Raab new Brexit Secretary. Twitter: ‘One t**t out, one t**t in’

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David Davis’ resignation last night as Brexit Secretary seems to have presented Theresa May with a quandary – how to find someone just as hapless to take his place.

Readers could be excused for thinking that finding an incompetent replacement for a Tory minister would be as easy as finding turds in a septic tank, but Davis’ particularly vacuous incompetence stands out even in the party of chaos.

May had a rare moment of honesty when, in appointing Dominic Raab to replace him, she said ‘nothing has changed‘ – managing both to tell the truth and to remind everyone of her own particular disasters during last year’s general election campaign.

Twitter responded with a rush of examples of Raab’s arrogance and unpleasant views on women and the poor – he voted against making homes fit for human habitation, called British workers the laziest in the world, advertised for people to work for him for free and has an alleged liking for the idea of bringing back workhouses – and his own recent demonstrations of incompetent ignorance.

And, especially worrying in a Brexit Secretary, he has called for the Working Time Directive – the EU legislation to protect workers’ conditions and work/life balance – to be scrapped and for the axing of agency workers’ rights, as Business Insider’s Adam Bienkov pointed out:

The overall opinion of social media users commenting on the appointment could probably be summed up in this pithy tweet:

However, most striking is that Theresa May herself seems to have held a similar opinion, at least at one time. In 2011 the Guardian, as pictured above, reported that May had attacked Raab in Parliament for his unpleasant views about women – strongly enough that he:

slump[ed] in his seat before trying to laugh it off with colleagues.

The appointment of arrogant and unpleasant people to Cabinet positions is nothing new for the Tories – if you bob in a barrel full of rotten apples, what else are you going to come up with?

But for May to be forced to scrape the absolute bottom of that barrel to replace someone who made his frequently-empty chair look competent shows how weak and desperate she is.

As Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn observed, the whole saga demonstrates how unfit the Tories are for government:

Will Michel Barnier even notice the change of ‘t**t’ opposite him at what passes for Tory negotiations with the EU? Probably – he’s a pretty sharp character.

Will Theresa May do what’s best for the country and call another general election? Doubtful, but as with so many things the matter may spin out of her control.

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  1. Davis at least has attempted to stand up against snooping and for civil liberties.

    Raab is simply the personification of Monsanto, Chevron, G4S, Serco, Goldman Sachs, Koch Industries and JP Morgan…

  2. *Rolls eyes*

    I’ve had the misfortune to work alongside some incompetents in my line & time, but if ever there was somebody never knew, or wilfully dismissed the meaning of ‘due diligence’ then it’s may. Just look at the CSA & Grenfell inquiry appointments.

    Doe she do it on purpose or is she just dense? really can’t make m mind up. May’s merely replaced horsesh*t with cowsh*t…It still stinks and there’s just as much of it.

    That said, there’s another 313 or so she could’ve chosen that’d have inspired the same amount of confidence. (i.e. none)

    Oh, well Let’s see how long this clown lasts, before getting hooked off the stage…

  3. Read somwhere that one of Raab’s heroes was Rachman, the infamous landlord who kept his tenants in run down properties infested with ratsand cockroaches. Seems to be cut from the same cloth, eh?

  4. Raabid’s grid on the site homepage (Next to the gurning hag’s) looks like Nookie Bear with a serious case of constipation.

    Although he’s tory, so I guess it’s natural he couldn’t give a sh*t.

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