’t they?”
    I want to know how big the sample was that he relied on to justify that (fully compliant with BBC impartiality guidelines) comment.
    Total arsewipe.

  4. Brilliant that hopefully the next Left Wing Democratic Socialist Labour PM of the UK chose to speak at an Anti-Trump Rally.
    I am actually surprised that the Neo-Liberal Capitalist Barbarians of the World have chosen such an Ameoba Brain in Trump as their cheerleader, he presents himself as an individual thinker but believe me he is under strict orders from his masters and mistresses and despite his split personality pretence – at first for then against.
    For left wing democratic socialists to win perhaps we also need to recognise we are up against the Bourgeois Socialists too – top down, elite central committees, telling people how to live their lives – the likes of China and North Korea Socialism’s FOR.
    And this is important for example the Right Wing Barbarian Government in Poland are currently trying to deny the role of the Russians in liberating Poland from the Nazis (600,000 Soviet troops died) but then tragically post war the Polish Communists imposed Bourgeois Socialism!
    I would argue we need peaceful, grassroots, bottom up, participatory, left wing democratic socialism WITH working people in every country of the World.
    Feeling good tonight as a working citizen of the World!
    Yours in international solidarity!

  5. The problem with the anti-Trump stuff is that it will be viewed by a lot of people as liberals holding an anti-Brexit carnival, rather than any actual valid critique of Trump’s positions.

    Many of the reasons people voted for Trump were similar to that of Brexit and were lead by complete disillusionment and being dumped on the scrap heap of society. As socialists we need to stand up for these people, rather than belittle them as all ignorant or racist. Equally some of what Trump stood on (even if he doesn’t enact it or even does the opposite) are positions we would agree on – e.g. no TPP/TTIP/ISDS, keeping jobs over here rather than sending them abroad, keeping out of foriegn wars. Even the immigration issues brought up by the likes of Trump are valid – even if his solutions are terrible – some on the left are against open borders and the use of migrants to undercut workers here, and I am sure that even those advocating more immigration would agree that housing, public services and jobs need to be available for all, and that local cultures and customs should not be eradicated.

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