Video: ‘Metropolitan elite’? ‘Peak Corbyn’? Nah – ‘bingo rave’ erupts ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’


Ever since Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour stunned the Establishment a year ago by destroying the Tories’ parliamentary majority in the general election, the mainstream media, Tory party and a minority of right-wing Labour relics have been assiduously trying to re-construct a narrative that insists Corbyn and his allies represent a ‘metropolitan elite’ and most recently – by misrepresenting last month’s local election results.

Thankfully, all it takes is a few moments of real life and real people to sweep away such nonsense.

Bongo’s Bingo is, according to the Manchester Evening News, “a chaotic and ironic version of the game complete with rave intervals, dance-offs and rubbish prizes – although there are big cash jackpots to be won too.” It holds events around the country.

Hardly your ‘elite’ event, then – but lots of fun for those so inclined.

Remarkable footage by Vote Love Not Hate has emerged of the latest Bongo’s Bingo event in Liverpool erupting into a spontaneous rendition of the now-famous ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant when the event’s DJ started to play the White Stripes’ tune to which it is set.

And it speaks – or chants – loudly about the reality the Establishment and its media arm are trying frantically to hide:


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  1. Haven’t seen it but can imagine Jeremy’s slightly embarrassed, humble pleasure had he been present – I also imagine he’d never mention it for fear of embarrassing colleagues.

    Then I imagine May’s strutting, preening exultation and constant harping on it if such a genuinely spontaneous expression of respect were ever to be accorded her shrunken, dried-out raisin of a personality.

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