Important: Keep our St Helier Hospital/NHS70 march this Saturday


The ‘Keep our St Helier Hospital’ (KOSHH) campaign has been fighting hard to prevent the planned closure and/or downgrading of one or both of Sutton’s hospitals.

In recent months the hospital trust in the area has had to send home sick children to make space for treating adults and has seen queues for an ambulance of up to two hundred people – yet health authorities still plan to close or massively downgrade facilities that are self-evidently vitally important to local communities.

Last weekend saw tens of thousands of people march in London for the NHS’ seventieth ‘birthday’ to protest government treatment of the NHS. This weekend, KOSHH is holding its own march to mark the anniversary and to defend their local hospitals.

When challenged about the plans by a KOSHH campaigner during a visit to St Helier hospital, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt ran away – so desperate to escape questions that he entangled his car in the tape marking out his parking spot:

The spineless Hunt needs to be made to hear the message. If you can get there to support the people of Sutton in fighting for their hospitals, the march will start at noon on Saturday 7 July,  starting from Manor Park, Sutton, Surrey SM1 4AF.

The march’s Facebook page gives further details and offers a forum for questions. Follow the KOSHH’s Facebook page for ongoing updates about the campaign.

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  1. Power to the St Helier Hospital’ (KOSHH) campaign.

    Dr Bob Gill speaking about NHS heist (privatisation).

    Hunt is basically a distraction as Stevens is the one with real power finalising the privatisation of the NHS and sell off of land assets. Hunt will run and make pointless and meaningless statements for as long as Stevens needs him to be the political punch bag for increasing public ire, Hunt and May regime will do zip and Blair/Brownite MPs better start to wake up to what those governments did to aid privatisation of our public NHS… time is running out fast.

  2. Where’s the fucking ANGER from Labour’s so-called ‘centrists’?

    The 1% want to control every last one of Earth’s assets and to mete out our use of them – even when they own 99% the few remaining corporations will fight each other over the last 1% and for dominion over the whole while still pretending their competition is for our benefit.

    Wealth’s rapidly increasing upward flow has blown ‘trickle down theory’ out of the water – will somebody please INSIST these centrists state which of their nonexistent policies will reverse the flow or even slow the flood of inequality?
    Because I’ve seen NOTHING so far from them.

    And what makes these rubber-stamp apologists for the Tories think the 1% will treat ex-useful-idiot politicians any better than they treat the rest of us once everything’s tied up in pink ribbon?

    It’s beyond naive to think the gratitude of the 1% will outlast the end of democracy.

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